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Download Little Big Adventure - Twinsens Adventure

Little Big Adventure - Twinsens Adventure
7965 kb


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How can I even start to describe this game? Well to be honest, I can’t. At least not just by playing it. To tell the truth I had to look around the net for various other reviews for this game. I needed to see if they managed to catch the magnificence of Little Big Adventure in their review, but no-one had even come close to give the game its justified glory. And I can understand why. This game is without a moment of doubt the BEST game to ever be released in 1994!

There is no way I can actually describe the quality of this game, you HAVE to download it and try it out for yourself. The only thing about the game I can actually detail is the plot.

You play Twinsen, a young man who lives in the strange world of Twinsun. The planet is trapped between two suns, thereby the name. You are a member of the race called Quetch, or humanoids as we would call them. Along these there live three other races; the Rabbibunnies (rabbitoids), Sphereoids (sphereoids) and Grobos (Elephantoids).
The game starts off with a video in which Twinsen has a dream proclaiming him to free the world from the tyrannic rule of Dr. Funfrock. When he openly starts to talk about his dream, the dictator throws him in an asylum and kidnaps his wife. Twinsen must not only escape the asylum, but he must also stay out of the way from Dr. Funfrock’s soldiers, rescue his wife and free the planet. It does not look good. During the game you will make friends and connections all over the world, allies that will help you to accomplish your mission.

Last I think it is nessecary to include some hints about the game.
You control Twinsen using four different modes: Normal, Athletic, Aggressive & Discrete, and with an Action Button (Space Bar). Normal mode is used for walking and talking with people. Athletic is used for running and Jumping. Aggressive is used for fighting, and Discrete is used for sneaking. You will need to master the usage of all four modes in order to complete the game. In order to switch through the different modes you can either press and hold Ctrl or press their hot-keys. F1, F2, F3 and F4.

I think this is enough to get you going! Hopefully you will enjoy the game.


Reviewed by: Free Freddy / Screenshots by: red_avatar / Uploaded by: Free Freddy / share on facebook

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