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Dig It
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Dig It! is an arcade platformer created by Pixel Painters in 1996.

You are Dug Kewl, the new prospector of Double Dug Ranch. One day while you're away from your ranch, Supreme Spurkasaur, the Draggo commander, takes advantage of this and seizes it. When you return you find the ranch wrecked and a note on your house doors, mentioning that they have taken your mate, Dugette, and if you want to see her again you have to bow to the Supreme Spurkasaur. Obviously Dug is no fool, and sets off to rescue Dugette.

Even though the story is the typical "dansel in distress", the game is far from typical. Throughout the levels there'll be various enemies for you to defeat, using your gun to inflate them like baloons until they float up and out of your way or just explode. There's also various powerups spread around like the typical extra lifes, time and bonus, or items that improve your character like Rapid Fire, Jet Pack, Spring Boots and other such.

In each level you have to reach an X in the end which you dig through to get to the next one. However, you have a time limit, and some levels can be very long. There's also secret areas which are not marked with an X and you have to look carefully to find them. Look for unusual deadends and cracks on the floor. Whenever you lose a life, you have to restart the current level, except in bonus areas in which you just return back to the spot where you dug.

Dug also does more than just jumping around and firing at enemies. Depending on the level or powerups, you can also climb ropes, swim and fly around on a jetpack. Dug will also change his clothing depending on levels, for example, wearing arctic clothing on snow levels.

The graphics are very good, cartoony and colorful with fluid animations. The sound and music are also great, fitting the game's style and ambience perfectly. The game is very long and challenging and will probably keep you hooked for hours. Overall, this is a great game which any platformer fan should try out, and I give it 5 marks!


Reviewed by: SupSuper / Screenshots by: SupSuper / Uploaded by: SupSuper / share on facebook

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