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Download Monty Pythons Flying Circus

Monty Pythons Flying Circus
146 kb



And now, for something completely different... the larch. Ah no, I mean Monty Pythons Flying Circus. In this game, you're a loonie. Things start out as an ordinary, be it highly eccentric, platformer, but soon enough, your body gets transformed into that of a fish. From here on, the game is an ordinary, be it zany shoot'm up in the style of Gradius and Zero Wing.

While avoiding various cameos of things and people from the television series, you shoot your way through sewerpipes, following the way pointed out by pointing white gloves. As you do so, you can collect powerups that will restore your health. Sausages, baked eggs, cans of spam... you'll see it all.

From time to time, your progress will be put to a stop as you reach a boss. These include a renaissance guy with a propellor on his head, shooting at you, the Spanish inquisition, throwing pillows and a traffic cop, protected by a line of trafficsigns. Although these bosses are relatively hard to beat, they're great fun too, simply because of their sillyness.

Of all the absurd games I've played, this one feels most naturally absurd. It will put a smile on anybody's face, wether they are old Monty Python fans, someone who likes a laugh, gamers and museum curators.


Reviewed by: Kon-Tiki / Screenshots by: Kon-Tiki / Uploaded by: Kon-Tiki / share on facebook

User Reviews

Posted on: 2014-06-06 by tepisquintla
At last! I've found one of my all-time favorites. THANK YOU!

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