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Default 100 movies of all time

I started this as "100 best movies of all time", but lacking 100 by a small amount I created two other sections. Watch out, we're starting it!

"Best" movies: they are not the best at box office (because who cares if people wasted money on crap - everyone remembers DiCaprio's Titanic what makes the moviegoers ashamed), not best from when they came out (that's why most major blockbusters are missing from here) as to be "best" they have to stand the trial of time.
The list might be subjective, but I guarantee each film will worth your time if you decide to watch them.

1902 Le Voyage Dans la Lune: yep, one of the very first movies,and it definitely stood the test of time. The first half might be made from too long shots, and Thomas Edison (yes, that Edison) stole it so the crew never made money of it, but with the many "special-effects", the simple but coherent story, and the action-packed second half, this is a cool 13 minutes of silence.
1922 Nosferatu: might be a straight rip-off of the Dracula-story, and the sound coming from bakelite-disc, it is a surprisingly dynamic german expressionist art with one of the most famous prohestetics.
1931 Dracula: I swear putting this next to Nosferatu was not intentional. Bela Lugosi's Dracula-performance is just astonishing, despite some obvious flaws which add occasional unintentionally comedic character to the movie (rubber bat, overused shot of Lugosi's eye etc.). Still a "silent" movie, but on panels they sure talk a lot finally!
1940 The Great Dictator: Charlie Chaplin's uniquely serious themed satirical movie is both laughable, and making you wish if this was actual history. And finally they talk!
1959 Sleeping beauty: Yep, animated movies have they portion on this list. I prefer this from the most famous WaltDisney productions, because it has the action packed thrill-ride in it, and is made of nothing else but clichés. But this was the story what created those clichés, so definitely worth to take a look.
1961 101 dalmatians: the unique style of drawing, the lack of Lassie-attitude, the lovable characters and no superhero included (if you insist we can count the Horse/Cat/Dog trio as the first Avengers maybe?) makes this a classic.
PS: although the '60s seems a good age for movie-making when you check the general quality, masterpieces are few-and-far between.
1967 Crazy westerners: ok, THiS movie did not age well, but I still had plenty of room on the list, and I wanted a western desperately. As this is also a musical, and has a heroin instead of tobacco-chewing man-gang, I added it. Not to mention, the granades-to-launch makes is James Bondish. And in the end they DO ride into the Sun
1968 2001 space odyssei: Oh my, oh my, this movie is this old!? The visuals and the competition with HAL (which means IBM for the lul) still makes this space-ballet one of the best movies ever made.
1969 Bambi Meets Godzilla: I couldn't stand not to add this. Yes, this is officially a movie, not some youtube-stuff. Check it out!
1971 Godzilla and the smog monster: again the order is unintentional.
Despite the '70s being disasterous for cinematics in general, they produced quite a few top-notch movies, including this one.
Well, maybe it is not as good as the others on the list, but you just don't want to go home without some rubber giant monster-madness! And despite they appeared in big-budget movies at times (eg. Clash of the Titans (1981)), or the fact that when they are not attached to some big names get very low scores (Yonggary (1999)), these movies when they made right, can be c00l.
To be honest most Godzilla-movies suck. Godzilla look dumb, Godzilla's son is straight struck by down-syndrome, and the fights can be pathetic. Well, here the fights are not the best the franchise can offer as Hedorah don't really have limbs, but punching straight through its body, gutting it until nothing remains helps. Just like the hallucinogen shots, the animated parts and so on, making this one of the few good Godzilla-movies, which also manages to pass its anti-pollution message.
1972 The godfather (1): Face it, the Godfather"trilogy" is badly made because Marlon Brando plays so strong in the first part, that noone cares for the rest. Being a gangster-movie, a maffia-movie, and parts like the infamous horse-head scene makes this famous.
1976 Carrie: Sissy Spacek is both beautiful and talented here, the story goes fast, the camera handled perfectly, and shows the phenomena excellent. Those who don't like the distopian ending will have to satisfy by the brief (and overacted) Travolta-cameo.
1977 Il soldato di ventura: also known as Наемният войник, or Soldier of Fortune if it at all exist in english, is a Bud Spencer movie. Most of the carrier of Terrence Hill&Bud Spencer duo consist punch-our-way-through-it just-for-the-heck-of-it "road-movies", but this one toned that down (and lacks TH) to the point it is almost believable - although of course keeps the comedic aspect.
It is about the siege of a castle, and man, what a castle! And those armors everywhere!
With references to Leonardo da Vinci and other actual history-events this is undeniably one of my favourite.
1977 Star Wars (New Hope): Shall I say anything more? The angular spaceship-designs, and the original Darth Vader, as well as practically anything in this is a masterpiece. Oh, the times before Jar-jar Boink!
1978 Exorcist 2: I know. Why the second? Everyone hates it!
Well, I don't. Because it still has the events of the original, but a great back-story is added, and the visuals does not age, unlike its predecessor's which thought a bowl of porridge is the best effect for ever.
Made at the down of the original New Age movement when everyone went hippy, UFOs descended into your backyard, and hypnosis was the ultimate crime-solver (as well as crime-maker!), you should not miss this one.
And just to add a funny personal story, I passed one of my exams at the uni by informations on locusts from this particular movie!
1980 Oyayubihime: a japaneese version of Thumbelina. You wouldn't tell just by look it is not a Walt Disney original, and is one of the most heart-warming production of all time.
1981 Final countdown: originally I did not add this to the list, but I had space you know. The story plays with the "what if" scenario, and although mostly blunt, it does its job. The reasons it is on the list is the well-played characters, the believably professional handling of events, the visuals you can remember at, and that this is a military-promoting movie. Rly, mostly it is just jets flying up and down to a mothership. But in a cool way.
1981 The Beyond: again not necessarily had ended up on the list if I had other movies to mention, but it sure has its place anyway. This is an italian horror, which brand is famous of its gore risen to unnecessary levels almost making these torture-porn.
This particular movie lacks the torture-porn effect, and is artistically shot. I'd compare it to the Prince of Darkness (1987), and other slow-pace horrors.
The "inevitable doom" ending also adds some intellectual level to an otherwise loosely-coherent plot.
1982 Halloween 2: If you want to meet Death, as the skeleton-with-the-scythe character on screen, I suggest this.
1983 Conan the barbarian: big, muscled men in loin-clothes doing epic things. You can't argue with it.
1984 The dead zone: not necessarily on this list, but again I had place. This is an intellectual horror, where the thrill does not come from decapitated teenagers. Heck, for most the most chilling thing here is the ability the protagonist has and its effect on him, and not what happens around him!
It is about moral and consequences - but would be nothing without the ability eating its host like cancer, and the "would you kill Hitler" scenario, where Hitler doesn't have an army, but the Big Red Button. This is why you should watch this, and not the miniseries.
1984 Dune: Ok, it has confusing moments. Ok, it deviates from the books. But it manages to be interesting for its entire time (140 min), introducing all factions, and adding visually interesting stuff. I love it with all the comicbook-level overplaying actors.
1985 Ghostbusters: Not necessarily this movie. I could add just for comparsion Raiders of the lost ark (1981, Indiana Jones 1 if someone doesn't recognise it immediately).
Might be a pop-culture film with lemonade-storyline, but they are working, and please, take a look at the special effect! Last of an era.
1985 Commando: Yep, another Arnold Schwartzenegger movie. Yes, it is DUMB to the level of Chuck Norris. And that's the reason why it is on the list! On a list with such a hugh amount of stuff you simple should not forget abut the lighter genres.
1986 Mad Max 3: Ok, I might be very subjective here, because I just LUB this movie with its frame-narration, Lost Children a'la Peter Pan, the overacting supervilain Tina Turner, its top-track "We don't need another hero", and the straight-from Fallout games distilled Mad Max. But what other post-apocalyptic movie had had I add?
1986 The Fly: The monodrama where Jeff Goldblum transforms into a hideous monster is a dream come true.
1988 Labyrinth: have to confess this was added because I had space (there are like 10 if you count all these). Not that it would not be an excellent movie. Heck, maybe this is one of the definite for-girls movie on the list.
It has good masques, constant singing w/o turning into an annoying musical, and is a definite children-movie w/o the actual drug-inspiration like Alice in Wonderland.
1989 Vampire's kiss: Nicholas Cage made his way to this list with this movie. The fact you never actually figure out wether this guy is just totally insane because of Falling Down (1993, pun intended), or is a genuine vampire in itself make this a classic, re-imagining film-making.
1990 Crime zone: You might disagree with me, as this is a straight-to-VHS B-film, but the idea behind it, and the execution rises it in my eyes to the level of something I'll never forget.
If you like conspiracy-theories, you're also target-audience!
1990 Night of the living dead: yep, the remake. All the flaws from the original(s) went, all the good remained. Add to it definite social criticism and updated effects, and you'll see why I rate this so good as top 10 of all time.
1992 Army of darkness: Believe me you don't want to miss this. In medieval sorroundings a guy with a shotgun and a chainsaw implanted in one of his hand (so he is a cyborg I assume) going against a skeleton horde Back to the Future-style is a classic.
Also maybe one of the last stop-motion films in history.
1993 lorenzo's oil: Let's go serious here. This is a family-drama with a freak-child in the middle (this was an actual genre I assume, think about that Cher-movie where that teenager with the big head went to find love), but it avoids going soon outdated by the addition of the heavy scientific research, and criticism of the system, and the dedication from the parents, and the old scientist at the end.
1993 Needful things: Yep, I just love horrors. Again this is not a simple horror, but a small-town melodrama with excellent photography. Simple, but elegant.
1993 Return of the living dead 3: You don't think it should be on the list? think again!
Oh, it is definitely not here for its outstanding budget, or classic greek drama-like plot. It is here, because it is a zombie-movie which is not infested with zombies, but constantly creates situations which could start an epidemic (which zombie-movies notoriously don't show); and that this is actually a sexual-fetish movie which ended up not being porn. You must appreciate that.
1993 Much Ado About Nothing: Just to show you theater and movie-theaters are not entirely different things.
Likeable characters, original shakespearean language, great names makes this a forgotten classic.
1994 Body Snatchers: I like this version more because teenage-early 20s actors gave it a momentum, it does not go very low (like Faculty the invasium (1998) and other replicas), and in the end the creatures get what they deserve! A punch in their face!
But also creates the thrilling by claming the possibility of "all was for naught", keeping the original's depressive tone.
1994 Wolf: Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer at their best. Not to mention if you want to see a wolfman-movie w/o terrible prohestetics, this one is for you.
Aside being a transformation-movie, and a werwolf-movie, it also has the fairytale aspect like Ladyhawke (1985). Excellent.
1995 Natural born killers: please, do not touch the "director's cut" edition. Keep with the theatrical-release.
This movie no wonder got banned at places, or flushed to the late-night period. Its media-criticism, well-used elements, nonstop killing-spree to the point only the animation can keep up with the speed and grotesqueness made it a phenomena for a reason.
1995 Village of the damned: I had to look this up again when pasted here . But that's maybe just the different language.
Well, this is a Christopher Reeve movie, who was Superman. No actual superman-movie, or his Nora Roberts-movies is worthy here if you ask me, but I believe mentioning all of them to give the impression why I included it will make you understand.
1995 Johnny Mnemonic: Not a film you'd easily come up with here, but just watch it once. Its strange gadgets, B-scifi visuals, Ice-T at his best (and yes, he is ridiculous) makes this THE definite cyberpunk gem.
1995 Mortal Kombat: Yep, the first one. It proved that computergame-films can be made well (just like Alien proved B-movies and horror movies can compete with A-movies if done right), made a game with contradictory backstory-only into a film with working plot (and lots of catchphrases), that martial-arts movies still have their place, and showed CGI is not everything (it is probably the last film made animatronics-only).
1996 Tank Girl: This is a british punk-movie. That's why.
1997 The island of dr. moreau: This is my favourite movie-version. The creatures look good, the story is well-cut, the cat-girl is beautiful, everyone has character - it just has no flaws.
1998 Gattaca: similar to 2001 Space Odyssei by tone, but focusing on personal drama. By showing what for one would be heaven, while for the other the living hell it is more than a sci-fi movie or social/technolgical-critism.
1998 lethal weapon 4: Yep, the 4th installment. Lethal Weapon movies did not age well if you ask me (neither did the Matrix, Beverly Hills Cop movies etc), but this shows how a franchise should end. With still packing a lot of punches and explosions faithfully to its action movie standards, but with a lot of sarcasm on self.
1998 Lola Rent: 4 times the same story, where each time she runs the marathon. Can it be done? Can you make a film from the same elements 4 times, while she gets a large amount of money a different way every time?
Seems you can. This german techno-anthem proves it.
1998 Black cat, white cat: This is a timeless romanian-gypsie diorama. Pit-bull! Terrier!
1998 Zimmer Feri: You likely had no chance to watch this, or even if you would you would not understand why is it on this list. While it might not be a global classic, if you know where it comes from, and can appreciate some experimental cinematography (what is part of the joke at this satire), you'd enjoy this.
The film is about the '80s Hungary, where austrian citizens visited in large numbers the lake Balaton, an artificially overmade (communist-style) vacation-attraction. But this place is either just have bad policy, or is in the age when german-speaking people stopped coming, so they do everything to catch and keep visitors. With no investment
1999 The ninth gate: I just prefer this over Omen and such.
1999 The haunting: this movie is underrated because it is titled as "horror", despite being "ghost"-movie.
1999 Man on the moon: This movie is artistically funny. Helps you understand the person's humour, and in general a good biography.
1999 Bowfinger: the penultimate looser-movie. You just gotta love it.
1999 Galaxy quest: yet again something I'd've prefer not to add to the list. But I had space, and even in itself it is a good movie. Although I think its visuals will soon turn outdated. And it is actually a parody of a cultural phenomena. For what it again can go outdated. But as long as there is space on the list to fill, I'll add this.
1999 But I'm a Cheerleader: satire with the '50s utopian look what makes you vomit; the actual events of the story are funny, and the reason it is made for makes it outstanding.
Actuality it has also with the coming anti-gay (or anti-gay financed) I am michael (2015).
2000 Book of shadows - blair witch 2: My thoughts on the original are nothing but swears, but this re-design I found convincing. It is the "actual footage" twist without the lie of being "actual footage".
And I just like the LSD-visuals and plot.
2000 Ginger snaps: again a transformation-movie, which might have less-convincing prohestetics than an all-time favourite, and a mediocre plot, but when you add the pure art photography, and the concept that menstruation = werewolfchange, it just becomes worthy for this list.
2000 Pitch Black: This is how you make a minimalist sci-fi.
2001 The lord of the rings - the fellowship of the ring: No matter how I despise the two sequels for their lamer visuals, unrealistic events and general dumbness, I like the LotR trilogy, and I like the first installment's dedication to the books.
2001 The Avenging Fist: an asian scifi/martial arts B-movie. Ok, it is far from being an all-time favourite, but you must appreciate low-budget genres trying. It is original enough, and has enough sci-fi gadgets to make me dare mention it.
2001 Spirited away: this aime-classic just catches everyone's attention. Intended to be just an original Walt Disney quality children bedtime movie, it made a fantastic job.
2001 Blow it dry: As I said, overlooked genres should not be forgotten by professionals. This one is just about making your hair (a hairdresser-competition), but I assure you it can compete against blockbuster action-movies!
2001 Jason X: Face it, you knew the big horror-monsters must have a place here somewhere. And while they have their flows, they established the serial-killer genre wether by supernatural means (eg. Freddy Kruger) or by simple slashing. And while many of their movies are flowed like a Godzilla-movie, there are excellent pieces.
I added this because it is one of the most underrated (for good reasons) "our monster in space" genre, but this one is actually working, and keeps with the original in many sense. I have other reasons too, but won't waste space and time listing them here.
2001 Jurassic Park 3: Face it, we need modern, mostly-CGI monster movies. We need them with look and script which won't disappoint us after the hype of the marketing and the trailer. JP3 just does that. Likely because Spielberg (finally! That man did nothing good since the '80s!) left the franchise.
2001 Kate&Leopold: Finally a romantic movie. Mixing here 20th century with costume-wearing years makes it standing time solid. Hugh Jackman really plays the Prince on white Horse, and the female actor doesn't play a dumb sexualised b*ch either. Definitely a favourite.
2001 Not Another Teen Movie: This you also saw it coming: an American Pie movie. Though the actual franchise does not age well with the audience growing up. But this one can be seen by all ages, you'll laugh your ass off. It even works if you don't know the source-material!
2001 Nexxt: Second time something you likely did not have the chance to know of, being a rare 18+ hungarian movie.
It revolves around the protagonist of Clockwork Orange and American Psycho competing against each other in a Running Man (1987)-atmosphere reality-show with turns like "confess your sins" where the winner won not by just numbers of victims, but by adding avoiding taxation!
Its black humour is just hilarious, wish it had at least english subtitles somewhere.
2001 Vakvagányok (Blind-dears if I'd try to translate the title): Ok, I might be into promoting some hungarian stuff Anyway, this one is a "made for blind audience" movie keeping in mind it is also for the general public. Featuring actual blind people along seers.
The film itself in no angle "best of the best", but the above mentioned way it was made in itself makes it mentionable. And it is not a bad movie in any sense either, so as an experimental film it is allowed.
2001 Zoolander: While I'm not generally fond of this type of humour, I appreciate it recognising its hilariaty.
2002 Chicago: perfect amalgamation of movie and musical. Richard Gere and all the others give their best here too, and the visuals are also unique.
2002 May: In hungary we know this as "Frainkeinstein's playthings" which I feel more expressive.
It is a strange sadomazochistic deprivation of the mind on artistic level. If you are curious and 16+, I suggest watching it.
2003 Open Water: a lowbudget film fake-documentary, where practically nothing happens on the screen. Just the endless ocean, and two (later only 1) survivor of a shipwreck floating, running out of hope for survival.
I'm not into monodramas and s*, but this passed even my barrier and avoided utter boredom.
2003 Terminator 3: While I see T1 as a B-movie of its time, and T2 as a blockbuster of its time - both aged to the point of scrapping -, T3 went to professional people making an amateur film around a never-seen, important by the lore event of its universe.
It has something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and it does its job. Not to mention satisfies curiosity. And for me closes the franchise closing the circle, where the quote "The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves." for me means the humans must fight the machines to win over the Skynet after it bombing the planet - not to change the events, but to preserve the outcome.
2004 The Eye 2: I won't try to asian title here. Yep, this is an asian movie yet again. And you know what? I won't tell why it is here. Go and watch it! Maybe you won't appreciate it the level I do, but that's life!
2004 Night of the Living Dorks: there is something we can call "german teen-movies", even if I'm not 100% it is all just german, taking Hellphone 2007 (the movie which made me not hate the touchscreen-phones). Their humour is unique, their ideas are refreshing. They also not go beyond the limit and turn outright outrageous, disgusting and experimental like Poultrygeist (2006).
2004 Immortel ad vitam: I still held, and forever will, that this made the stuff before Avatar (2009). And is a good sci-fi/fantasy. With moments you'll never forget wether hilarious or emotional.
2004 Million dollar baby: while I still not packed it from its box, I have it, and saw in the cinema. With this there is a regular western sport-movie on the list. Yes, I think Rocky and such aged bad, and were overrated anyway.
2004 The passion of the christ: Yes, this is a "religious" movie. Yes, it can easily be taken as "torture-porn". Yes, Mel Gibson is dumb when drunk. But face it, this movie is GOOD.
2004 Kakushi ken oni no tsume (The Hidden Blade): a historical drama. About asia. Could be any asian country I assume. Shows the traditional culture strougling with the modern, while combining the traditional swordfighting genre, and personal drama (finally an asian love-story with happy ending!). If you have time only for one film of the asian culture, I suggest this.
2005 The descent: Who said movies can't go deep? Adding Nietzsche by both on concept-level and visuals makes it a masterpiece.
PS: Forget the 2nd one, that was made just the studio forcing the crew to do it for money.
2005 Charlie and the chockolate factory: Not necessarily for this list w/o some empty space to fill, but its surrealistic design makes it awesome.
2005 Hellraiser - Deader: Hellraiser is one of the most original monster of all time, with a lot of experimental ~spinoffs added to the source material. During the franchise after the traditional horror (H 1-2-3) we had crime-story, mystical movie, revenge-movie and one like Memento (2000). I chose this for in its most elements keeps up with the original, while deriving from it, and including mind-bogling visuals and story.
2006 I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK: don't you find strange that a lot of asian stuff got included, but no indian (bolywood) movie? Should tell something.
Also if you check the years, it should be evident landing in a "top 100" must include reaching wide audience or get lost in time. So probably there were some other excelent stuff back than, which just never reached the crowd, or never got acceptance. Or its fame expired when fans found something else.
This movie has some shocking(ly funny) visuals - just check the part where the girl eliminates the whole hospital But beyond that it is on this list for trying to show how a deranged mind can make functioning in the real world just by pushing the right levers. And ending up as a love-story instead of a simple medical treatment-film helps it a lot.
2006 X-men: the last stand: I don't care if people don't like this, or liked more other X-men, avenger, or other superhero movies. Or found this too crowded. I found it the most close to the source-material, while managing to representing it in every aspect without falling appart.
2006, 2009 Crank 1-2: Likely they'll expire soon, but who cares at the moment? And while there are some differences between the two (majorly for the 2nd going surrealistic, including a Godzilla-fight), I see no reason to choose either. At the moment this is the penultimate adrenaline-movie.
2007 Bridge to terabithia: Might not be flawless under a microscope, but this is just one kid-movie which tells a classic story which are so classic even adults fan it. Adding to the clever story, clever use of minor details, fantastic visuals and an unrealistically manga-eyed girl brought this film here.
2008 The gamers - Dorkness rising: While the official Ad&D movie (2000) ended up being a disaster, roleplayers DID get a movie to pin on their flag (and a franchise they'll all enjoy).
Aside this point it is here to give credit to the "amateur" film makers. they might not excel on the average level, but there are SOME masterpiece which are made on the quality of an A-movie, while using up practically no budget.
2008 Tokyo Gore Police: stricktly for 16+ audience (and I am always generous compared to the officials, as I grew up on Rambo 1 without suffering any trauma), this is, and will likely remain the penultimate gorfest-movie at least for a very long time. If you ever wanted to watch a movie with Mortal Kombat-like unrealistical amount of blood sprinkles, where the hero take out an umbrella while blood sprinkles from its victim's mutilated body, and mutants roam the street - this movie is for you. Not just for the shock-value.
2010 Primal: Again might not be the "most clever movie of the century", but you are guaranteed to have fun watching it. And no, this wasn't an afterthought to add.
2011 Lemonade Mouth: I soo wanted to add a low-age audience targeted film, and I found this. It is clever, it is fun, it is Lemonade Mouth.
2011 Hangover 2: Face it, there is a trend when low-budget 1st versions are remade from high-budget, and just add a "2" to the title. This is one of those. But this is actually not just better than the original, but rises the "get drunk and do silly/outrageous stuff" jokes to the A-level.
2013 Europa report: I originally hesitated between The Andromeda Strain (1971) and Cube2 (2002), maybe even World War-Z (2013) to nominate a probably-unrecognised genre: science movie. Where the visuals or the story might just be overlooked, and appreaciate a film what gives documentary-like informations without turning into an actual documentary.
And this is also a handcam/actualfootage movie. Probably the best of the genre currently along with things like Diary of the Dead (2007). So this is a 2 in 1 package.
2013 Sharknado: Like it or not, Asylum production or not, this movie is at the same quality as Evil Dead (1981) or Gremlins (1984) - just to mention two widely recognised classic horrors. Yes, they are hilarious. But they are also gory. And brings the creep to us. Even if we laugh our ass off.
2013 The amazing bulk: sorry to say, but yes, this is the latest movie on this "best of the best" list.
Actually this is "best of the wrost" to be honest. But it is so BAD, it isn't just "best of the worst" it is actually belongs to the "best of the best"! It is likely unintentionally funny and bad. And in the end they likely just said "the f* with it", resulting in the infamous chase scene. But it does its stuff on constant level of hilariaty, thus I nominate it here!
And nope, I don't think 2014 produced anything unforgettable. It had good movies, but nothing which excelled.

This is all in all 93 films. To make it 100 I present you in addition:

Worst of the Worst:
#94: The Room (2003): While it is easy to find bad movies, which lack acting, coherent story, or just drawns itself in general lack of interests, The Room rose all this to a whole new level. It is so bad, you recognise it as bad. You don't just turn of the tv for general disinterest, but get nightmares from it.
#95: Blade Runner (1982): Don't even know where to start with this. This is an average, lacking any fantasy or originality B-movie. It is like T-force (1994) stripped off the humour, references, elegance, or anything pulling it out of the swamp mediocrism. They added Harrison Ford's name to it and a marketing-campaign, but that just makes it a shameless piggybank-ride
#96: Ida (2013): This is just worse than Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959). While lacking that one's unprofessionalism, riding the holo-ride while not concerning it, misreperesents practically everything, and not reach any of the appointed goals of the making (like facing the past, european values etc.). This is one movie you should avoid at all cost. While I suggest you watch the other two "worst" movies just in general interest of what can go wrong with a movie, this one is a PLAGUE (and has a stolen script and title), which should only be presented at university-classes to teach how to NOT MAKE movies.

And finally 4 movies what I do not understand why they exist, under spoiler, as they can make the sensitive puke:
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Post Another 100 movies

Ok, I gave my all-standing 100 movies. But there are other movies which you only watch to gain pleasure, as long as they last. Maybe you'll discover there is a big world out there which hides in plain view.
The list is no way in any particular order.

1 House in the woods: it is mostly satire for all the well-known horrors. With a distopia ending. Still worth as a standalone movie too.
2 The chaperone: wwe-superstar Triple H actually made a movie. A B-movie for sure, but this is a working teen-movie like earlier "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", or 48 hours. But here I like the naive "care for your children" attitude aimed towards parents watching.
3 Beethoven 2: a live-action dog-movie. All the plots are working, the acting is good, the movie don't rely just on the central animal. Splendid!
4 L'ours, aka. The Bear: You liked Bambi? Well, I didn't. But I liked THIS.
5 Pirates of the Carribean 1/3/4. They are working on the 5th at the moment, so no idea there. The second was horrible. All the others are funny, mysterious, filled with pirates and stuff. They even teach some history!
6 Evil Aliens: while Plan 9 from Outer Space was bad, but somehow the same way represented the UFO-legends. This is much more gory and nonsense. Nothing to not like on this Z-rated movie!
7 The Aztec Mummy vs the Humanoid Robot: This black&white film from the '50s actually remained exciting because in every 10 minutes something new happens. Yes, it is nonsense. But it is also fun. And watching the two classic, slow-moving creature battling is something you can't miss
8 Sharknado 2: Yes, the Asylum makes mostly "so bad it is good" movies. But they also made Sharknado. And somehow they understood why people liked it, and could make a sequel with equal quality.
9 A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell: this is a troma-film. But before you filp away just because of that, let me tell you this is actually maybe the only real good film that company ever produced. The sheer number you know works for the chances. Yes, the "story" is dumb. Yes, the actors don't worth a dollar - but they don't really have to act anyway. Despite the low budget this film is filled with well-designed creatures, and that's what makes it a good movie with a beer.
10 Waterworld: Mad Max-style post-apocaliptic movie on water. Yes, it failed in the cinemas, rightfully. But no reason you should not enjoy it if it is in the tv.
11 Warlock: a classic horror-movie... Well, more of a mystical movie. It has magic in it, but cooking the killing and cooking the unbaptised children happens off-screen. Still has plucked eyes as compasses, time-traveling knight, a disco-girl and more - everything you need to pass a good time.
12 Titan - After Earth: because not just famous companies do good animations.
13 Ghost in the shell: I prefer this above Akira from the classic feature-length animes. Not necessarily god for the 10th watch, but definitely cool for the first go. Especially in cinema.
14 Metropolis (2001): another anime. I won't list the 1920 western-world black&white movie from the '20s, although could. But this anime adds so much, it should be on the top 100 list!
15 High School High: you know from all the highschool-movies I like this one. Yes, it is a parody, any particularly parody of the Michelle Pfeifer movie, but see if I care.
16 The Care Bear Movie (1985): yes, Care Bears are like My Little Pony. But this film got dark as Walt Disney's classic Snowhite!
17 Attack the block: far from being perfect, but you can't forget the moment the alien invasion come to Earth, land in Brookly, and immediately get shot by some dealer. You don't mess around in OUR street, gotcha?
18 Tremors 3: getting rid of Kevin Bacon from the first film, and adding stuff of level insanity makes this the best part of this series. You don't know the franchise? Watch this!
19 Stir of Echoes: mentioning Kevin Bacon he is actually not all bad, this movie proves that. The protagonist gets hypnotised and starts to see dead people. Also struggles with his relation to his child, wife, and other relatives. You thought Sixth Sense was a good flick? Wait until you saw this one! Actually shown in Hungary titles "Seventh Sense"!
20 Messengers 2 - The Scarecrow: There are more good horror-gems than you could count actually. This is one of those lesser known very good ones, which'd deserve more attention.
21 Merlin (1998): this long (usually two-parted) fantasy-movie has great story-telling and lots of good actors. Also shows how you can survive without massive pirotechnic at the final battle, which would actually be less satisfying with explosions and CGI. For any reason they keep mentioning "Willow" instead, what sucked.
22 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire: now this is how you bring into theatres an overwritten book, and serve age 16 audience.
23 Dead Set: ok, this is a "mini-series" technically, but see if I give a crap. Zombie-apocalypse happen during a reality-show. You can't be more meta than that.
24 Korgoth of Barbaria: ok, this was made as pilot for a cartoon-series. Which was never made. But this was preserved, and it is something you don't see every day in this PG-restricted world!
25 Manborg: deliberately trashy. It is so looking-'80s you won't believe it was made in 2011. Cyborg-demon-nazis vs heroes on whose teeth the light twinkles when they smile! "The Last Starfighter", "Howard the Duck" and similar flicks made remembered.
26 Shichinin no samurai, aka: The Seven Samurai. Made by Akira Kurosava, and is likely the only film you should watch from him. Standing the test of time, but just a wee-bit longer than comfortable, and just a little less exciting to show it to everyone.
27 Baraka: second title is "Faces of Worlds", at least around here. Very-very long documentary from the second half of the 20th century without any narration. Masterpiece if you can sit through it in 2-3-whatever go.
28 Mortal Kombat - Rebirth: the greates movie never made. Aside its presentation/trailer. Still.
29 Full Metal Panic? - A Goddess Comes to Japan part 2: Yes, it might be "unfair" to list an episode of a series. This is an anime-series, which episodes are mostly stand-alone,although there is a generic overarching "plot", which is very loose. This episode is just sheer surrealistic fun about the girls going to the bath (open air hot spring), while the boys trying to peek. Did I mention they are all soldiers? With mecha-quality weaponry? This one is sheer fun, but please don't watch below age 14! (target audience is between 16-25)
30 Arabian Nights (2000): proving that they still do classic fairy-tales
31 Critters 2: Critters was the cheap version of Gremlins, but had the advantage that got more and more sequels. The franchise wasn't good, but this movie got lucky and ended up such ridiculousness as "The attack of the killer tomatoes" and all the movies the leader of the Rolling Stones ever made.
32 Reign of fire: to build tension and action you don't have to blow up houses every minute. The dragons are pretty convincing, the movie is golden age style ('80s? '90s?). Also, Matthew McConaughey breaks type-casting it should be teached.
33 Show Girls: proves just because it is full of nudity, it doesn't mean it is erotic. Tells a very brutal story of the showbusiness. No bloodshed, just behind-the scene rivalry amongst the dancers and such.
34 Striptease: this looks like a pretty bad movie, and the last (unsuccessful) try from Demi Moore. But when you realise its comedic aspect, it get oh-so-muchbetter.
35 Pride and Prejudice: I am not sure which one. I think the 1995 one. Could mention the whole list: mice and people, blown by the wind, les miserables, the count of monte christo... But I think I liked this the most. This is the genre of refreshed sheaksperean tragedy: after a long story not everyone dies (like at shakespeare), but will be bad for everyone. Stilla chick-flik.
36 For a fistful of dollars: no, I never liked Eastwood's rival Charles Bronson's movies, wether straight westerns, or the revenge movies (where Eastwood had the Dirty Harry films). I especially did not like Once Upon a Time in the West, where even our teacher, an all-time fan of the movie went home instead after the first hour or so. But Eastwood was fun.
37 modern war-movies. Where the armies massacre them with machineguns and bombs. The good ones are not about mass murder though, but showing people being people, and the same people being heroes. Wether it is a segment from Universal Soldier, Forest Gump, or it is the whole film like The Thin Red Line, The longest day (it shows perfectly beside the action how mad that war was), Windtalekers (which also includes strong anti-racism message) or fictional comedy like Kelly's heroes or Cath-22, these movies are entertaining.
38 Edge of tomorrow: because you should watch current-day movies too, and you should not judge them just for the star in it is mad in the real world (true even for Battlefield Earth!). In contrast to real battle reproduction here is a sci-fi war-drama for you.
39 God on trial: I don't like to flash around religion, but this handles the theological/situational question so well, I included.
40 The Arrow: developing a legendary fighter-jet, while building up an entire infrastructure for a country just for the technical aspect worth watching. But it is also well-directed, and works as a personal drama too.
This is about the Avro Canada, the Avro Car, the Silver Bug Project, and how "Canada became the 51th state of USA".
41 Any part of Herbie the Love Bug series. It co-starred a popular german volkswagen car (a bug, called it for the unique shape), and it is just adorable. This was before Knight Rider, just to ruin your childhood.
42 The city of the lost children: Ron Perlman did an awful lot of films and other projects (like being the narrator of the Fallout series). This was likely his most weird work. The visuals are weird, the story is weird and gloating... Something you definitely don't see every day wether you catch onto it or not. He commented "for this movie my real payment was making Alien 4". Just to throw in a random fact.
43 Innocent Blood: gorey B-flick about a good (and sexy) vampiress.
44 Spaceballs: a star-wars parody, more for expectation on this list than my liking. Heck, I'd compare this to Ewoks - the battle for Endor (which I liked more,especially after multiply views). Still, something to enlarge your view.
45 Duel (1971): made by Steven Spielberg, and is practically a silent movie, where a mad truck-driver starts a race with an unwilling average dude. The battle is between the machines, although seeing the more and more desperate average-joe's face helps. No, we never know who was the other driver. The ending, where the beast-truck falls to its destruction with a lion-roar is classic. Yes, there was a time when Spielberg still could make movies.
46 Adams Family 2: as close you can get to a live-action Tom&Jerry. An entire generation grew up on these things, and never tried these things in real life.
47 Faces of Death: a semi-documentary about death. Yes, it is voluntarily shocking. Yes, most of the scenes are not real. Yes, it is very educational. And despite being "just" a series of clips, it works as a movie too (same for Borat).
48 Dagon: spanish horror movies are fun. This is a H.P. lovecraft adaptation (very close to the original. If you think it is lacking in comparsion is, because Lovecraft actually wrote crappy endings many times, and you read his works too long ago to remember that), but they can make entirely original ones too, like Witching and Bitching. Recommended.
49 The troops & aliens: this is the best I can offer from Luis de Funes. Well, maybe Neither Seen Nor Recognized is. I hate this guy, but I recognise his work, and that others have different taste. Also educates you about variety of humour.
50 Johnny English: in comparsion to the above here is another comedian, Rowan Atkinson. I think this is his most digestable work, but what you actually should peek into, is the original Mr. Bean series, on what every work of his is based upon.
51 The Party (1980): Sophie Marceau's film represents what french films are. They always have some 'romantic love'. And show nudity. And a little bit funny. But too serious to call it just comedy. And just barely not pedophile (unlike Lolita).
Random fact: 99.9% of french films show nude woman with pubic hair.
52 Fight Club: is there anyone who does not heared about Brad Pitt and Edward Norton's movie? This anti-hero film is big. And blows up the Towers at the end, but noone ever complains The novel differs from the film in the aspect the movie ends at the catarsis, when all dream comes true. The novel goes further, ending in a future similar to "Watchmen".
53 Grease: cars, hot chicks, guys in leather jacket, Travolta in his prime, and a modern musical. They should do new stuff in every genre. Musical, opera - without new productions I don't really think they should keep existing.
54 Wasabi: Jean Reno's restrained character along a teenage-asian just works to cheer you up with a lemonade. Banishes bad thoughts after a hard day of work.
55 Team America - World police: because puppets have their own movies. And there are more than classic boring tales and Muppets.
56 Sucker Punch: visual orgy, and mind-boggling editing this film is. A masterpiece if you ask me. I mean a giant vindicator-wielding samurai as representation of inner fears and the same time as mental-hostpital guards? What's not to like?
57 Cowboys and Aliens: well, critics don't know what this movie was. It was the revival of a certain comicbook era, that's what it was. It did its job excelently, but got lost amongst modern products.
58 Excalibur (1981): a much classicism-close version of the Merlin-story (also check #21 for comparsion). This is not to enjoy it, at least I did not. But this DOES develop taste.
59 Krrish: this is an indian movie from Bolywood. It is a superhero-movie, who instead of kissing the girl, sings a song. Every time. Still the best India can offer. For sheer cultural differences a must-see.
60 Jackass Number Two: I think from their feature-length episodes this was the best. Represents a kind of humor marks the turn of the 20th/21st century. Without turning overly disgusting.
61 Ghostfacers: came out as a webseries, got combined into a 45 min special, this spinoff for Supernatural is a good example of low-budget "Paranormal Activity" flicks with amatourish design.
62 Batman (1989): Jack Nicholson's Joker and Michael Keaton as Batman should be on the top100 list. It isn't, because ... maybe I just had a short time memory laps.
63 Return to the Batcave - The Misadventures of Adam and Burt: a good documentary about the original Batman-series (Poof! Kaboom!) made as a nostalgic (but still fresh) episode of the classics.
64 George of the jungle/Blast from the Past : both are similar comic Brendan Fraser movies,which might not be the biggest box-office hits with his name, but I'd say if the world would be perfect, and everyone would do what's his/her best in it, Mr. Fraser would do these kind of films.
65 Vampirella: face it, the superhero-movies in the Golden Age of Holywood how nowdays refer them sucked. Big time. Muscles were either made from polyester, or bodybuilders who had no talent at all but their remaining brain cells got destroyed by steroids anyway were hired. And they kept the comicbook-look. Ended up in disaster every single time.
We still watched them, but ... There were some less-failed products like The Flash, or Flash Gordon (ye, I mix them too), but... Anyway, one of the actually almost-good products was Vampirella. Surprisingly. Still stupid,and nowhere to the Superman-movies, or the Spiderman-series, but at least you could show this and not be emberassed about it.
66 War of the worlds (1953): a coloured movie from that time. Avoid the Tom Cruise version with r*ped H.G. Wells, and watch this. It was a blockbuster of its time and for good reason. Still standing if you can appreciate just a hint of nostalgia. This is how you made movies back than. Not bad at all, just different.
67 Bill and Ted's bogus journey: the movie every teenager from 10 to 16 enjoyed-enjoys, and likely will enjoy. Despite it being hogwash.
68 Bulletproof monk: Chow Yun-Fat goes self-irony, Sean William Scott starts a semi-serious role (definitely not a tradition American Pie typcasting), and the chick is hot too. Classic goofy karate-movie, like Karate Kid (the original), The Next Karate Kid, American ninja, Operation Condor...
69 Gulliver's travels (1996): classic story, costume-film, just a wee-bit low-standard with the effects to call it top100. Still.
70 Armageddon: Ye, the Bruce Willis goes to space movie. America's holywood at its best. Shameless "we are usa, we save the world" advertisement. And because it is shameless, it is beautiful.
71 St. Trinians: a british anarchic/punk/school movie. It's just... I can't describe, but it's hilarious!
72 The league of extraordinary gentlemen: terribly long name, but aside that, and being a harmless fun, it helps to remember oldtime fans and new audience of the classic monsters. Heck, they even added The Portrait of Dorian Grey, which turned out a unique experience to read (beware, it is existential work, like Kafka's The Trial!). And because I have a honesty attack, also because of Peta Wilson.
73 Macskafogó, aka. Cat City. I very much hope this exist in english too. Mice vs cat cartoon where the "good soviet named-after-Gorbachov looks-like-Vladimir Putin, James Bond-like superagent mouse" goes against the "evil, capitalist, mutilating-each-other maffia-cat(s) who even hired rats". You can't come up with this just by yourself
74 Super Fuzz: italian actor Terence Hill goes superhero. If youthought superheroes always have a "secret" identity, and wear costumes,you were mistaken. This superhero is a simple cop, who single-handedly disposes the maffia. And he isn't 10 years old with a firebreathing animal. He only has his veteran buddy who is a cop with cops' brain from jokes. Not to be offensive.
75 Mimic 3: a minimalist horror-movie, which builds up the tension perfectly. Shot in one single room it is an undeniable masterpiece. Won't save the world, but should be teached for film-making.
76 A perfect world: a film filled with ambigous characters. Unique drama.
77 Transamerica: a transgender father has to transport his never-seen homo-pornstar-wannabe son through the USA. From Desperate Housewives Felicty Huffman this movie so well represents the modern day questions you just can't turn off the tv!
78 Hero (2002): a movie from Jet Li, which focuses to show a great moment of China's history on the grand screen. Simple and elegant, traditional and modern at the same time.
79 The long kiss goodnight: you wanned a female action-hero? You got a female action-hero! With the most likeable black character and traditionally evil bad guys this is just awesome (and sends an anti-smoke message)!
80 Hugo the hippo: this animation-movie is one of my favourites, but there is noway it could be in a top 100. Because it is filled with scary sharks tearing appart hippos (and vica versa), drug-induced scenes and more. A guilty pleasure of 8-14 years, which can be watched by all ages I assume.
81 Sumuru: when it comes to professional film-making this movie is a shame in every single aspect. The story is bulls*t, the acting is nonexisting, the director's work is the lowest of all, the CGI is mamma-mia, and it is not even funny. So why is it on this list?
Because it is an excellent film! It is a man-teaser. It is filled with porn-star looking women in revealing clothes, every single male is a slave (thus not competition in fantasy), and there is even a badly cgi-ed giant snake-monster! Believe me, if you want your male couple to ready for bed-action, let him watch this, or something similar. Trust me, it'll work.
82 Billy Madison: Yep, Adam Sandler. This is one of his better works, but only that wouldn't qualify. First, Bridgette Wilson is hot, I don't care what you say. Second, it teaches you a life-long lesson about learning, responsibility, and how much your forget (could you pass all the classes yet again?). Third: the answer of Billy for his last question. It is total b*s*t, but that's how you do it!
83 Underworld: stricktly the first one. Werewolves are the hardest creatures to put on screen, and it is awesome. Otherwise a simple action-movie (shot at Hungary).
84 Machete: all the B-stars you can't compare to A-listers got their own special film: Steven Seagal, Danny Treyo, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba - everyone is here, doing what they do best: a B-movie. Made from a trailer for a movie which was supposed to never made into a real film. Because fan-power!
85 300: what this action-flick differs from the others is not just its almost-entire-length slow motion, but the absolute sheer heroism. This is pure testosteron.
86 Beverly Hills Cop 2: While the first one was kinda rudimentary, and the third too much PG, the second installment was just what we wanted: cops unchained. While might not be as edgy as Tango&Cash, and has a black main character (I heared USA has at times problem with that, and while I see tons of films which have blacks as main actors are so stereotypically "made for black audience only", this is far from being that), it has the funny tone what made these films famous (including Die Hard), and when the weapon-maniac cop accidentally(!) shoot out an evil-guy-cargo with a bazooka while reading the instruction manual and pushing the big red button just because it is written in the book - that's priceless.
87 Extreme Ops: when extrem sportlers goaction-movie it is usually sheer fun, wether they surfaround, or bike on a BMX (BMX-bandits anyone?). Here they ski, in the mountains, away from terrorists, which also creates an atmosphere similar to "Cliffhanger".
88 The Experiment (2001): prison-movie? Reality-show? Zombie-movie? Sadistic psycho-thriller? Dramatised documentary? Well, it is a worthy film. Not necessarily well-made, but gives so much you don't care for occasional weak acting.
89 The Prestige (2006): Not the Edward Norton-one, but the Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman-one. Making a film about magicians on stage is a risky business, but with good acting, clever story, and just a bit of sci-fi element created a movie worth talking about.
90 Leon the professional, Nikita, Lolita, heck, even American History X are movies about a child doing adult's business lead by,or sometimes forced by adults. It usually not work good for the protagonist, but they do create a tragic hero.
91 A herceg haladéka (the Prince's reprieve): when the Prince of Hell falls in love with you he might just decide to give you another chance, by giving you back your life. The problem is, you get back only the last minutes of it. During that you must convince someone to take the burden of death from you. What'd you do with this time? How would it effect you? Is this a true gift, or torture?
While the film was low budget, and is probably not available on any other language aside hungarian, I wish you could watch it. And if we're at it, Liza, the Fox-Fairy is another creative hungarian movie, and it seems THAT IS available in english. Or it is still in the cinemas.
92 Broken Flowers: the old Bill Murray era's best movie if I'm allowed. The old man goes/gets pushed through his once-lived life re-visiting his once-romantic relations. A man who lost his lust for life tries to find his son, tries to find out wether his heritage will continue or not. Personal romantic drama about the meaning of life, the universe and everything.
93 Monty Python and the Holy Grail: It is not a really good film. Well, at least it is not as overrated as Hitchkok's works, but it is mostly forgetfully bad. Why it is on this list? Because it is entertaining, and maybe it'll teach you the IDEAS of the filmmaking. Because it has plenty. So if you want to make an amateur film, or you have to do some serious low budget cut on your film, you can get ideas from here.
94 Take the Money and Run: I also thing Woody Allan is overrated, plays the same character in each film etc., but watching only one of his (better) films can be a cool experience. I suggest this, as I found him here not-too-annoying, and the final joke.
95 Rain Man: it not just shows disabled people as superman, but tells both the story of a money-hungry person changing for the better AND in comparsion how the disabled person experiences the events of the film.
96 Love actually: I could list here a lot of Hugh Grant movies from Notting Hill to Bridget Jones's Diary, but this has way more stars, and way more naive romantic holyday-celebrating "The Sweetest Thing", I just LOVE this movie, not matter how syrup it is.
97 Rising Sun: a crime/detective story where diplomacy and cultural differences play a great role during the investigation. Interesting, and presents you the idea which crimi-writers use time and time again (from Sherlock Holmes to Poirot each fictional detective had this adventure): discovering and revealing the truth to the public are two different things to happen.
98 Go Trabi Go: wether it is O Brother, Where Art Thou?, National Lampoon's Vacation, Road Trip, Dumb and Dumber (yes, I shamefully added the title), the Blues Brothers, Cannonball Run, or some patient suffering cancer escaping from treatment to see the ocean just once because (s)he never could in his/her life, road movies tend to be fun. I chose Go Trabi Go for flag not for its untimely entertainment-value (it ages badly), but because it is a european movie, shows the illustrious Trabant (that car was a status-symbol! And almost the only car you could lay hand on on that side of the Berlin Wall), tosses the eastern pride in the face of the western "hippsters" (everyone knew the western world is the future just because it WAS better), and general nostalgia.
99 After all the titles what more can I add? For the last 10 titles I literally went through the "1001 movies you have to watch before you die'" list just to finish this list, and I still have 2 place to fill. Heck, I could leave one slot open and say, "insert your title here", and I'll somewhat do that.
For 99th I add The Real Blonde. I have no idea why I like this movie. Really. Anything even remotely similar makes me turn off the screen. But I can't resist this one. I bet you have something like this feeling for a title of your own.
100 I'll "leave this blank" in the sense I'll spoiler the actual ~film (more of a documentary) for sake being 'possibly offensive'. Not that it is if you ask me, or wether I'd agree with its points or not. So only unlock the title if you can restrain yourself and appreciate the questions of interests, and see how horribly uneducated people can be whose job should be to pass forward knowledge!
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy

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Smile Top 25 tv-series

I made all these lists nowdays, let's finish them with this one. Again in no particular order.

1 - The Lost Room: miniseries with mystical objects what can make you a superhero and traditional investigation.
2 - Cult: the meta-series. It successfully blur the borders between reality, the tv-series, and the tv-series inside the tv-series.
3 - You rang, mylord? : and english comedic story, which operates not (just) by traditional english humour, and successfully presents a point of history.
4 - Buffy/Angel: I nominate both the original and the spinoff-show here. They were intelligent, and handled the characters and the audience way more adult than other products usually do.
5 - Joey: the spinoff-show of Friends might have been not great at the box office, but I hold it is "handbook to be a movie-actor", and by that it stopped not for disinterest, but for consciously knowing it told everything the theme could offer. And was funny.
6 - Mekk Elek, az ezermester (Mek Elek the handyman): I couldn't skip the chance to tellyouabout this, even if you'll never be able to watch, just for the language. It is a puppet-miniseries for children shown in hungary as night-tales about a goat who freshly moves to the village/city, and starts all kinds of professions (a new on in every episode) failing miserably in all of them until of course the last one. It was creative and funny, educative and inspiring.
7 - Diary of a Call Girl: I won't hesitate to add a more adult-oriented show here. It was made by british, and was clever, funny and kinky. While not ever turning into porn, it had plenty of nudity, but only on the level of Game of Thrones, but here it was part of the story. It had some exploring/educative purpose too breaking down the taboo of the sex-industry while never forgetting it was there for fun.
8 - Hex: another british show, a lot like Buffy centered around mid-school girls (and boys), but with a limited number of episodes (2*13), a lot more brittish, and at the end they brought the apocalypse (Legend-stlye, referring here the 1985 Tom Cruise/Mia Sara movie).
9 - Shake it up: ye, why not add a Disney-production? It was cheerful and innovative.
10 - Star Trek Voyager: it had a beginning and an end, was a full journey which never lost track. We all prefer some parts of it over the others, but we all like the show in general. Ok, killing the Borg in its entirety was a "little" far-fetched, but at least wasn't rushed like DS9.
11 - The Great Jang Geum: unlike The Great Queen Seondeok which I always finish in the middle at the changing of profession I watched the cook/medic series twice. It is a good costume-drama showing a piece of asia's history.
12 - Millennium: this spinoff-show of X-files was much darker, way shorter, and a tons more creative. There were also no fake aliens.
13 - Xena: face it, this is a show with a female Conan. What's not to like?
14 - Full metal, panic?: This anime spinoff-show was just everything you can wish from an adult-oriented mecha-comedy cartoon. Full of sex-jokes, always clever stories, likeable characters and good animations make me suggest this. (The original show was meh on the contrary if you ask me)
15 - Dallas/Friends: Ok, most "best" shows are compound naturally. For a very long running show you will sooner or later loose track. But if I'd want to point out a couple which never expired beyond relief, these two would them be.
16 - american horror story, coven (season 3): yep, instead of its season-title people referring to it the season's own title it was so good. Dark, complex, full of special effects, daring when coming up with stuff, but never gorss for itself. Good work.
17 - Heaven's lost property (Sora no otoshimono): why not add another anime to the list. Ok, the ending ova was ... less than what it should have been (if you reach there look up the manga's ending), but until then it was the most absurd comedy they came up with. From wish-fulfilling androids to flying panties and robot-wars it had everything.
18 - Bravestar: Not just asia does good cartoons. Here was a cowboy hunting bad guys on his cyborg-horse with bazooka. What's not to like?
19 - Total drama island: a reality cartoon-show where the fallen out contestants are literally fall out from the crew's airplane. Sadistic, satiric and funny.
20 - The Wonderful Adventures of Nils: yep, even in Europe they do good cartoon-shows. This is just a traditional storytelling about a boy shrinked to the size of a mouse as punishment from the fairy-gnome traveling around the world to learn his lesson.
21 - Nikita (1997-2001): there might be the original film, and other variants, but this I'll forever remember.
22 - Alias: while very similar to Nikita the main difference is here that this was always a "that must be the end" story, whatever happened in the present episode. that overarching plot distinguishes enough to make its own category. And it presented the Final Impossible Mystery in the way you both seen it, and was satisfied. A truly remarkable job.
23 - Agatha Christie - Poirot (1985-): While it might not always be faithful to the books, the calm and wits David Suchet radiates here always catches me.
24 - Bionic Woman (2007): The show got canceled not making enough profit likely. Amongst other reasons. It was canceled during the big Writer Strike you know. likely sentenced Katee Shakoff from making to the A-list, but whatever. While the show might have been not really special, it was still a remarkable job with all its nitbits, takes only a couple of episodes to watch, and despite everything it got an ending that actually solved the series. And that's why it's on this list.
25 - iZombie: totally fresh series appealing to a wide audience. The Current Bad Guy is from Vampire Diaries and surprisingly lot of other products. I think this'll stand to its start.
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I highly recommend Mel Brooks movies. My brother and I are going to watch Young Frankenstein sometime this week, hopefully. Also Hot Fuzz. Best. Cop. Spoof. Ever.

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Default Top 10 anime series

1. Deadman Wonderland - many felt the show remained unfinished because the protagonist did not manage to escape. They didn't catch the moral of the story, which was finding your place in life.
2. One Punch Man: it's just funny how bland the title character is, thus you have to pay attention to the rest of the characters
3. Goblinslayer: if you roleplayed, especialy AD&D, or just a simple fantasy-reader, this is hilarious. Very adult too.
4. Dragon Ball/Z/GT: I see a clear perfect story here. You just have to decipher the enemies. First Goku becomes the best martial artist on Earth (ToS), while leaving room for progress. Then he beats the strongest being in the Universe (Freeza), then beats the strongest possible physical being (Cell), then fights magic (Babidi), then madness (Buu), then finaly the Dragon Balls themselves (GT). Perfect legendary story.
5. Sailor Moon: it was formulaic, but had great monsters, and PG13 nudity, and teached a lot about genders.
6. Digimon X Wars: it was the only series I liked from Digimon, but Iloved it (especialy the first half)
7. Gurren Lagann: sure, it is mindless, but darn perfection actionseries with some phylosophy
8. Sora No Otoshimono/Forte: surreal, very sexual series. The manga-version of the ending is better, though I could decipher a meaning of the anime version too, which is not that satisfying unfortunately.
9. Full Metal Panic?: do not confuse with Full Metal Panic! This is a fun, sometimes surreal, overtly sexual spinoff-series. Very very c00l.
10. Naruto SD: it is stupid, but that's the point. Overtly funny, and gives the main enemy's place to Orochimaru,making it a good villain as he deserved. Contains a lot of tongue-and-cheek humour if I remember correctly, but in a good way.
+1. Pokemon: ONLY pay attention to this if you are into marketing inany sense. Otherwise it is the lowest of the low.But you can learn how pop-culture works from it, so take it as educational material. Also have to mention, I think its peak was probably the Battle Frontier arc, and the Diamond&Pearl was probably where it reach the level of an ok animated series. But it is mostly garbage, or more precisly gomi. It's a japaneese word for trash, what can be used as construction material (thx for this random trivia to William Gibbson).
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Blade Runner among the worst movies and Sharknado 2 among the best.



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Originally Posted by Capo View Post
Blade Runner among the worst movies and Sharknado 2 among the best.


I challenge you to make your case Capo.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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Originally Posted by Capo View Post

Blade Runner among the worst movies and Sharknado 2 among the best.


Capo (not Japo nor Paco !)

Well, I can only say that preferences for products and services are very personal. After all, taste is not to be disputed! *shrug*

For example, the Doom movie had a poor rating on several sites. But I really liked the movie. Just like I really liked the Dune movie. *shrug*

Already from the Star Wars series, I did not like them because the Imperial “Elite” Soldiers had the worst aim! The Force was definitely not with them!!! :saberlaser:

It would be quite shameful for a Sardaukar and Fremen, the toughest Super Soldiers, if they had the same shameful “performance” of the Imperial “Elite” troops of the Star Wars Universe!

And I recognize the importance of Blade Runner, but I would consider it average... So-so... And the its sequel had many scenes that showed supposed immaturity and sexual repression of the producers. Many fan service scenes that I would consider unnecessary. A very typical behavior of otakus! OK, I was otaku in the past. *shrug*
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Red face

Originally Posted by twillight View Post

1. Deadman Wonderland - many felt the show remained unfinished because the protagonist did not manage to escape. They didn't catch the moral of the story, which was finding your place in life.
2. One Punch Man: it's just funny how bland the title character is, thus you have to pay attention to the rest of the characters
3. Goblinslayer: if you roleplayed, especialy AD&D, or just a simple fantasy-reader, this is hilarious. Very adult too.
4. Dragon Ball/Z/GT: I see a clear perfect story here. You just have to decipher the enemies. First Goku becomes the best martial artist on Earth (ToS), while leaving room for progress. Then he beats the strongest being in the Universe (Freeza), then beats the strongest possible physical being (Cell), then fights magic (Babidi), then madness (Buu), then finaly the Dragon Balls themselves (GT). Perfect legendary story.
5. Sailor Moon: it was formulaic, but had great monsters, and PG13 nudity, and teached a lot about genders.
6. Digimon X Wars: it was the only series I liked from Digimon, but Iloved it (especialy the first half)
7. Gurren Lagann: sure, it is mindless, but darn perfection actionseries with some phylosophy
8. Sora No Otoshimono/Forte: surreal, very sexual series. The manga-version of the ending is better, though I could decipher a meaning of the anime version too, which is not that satisfying unfortunately.
9. Full Metal Panic?: do not confuse with Full Metal Panic! This is a fun, sometimes surreal, overtly sexual spinoff-series. Very very c00l.
10. Naruto SD: it is stupid, but that's the point. Overtly funny, and gives the main enemy's place to Orochimaru,making it a good villain as he deserved. Contains a lot of tongue-and-cheek humour if I remember correctly, but in a good way.
+1. Pokemon: ONLY pay attention to this if you are into marketing inany sense. Otherwise it is the lowest of the low.But you can learn how pop-culture works from it, so take it as educational material. Also have to mention, I think its peak was probably the Battle Frontier arc, and the Diamond&Pearl was probably where it reach the level of an ok animated series. But it is mostly garbage, or more precisly gomi. It's a japaneese word for trash, what can be used as construction material (thx for this random trivia to William Gibbson).
I will post several lists, from my personal preferences, not necessarily in the order of importance, on my recommendations listed below:

• Japanese Manga here;
• Korean Manhwa here;
• Korean Webtoons here;
• Japanese Anime Series here;
• Japanese Anime Movies here;
• American / Others Cartoon Series here;
• American / Others Cartoon Movies here.
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I found Blade Runner boring, tasteless, incoherent, bad visual design while similar design I found effecitve in other movies.The story was also simple, unconstituted, led to nowhere, and practicaly phylosophycal masturbation over something that ina good hand could have been an entertaining story.
Also found the acting wooden, with the exception of Rutger Hauer who I found funny.

At best it is mediocre, also have to mention the movie doesn't even exist with its zounds of cuts and variations. This is also a sign for me it sucks, otherwise there would be a final version already. But seems the creators still find it suck, so they try to tweak it, without success until now.

While Sharknado 2 in its genre is a very entertaining film. Sure, the budget is nowhere, and it is by premis is a joke - but I wouldn't consider a pop-culture production bad just because it is pop-art, not high-art.
Nothing has a meaning. You can't even say it has no meaning as that'd mean it has. - Godkiller, Defender of Anarchy
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