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Download Balance of Power 1990

Balance of Power 1990
132 kb



Ah, the cold war, probably the closest age in mans history that he was to causing the mutually assured destruction of his fellow man.

Basically, this gem of a game puts you in the shoes of the exact opposite, makign sure that DOESN'T happen. The original game, Balance of Power, was made by Chris Crawford in 1985 for the mac, and ported to Windows in 1986. However, he decided to create a new version due to non-stop emails to him, and the fact that the geo-political scale had altered violently. In 1989 he created Balance of Power: the 1990 edition. It was set in the future basically because he wanted it to be a non-linear sort of scenario. For some extra chips, one might add that this game was quoted, "The best cold war simulation."

Now then, onto the game. The basic point of the game is to raise your country's (either USA or USSR) prestige level and spheres of influence all over the world while at the same time avoiding nuclear war. This is harder then one would expect as the A.I, or other player, is always trying to make sure his views get carried on. One is usually quite lucky yo get past 2 turns in a multiplayer game, specially if he's playing with someone with hardliner ideols.

In the game you have many options or "policies" in which you can enact to one of numerous (i believe 80) countries around the globe in a hope to raise your prestige, and as title goes, alter the "balance of power". These polocies include Military Aid, Economic Aid, Aid to insugents, interveneing for goverment (helping them), intervening for Rebels(helping rebel forces), treaty, trade polocy, destabalizing, and diplomatic preasure. A small note, all these options are available on the new "Moltipolar" level, whereas they are limited on all the other difficulties.

Regarding the above, there is also a new game difficulty. Multipolar gives the player a wider variety of gameplay inwhich he can now go to war, and other neat stuff.

Good points- Addicting if your into politics
           - While games seem similar, different thing can happen every new game, such as different nations going to wars, and nations getting coup'd and the likes.
           - Hotseat multiplayer

Bad points -No sound
           - Simple graphics; of course, it was only 1989
           - Short, only 8 turns long
           - While it supports multiplayer, multiplayer is EXTREMELY hard
           - AI is very mean.
           - Your advisors are a little dull.

Basically, because I love geopolitical simulations, though am saddened by the short gameplay (if you got to play out each month of a year, from 1989 to 1997, it'd be a different story). I give this game a 4. This is for more 'hard core' political simmers in my opinion cause you actually need to use your head in a hope the AI or your friend, who you could very well hate in the end if you ever finish a game, doesn't screw you over.

All in all, I recommend it to you that are more "individualists" who care about politics.


Reviewed by: Fubb / Screenshots by: Fubb / Uploaded by: Fubb / share on facebook

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