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Download God of Thunder

God of Thunder
1035 kb



God of Thunder is an arcade game that was published in 1993 by a company called Software Creations. Due to lack of funding, it never got much of a chance in the shareware market, so it remained very rare.

You are Thor, the God of Thunder and son of Odin, ruler of Asgard. Every few centuries, Odin must fall into Odinsleep to rejuvenate his power. Loki, God of Mischief and your evil half-brother has has seized the opportunity of the most recent Odinsleep to take control of Midgard. You must use your hammer to defeat Loki and free Midgard. The game is divided into three parts and at the end of each part, you must defeat an evil boss character to free the villagers from his hardship.

The graphics look alright, but could be better. They have a kind of a cartoony feeling to them. You can choose between no sound, PC speaker and digitized sound. The Adlib music can be turned on or off.

God of Thunder is overall a fun and very enjoyable game that looks at the Norse gods from another point of view. Available in extras here are also the game manual and hintbook, the hintbook provides solutions to all the puzzles in the game. If you like games that make you think, you should not miss this game.


Reviewed by: The_EgAt / Screenshots by: The_EgAt / Uploaded by: The_EgAt / share on facebook

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