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Download Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist

Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist
8934 kb



There is a little anecdote behind how Freddy came to life: Al Lowe was discussing how a western computer game could be fun. In the process, he tried to pronounce "farmer" and "rancher" at the same time. It came out "farmer-cist" and thus "Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist" was born.

Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist is a great adventure game made by Sierra in 1992. It takes place in Coarsegold, California (a former Gold Rush town in the old west) and you play the role of Freddy Pharkas, former gunslinger who became a pharmacist.

Freddy was just living his life in peace when Coarsegold was suddenly threatened by series of troubles which the citizens were unable to stop. It's up to you to save Coarsegold using only your wits and some creativity. During the game, you will need to have "The Modern Day Book of Health and Hygiene" which comes with the original game, but you can download it from the extras (it is titled as Manual).

The graphics are nice and the music fits quite nicely with the game's setting. The characters (the closeups) are well drawn and the backgrounds look fine too.

If you are a true Sierra fan you should not miss this game, and if you are not, you should not miss it either. It's simply a good, funny and entertaining game. (or as the Computer Gaming World called it: "The Blazing Saddles of computer games").


Reviewed by: The_EgAt / Screenshots by: The_EgAt / Uploaded by: The_EgAt / share on facebook

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