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Download Hexx - Heresy of The Wizard

Hexx - Heresy of The Wizard
2230 kb



In the world you’re entering lived once four Gods, each being a patron of a certain type of magic. Yet there was a wizard who did not bow down before any of them. He is the Nameless One, the one who committed heresy! At one point he was able to open up a vortex of pure magical energy and with it he banished the Gods in the land of dreams and locked them in crystalline prisons.

The crystals are now scattered throughout the realm’s dungeon and it is your mission to retrieve them and restore order. You are the one fighting the Heresy of the Wizard.

Hexx is a mediocre RPG game with a great intro, but unfortunately the follow up is quite average.

You choose a party of four (there are also four races with different strengths: warriors, wizards, rangers and assassins). Each character will have certain basic equipment, among which are also the common keys. You’ll need those a lot. You will also be able to buy them along the way, with the money the characters either brought with them, or you found after slaying a monster or ten.

After selecting a party you start off at the castle, which does resemble a maze. There are different locked doors you need to open in order to progress and many enemies behind them.

Depending on which character you chose to control, you will be able to shoot, cast spells, swordfight… the opponents.

The game is controlled both by keys and the mouse, but I don’t know why you need to right-click for most of the commands (remember RIGHT-CLICK).

The graphics are quite nice. As with most RPG from even earlier age, you have the sort of 3D view. Objects will be invisible if too far away and they’ll get bigger and more distinguishable when closer up. The backgrounds are quite nice, probably more decorated then most early medieval castles.

The sounds are not much. The opening score is OK, but doesn’t really set the mood and later on the sounds are quite few and if you turn the speaker off you certainly won’t miss them.

All in all it’s just another RPG game, where you need to defeat the forces of evil in a world where you have quite limited freedom (unlike some other RPGs which really allow you to do almost anything).


Reviewed by: Sebatianos / Screenshots by: Sebatianos / Uploaded by: Sebatianos / share on facebook

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