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Download Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight

Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight
2509 kb



Moonstone is one of those everlasting favourites. Even though the game is over 12 years old, it hasn’t aged a single day in terms of fun, addictiveness and gameplay!

The reason why I say this is simple…
I had never heard of this game, let alone played it, until a few days back when some friends of mine and I were talking about old classics (at work). Both of them praised this game, and so I decided to find it myself and try it out. Well… I did just that and now I am hooked! The game is excellent in every aspect! Most of the graphics are hand drawn and the sound is awesome. Look at the screenshots to the right, and you will see exactly what I mean.

The story in the game is simple. You are one of four knights summoned by the powerful druids. Your task is to explore the map and locate the Moonstone, for only the Moonstone can save the fate of this land. In order to succeed in this heroic deed, you will need all the help you can get since the world is a dangerous place to wander around in. Monsters lurk in every possible site they can cram their bodies into while rouge soldiers and bandits will do their best to kill you at every chance they get. Blood will flow, gore will splatter, and heads will roll… Hopefully not yours. To keep your head on your shoulders throughout the game, you should visit cities often and buy much needed supplies, like armour and weapons. You can also increase your fighting abilities. This aspect of the game makes it more of a Role Playing Game than anything else. You get experience from your fights, you evolve to better ones, walk wherever you want and meet interesting people... that want to kill you, but they are interesting nevertheless!

If the game has any down-sides at all it is the lack of save possibility. The game doesn’t even have a password or code you may type to start from a previous scenario. But then again, the fun bit in this game is walking around killing things. Something you can do from every location.

To sum it all up… If you have played this game previously, you know how great it is! And if you haven’t this is your chance! Believe me… you WILL get hooked to this massive game!


Reviewed by: Tom Henrik / Screenshots by: Tom Henrik / Uploaded by: Tom Henrik / share on facebook

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