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The plot of DreamWeb often reminded me of The Matrix, only not as well thought out. The dreamweb is what holds the world together, but the seven forces of evil are rising to destroy it. You, Ryan, are the chosen one who must protect it and save the world. The game is set in a fairly typical futuristic world where everything is run-down and broken and most things are done by machines.

The story is involving and quite enjoyable to play. Like most adventure games there are, of course, plenty of points where you appear to have reached a dead-end, and you'll need to think away from the obvious. The game is presented through top-down graphics which mostly look pretty good and certainly help create the right atmosphere.

The interface can sometimes be a bit tricky. I don't really understand why the actual gameplay takes place in a tiny portion of the screen while the rest is occupied by a huge portrait of your character. There are hundreds of unnecessary items that you can examine, so you may find yourself wasting a lot of time looking at things you don't need. When you use the computer in the game the commands are not particularly obvious, and with no manual you could spend hours guessing, so I'll tell you now you need Logon, List and Read.

This won't take hours. Once you have killed the first of the seven forces of evil the rest come along quite quickly. If dark, depressing adventure games are your kind of thing, this should capture your imagination and keep you occupied for a while.


Reviewed by: mouse31e / Screenshots by: mouse31e / Uploaded by: mouse31e / share on facebook

User Reviews

Don't taze me, bro!
Posted on: 2012-11-08 by k linx
This game is one of the first sci-fi games I remember getting into. It had an impact on me as a kid, as it featured violence and sexual themes in an extend I hadn't seen before. Moreover, the game came with a printed journal entitled "Diary of a mad(?)man" which sets the scene for a protagonist who's losing his mind over strange dreams. Even though the point-'n-click interface is easy to get used to, this is also the major weak point as it tends to distract the player with numerous, useless items that are scattered around the many maps. The futuristic, dystopian setting absolutely reeks of Blade Runner, so fans of that movie will want to check out this game.

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