Amazing Maze

I must say I simply love mazes, all sorts of mazes, so I was quite interested in this game. Unfortunately that only made the disappointment that much greater. 

There are no mazes. 

You're simply trying to move a dot through narrow passages (there's no way to get lost) which do slightly resemble labyrinths. 

Now once the dot starts to move it will keep moving in that direction until you move it some other way (by pressing the arrow key). So if it hits the wall it will keep hitting it until you move it away from it and you'll really want to do that, because apart from loosing points (once you run out of those you loose the game) you'll have to listen to a very annoying little PEEP, which is the only sound the game ever produces. 

At least the colors are normal to look at and won't burn your eyes away, but since the game has about the appeal of lazy rock during its lunch break there probably won't be anything to keep you from exiting the game. Definitely thumbs down!


Reviewed by: Sebatianos Download Amazing Maze | Abandonia

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