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Unknown Hero
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The exams exist out of five categories, the lowest ones for those just starting out with programming or lacking the essential experience, the higher ones for those who're used to it. They're made for any language, not one in specific, and there're usually different ways to solve a question. The solutions we give in the Solutions-thread are only examples. If you're stuck, you can ask questions or discuss the exams here or look for the solutions here. Anyways, here're the questions:

Q: Make a program that keeps track of several persons. Each person has a first and last name, age, a range of talents, a range of skills, a gender and an intelligence. The program starts out with asking with how many people you want to start out, and allow you to either create random people or have the user create each of these people.

When the program runs, these people'll age and learn new skills (according to their intelligence and talents). When they reach a certain age, they will become interested in the other gender and eventually get together with one person of the other gender (no promiscuity in here). They can have kids then, which first names can't be the same as the names of the parents, while their last names have to be that of their father. Also, siblings or parent and kid/grandparent and grandchild aren't allowed to get together. These kids will gain some characteristics and talents from their parents (but not all from either parent, nor none from the other). When a person reaches a certain age, they won't be able to get any kids anymore.

These people can die in two ways: By a random event (car crash, knife fight, overdose, piano on the head, etc), mostly depending on their skills which ones stand a chance. If they didn't die of such a thing, they should die when they're within a certain age range.

Another thing that's needed in here, is the possibility to check for all the persons that're currently alive, all the persons that've ever been alive, checking each person's stats, and saving/loading a world with people.


Q: A bookstore wants to have a utility that helps them catalogue their books. They have diskettes with files containing information per book. Each book contains this as information: Book title, subtitle if it's available, a list of authors (most of the time one, but can be more), number of pages, price - with the option of seeing it without 21% tax, ISDN-number, category it belongs to and whether it's hard-cover or not.

Their utility has to be able to read in the diskette containing this information, along with listing the books alphabetically on main title, on first author (if the name's the same, on second author too. Name there the same, third author, etc), list from cheapest to most expensive, from most expensive to cheapest, per category and just all books in total.

They also should be able to change the information 'bout a book if they see it needed, or add a book to the file.

Create this utility. It's not required to have a fancy interface. Text-based's just fine.
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