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Download Chadwick and the Sneaky Egg Thief

Chadwick and the Sneaky Egg Thief
7693 kb



Welcome to one of my favorite children's entertainment programs. I've owned this one for years and have shared it with many a friend over the years as it is absolutely a joy for kids and adults alike. What am I talking about?

Chadwick and the Sneak Egg Thief, of course! It's a long title for a simple concept... an animated coloring book. Chadwick mixes the simple point and click interface of an animated story book with the coloring mode of a painting program.

In Chadwick you have 4 options of play available to you, chosen via a button along the left side (see screenshot), corresponding to the following option, plus Option and Exit:

* Color mode - Allows you to paint a page using several tools and colors, including patterns brushes.
* Animate mode - Replays the current page using the changes you have made in Color mode.
* Explore mode - Find hidden animation by clicking around the current page.
* Read mode - Click on an items or a word to see it displayed and hear it pronounced.
* Options mode - Various option, including clear a page of changes, clear the entire book of changes, play the entire story as a movie, print a page, etc.
* Exit - Obviously used to quit the program.

Chadwick has provisions for 4 children to have their own customized stories saved. The story features 20 pages that can be colored in any fashion you like and played like a movie at the end.

The graphics are sufficiently childish, as one would expect, and items are outlines with thick black lines so it is easy for young children to "color" the pages - especially in auto fill mode.

The sound and music are well done adding nicely to the atmosphere of the game. The voice acting is nicely done as well and suitably childish.

I know this is not the typical fare for Abandonia, but some times the unexpected is more fun than the expected. Give Chadwick a try and enjoy the simplicity of coloring all over again.

You may need to increase the cycles if using DOSBox. Also, if the program locks when entering the Color mode, wait for the music to start before moving the mouse.


Reviewed by: Taskmaster / Screenshots by: Taskmaster / Uploaded by: Taskmaster / share on facebook

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