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Old 12-08-2013, 05:33 PM   #31

Does anyone know who the license of Jurassic War still belongs to?

Also, did you know that its possible to play JW online now? There's a site that supports its multiplayer called Classicgamingarena.com
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Old 13-08-2013, 05:11 AM   #32
The Fifth Horseman
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Unknown. Likely it still resides with CDV Software Entertainment.

"God. Can't you people see I'm trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?"
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Old 16-07-2020, 05:14 AM   #33

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Originally Posted by PanSzrama View Post
Hello, wanted to give you a few hints when playing this title.

First - stats for the units are:
OP - Offensive Power (increasing direct damage of unit, its not an end value though, as weapons are increasing the value further)
DP - Deffensive Power (opposite to upper trait - determines toughness of unit, although worth to tell, that warrior has "natural" armor, and though he is tougher even when not equipped with shield, and as OP - shields increase DP further)
VP - Velocity Power (AFAIR, but to be hones its just View Power - it determines how many squares unit can see, and by that, how much range it can get, if it is an archer, there is no difference in attacking speed)
MP - Magic Power (non magic units waste points when set to learn this stat! certain levels of this stat gives you new spells for casters, but OP is still what determines the attack value of standard caster attack)
HP - Health Power (how much unit endures before dying)

few hints how to quickly win levels, when they seem too tough:
1.when level begins - scout everywhere - determine where are the bases of the enemy, and try to discover all the land around them - i mean literally all
2. when you have vision over the map, determine how many animals woods in your vinicity "produce" - one caveman equipped with sword and shield can stay alone and train on even 3 curs in one time, until he gets lightyellow health bar from training - control him, as he may sometimes block himself and die, so you lose all time wasted on him to train
3. if you dont have to, dont use cavemen, they are really worthless
4. if you can, use always warrior - they are the toughest of the primitives you can produce, when compared with maxed stats to a maxed stats muscleman, tbh thats why the masai are so my favorite
5. when your primitive gains after killing an animal a single, or no points, move him to woods, with tougher animals

animal strength:
cur <- leopard <- tiger <- mammoth
single cur is no problem for any unit
leopard is a job for two naked cavemen
tiger can be dangerous, even kill simplest cavemen in numbers
mammoth is pretty dangerous, but equipped units can deal with him quick

how to arm your primitives:
1.against magic use always water shields, if possible, if not, its no difference, as iron and wood dont hold fire magic
2.against dinos (mammoth and all stronger types, also againt those of tyrano and coaca tribes) use always pikes/lances - they deal horrible damage to them
3.against mixed attack try to set a wall of shielded strong cavemen, armed in close combat weapons (sword is strongest for infantry, axe is fair enough)
then set up a tons of archers, or with boomerangs, archers with poisoned arrows are extremely useful as any hit stops enemy for a moment, so when a tough single enemy hero attacks and you attack him with 20 poisoned bows at a time, even when equipped by weakest of your men, the enemy cant move and soon dies dealing no damage to your army
4.when you see that enemy base is crawling with tons of troops, and position to attack isnt in your favor, try to find a tight spot, and lure few enemies onto your trap - when they die, enemies rush to attack in that spot - the cpu nearly always (i mean they do this always by default, but in some missions cpu is programmed differently, to attack in a portion of time, no matter if you provoke or not to do it) wants to avenge fallen ones - so if you see enemy army is too big send him suicide warriors - the ones, with help of which you were lurking enemy out, when they die, enemies will return home
5. when on big, big, big map, it is often good to send groups to woods, with a food storage house builded somewhere near, but not in the wood, because then, animals will attack it, instead of your cavemen, and you will receive false alerts about "structure under attack" on screen
6. in later levels try to scout even through enemy bases - i mean when you load level, localise it and send around 20 naked cavemen to the base just to see what are you have to deal with sooner, then reload and play normally.
reason to do so is to localise the strongest enemies, pick the position, from where you can kill them quickest way, so then you have to deal with only blue/lightyellow trained units, instead of whites.
those whites also carry often some artifacts, which given to your whites can really wreck havoc!

A WHITE trained WARRIOR CAN KILL WITH ONE HIT a naked muscleman!!!
So it is a priority threat to your army.

Use poisonous plants (if you play the game, you'll know what i mean ) to set traps - when placing your army properly - those plants can massacre much larger army for you, when trying to get your troops, and must go by them near).

Use your faction advantages. Adapt - if you are tyrano, but have conquered radumba - use their blacksmith, to forge water shields against moospell, pikes against coaca, or other weapons against masai or koomba.

Now... could anyone give me again list of what i have to type in dosbox to make the game run? I have really no idea what i do wrong - i mount game directory as cdrom and the game cant see it :/... And i really have urge to play my masai again ;(
Nice review, there is very rare information about such amazing game in the Internet. I used to play it for hours/days when I was young. But still there is something I have never found out - it always was and is a big mystery.

There are some items in the game which probably have no purpose or effect. Does anyone know what these items do?

bone necklace
bone bracelet
leather shoes

I have measured almost everything - speed, life / mana regeneration, range, attack power ... But it seems none of these stats are affected. So, what are these items useful for?
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Old 18-11-2021, 03:00 PM   #34

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to run:

mount your drive, for example "mount c c:\dos\"
mount the cd like this: "mount d d:\ -t cdrom"
install from cd to your drive (in my example you would use "d:" then "install")
your game will install into the directory you chose(in my example it would be "c:\pwar" and end up in the "c:\dos\pwar\" directory)
run "setup" after installation and detect your soundcard, music should play if you test it
run pwar in the directory you installed it to
have fun

note: if there is no music playing ingame, but it did in the setup type the command "loadfix" (in some cases "loadfix -16") before starting the game (music should start playing in the intro if it works correctly)
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Old 01-10-2022, 05:30 AM   #35
Lightbulb Keep

Hello everyone!

I also had unanswered questions about this gem, so I tested stuff myself.
After years of testing I wrote some guides in Polish on another site (Stare e-gry) and after some more time I've decided to put up all the links and knowledge somewhere safe.

So The Jurassic Keep was born. A site wholly dedicated to Jurassic War. Maps, cheats, lore, links and more.
(sorry for the ads)

I also have a discord channel for all the Jurassic War fans. Come hang, we have emojis and memes.

...and a remake in the making, with some art by yours truly.

good hunting

PS. Oh, yeah, the gloves, shoes and bone bling don't do anything, sorry folks.
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