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Download Whizz

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This game is about a race between Whizz, a bunny with a hot air balloon, and a rat with a zeppelin.

Even though the game doesn't really show the rat often, the first intro cut scene shows that the rat is cheating by shooting Whizz down with his shotgun. Now Whizz must search throughout the land for another hot air balloon.

Whizz has a mushroom as a health bar, collects flags and gems for points, and gains an extra life after getting 10,000 points. He fights with a spinning attack which can kill some of the enemies and transform them into mushrooms that can add some health to the mushroom health bar. Unfortunately, to perform such a spinning attack he uses health from the health bar, and the enemies can also drop a blue mushroom instead of a red one. The blue mushrooms are bad for Whizz, since they take health when eaten. On top of that, some of the enemies are even immune to his spinning attack! The attack destroys certain walls if Whizz has collected boxes that enable him to do so. The more boxes he gets, the more walls he can destroy with his spinning attack! You can instantly lose your lives if you don't pay attention when an enemy walks into you. It will keep draining away your health until you either step aside or die.

The time limit to find the hot air balloon will worry anyone who gets stuck in a level and can't figure out how to advance, as this forces the player to take another way. Luckily there are many ways to complete a level and many alternative ways to find the hot air balloon. The levels are puzzles that are in many ways solvable; some ways have more bonuses while the other ones are just faster. There are also some hidden passages and objects that guide you to the finish. Hidden areas that you may find will give you some points, extra time, and objects that need some investigation to find out what their purpose is. It's a platform puzzle game!

The game is quite generous when it comes to lives. You have a total of 12 lives, depending on difficulty, which are mostly "continues." Since you also gain an extra life after 10,000 points, you will be able to beat the game with no problems if you have enough time. Unfortunately there is no way to save your game, so if you quit you will have to do it all over again.

There are 8 levels in total, using 4 unique level designs. The graphics are eye candy and well designed, except for some minor details which are forgivable.

The music is amazing for its time. While most of the other games had little to no music this game had a different musical theme for each level.

Mysterious gameplay, enjoyable graphics, and puzzles that can be solved in many ways make replaying a satisfying experience for every curious gamer who wants to know every possible alternative way to finish a level.


Select "sound card music" and "sound blaster" on start. For the copy protection codes, look into the extras above the review.

Controls are:
F1 = break
F2 = resume game

SPACE + any arrow key = tornado twist
Any arrow key + space = jump
SPACE + any arrow key + SPACE = jump + tornado twist

Don't forget to increase your cycles in DOSBox.


Reviewed by: uchazu / Screenshots by: _r.u.s.s. / Uploaded by: uchazu / share on facebook

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