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Abandonia nerd

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Actually...I found out that I have even more......holy shit.

here is the entire list (some entries might be repeated)


Board Games

Backgammon - Play backgammon against the computer. No doubling. Plays a credible game. (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it)

Doublolo - Othello against the computer. Played on a large board with randomly placed blocking squares. Neat idea. Somewhat slow but plays a strong defensive game, with every game different. Has save game, take back and boss key.

Checkers - Great. Play against the computer. This checkers game can use the Hoyle or Huff jump rules. You can save and retrieve games. It could very well be the "Sargon" of checkers (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it. )

Ed's Chess - Ed's Chess is a great chess game that will work on any monitor. Play against the computer with progressive levels of difficulty based on the time the computer will take (30 seconds per move is a pretty good game). You can save and restore games. It also features an openings library, autoplay, backup moves, and the capability to have the computer display its thinking process. It even thinks about its move while you are thinking about your move. (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it.)

Pachisi - The classic Pachisi (Parcheesi, India) for 1 to 4 players. The computer can play up to 4 opponents. Very slick graphics (Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it)

PC Bingo - Play Bingo using this program to randomly pick the numbers. The computer is the master board. Verify winners. Prints cards on Epson FX or LaserJet printers.

Yacht-z II - A computerized version of the classic dice game, Triple Yahtzee. Single player version (Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it)

PC Monopoly - Clone of classic board game. Has save and restore, automatic money calculations. For 1 to 6 players. Version: 2.0 (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it)

VGA Mah Jongg - A super Mah Jongg tile solitaire game. Has lots of shortcuts, peek, stack manipulation, and many more nifties. A tile set creation module is included. (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it)

[duplicate] ZJZ Risk - Clone of the classic board game for 2 to 6 players. Save and re-start games. Risk is an addictive battle game that takes longer to play than Monopoly. (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it)


7 Card Stud - A terrific game of 8-handed 7-card Stud for one person to play against 7 computer opponents (Shareware: Free to try, $19 if you decide to keep it)

Craps Complete - Bet on pass, don't pass, Big 6, Big 8, etc. It's all here. Gives top view of table. Good graphics (Shareware: Free to try, $15 if you decide to keep it)

Crazy Eights - Play cards against the computer. Easy to use. (Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it)

GO FISH - Go Fish is a card game. The program will not load after an unspecified number of games until it is registered. [uninstall will most likely fix] (Shareware: Free to try, $14.00 if you decide to keep it)

OLD MAID - Old Maid is a card game. This program will cease to function after an unspecified amount of time unless it is registered [re-install will probably fix] (Shareware: Free to try, $14.00 if you decide to keep it)

Blackjack for Windows - Las Vegas style blackjack with split and double down options, hints, save and restore, variable number of decks, and more nice options. Can show card counts and statistic (Shareware: Free to try, $40 [ARE THEY HIGH] if you decide to keep it)

BridgePal - Play one hand of bridge, the computer plays the other 3 - you control your dummy. Duplicate play option for 2 people. Computer keeps score. Save, replay and autoplay modes. You can also rotate hands to replay them from the opponents' side. Conventions recognized are: jump shift, strong opening 2 bids, preempt, short club, penalty double, strong no-trump, take-out double, Blackwood. This is not from Borland's Game Toolbox
(When you click "Install" below, the files will be copied to your hard drive. After installation, you must rename one file before using the product.

The file: ren_me.tmp
must be renamed: --------.---)
[Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it.]

Hearts For DOS
- The classic dirty hearts for 4 players. Play against 3 computer hands. (Shareware: Free to try, $15-45 if you decide to keep it)

SMF Casino Poker For Windows Five-card Poker for Windows. Bet quarters, half dollars or dollar (Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it)

Solitare - The standard 7-pile solitaire game for the EGA. Has good usage interface and special VGA mode. Draw 1 or 3 cards at a time. Can use a mouse. DOS 3.x, EGA. (Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it)


Acrostix- An acrostic puzzle game similar to the ones found in many newspapers. You're presented with a group of scrambled letters; your task is to sort them out into the correct answer. Features a cheat and train mode, and "automatic", which will solve the puzzle for you. Included are 20 puzzles; you can also create (and distribute) your own very easily.

A tremendous tool for solving (or creating) cryptograms.(Public Domain)

CRYPTO - Over 1900 puzzles to decipher - proverbs, jokes, funny definitions. The on-line solving program gives frequency charts, diagraphs, trigraphs, doubles, does reverses, and can even give hints. 4 levels of play. (Shareware: Free to try, $30 if you decide to keep it.)

JOTTO - A game of 5-letter words somewhat like Mastermind. Players exchange guesses of words and receive the number of letters that are in the opponent's secret word. The object is to guess the word in the fewest guesses. A great learning experience and a good challenge. Play against the computer at 8 different levels of skill. A great addictive game done well. (Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it)

WORD RESCUE - [Edutainment] The mean old Gruzzles can't read and they don't want anyone else to be able to read. So they are stealing the words out of all the books. Benny Bookworm needs your help to stop the Gruzzles and reunite the words with their meanings. Once you join all the words and meanings, Benny can put the words back into the books. But watch out for those Gruzzles. Geared towards 5 to 10 year old children. Excellent graphics and joystick support. (Shareware: Free to try, $19-34 if you decide to keep it)

WORDHAI - Fill a 7 X 3 grid with 2-letter words. 3 levels of play. Hints. Rather enjoyable. ( I played this game years ago and it's fun)

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