I was pretty unsure under which category to put this game, at first thinking that strategy is the most appropriate since it plays the biggest role in the gameplay. However, Supaplex is a lot more than just a strategy game. It is also packed with action which makes it an extremely dynamic and interesting game. That's why it found its way into the puzzle section.

You play a role of a computer bug made in the image of pac-man. On each level, your task is to consume all atoms and then reach the exit point. To do this you will have to evade anti-virus softwares which is represented by scissors, firewalls that look like big bombs, short-circuits that will fry you and many more interesting obstacles. You will need to carefully plan your movement throughout the levels. There are 111 levels in total.

The sound is excellent and fulfills the "mood" perfectly. Graphics are very fluid and easy on the eyes. This is an all-around enjoyable game that will provide you with days and perhaps months of fun. The concept is original, the execution flawless so I don't see why it shouldn't deserve a 5 point mark! Strongly recommended!

Reviewed by: Kosta Download Supaplex | Abandonia

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