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Default The Darkest Night Part II: The Vendetta

When did you play the game?

What computer did it run on?

What operating system did the computer run?
Presumably DOS.

What were the graphics like?
Presumably 256 color VGA in 2D.

What was the music like?

Were there speech?

What was the gameplay like?
Presumably an Adventure game.

Which perspective were you given there?
Presumably third-person top-down.

I am seeking any and all information regarding the PC game, The Darkest Night Part II: The Vendetta. The only information I have been able to recover thus far is that it was offered for sale, probably in the 90s, and advertised in the game The Darkest Night by Jeff Kintz. Because this game is ostensibly a sequel, here is the Moby Games link to The Darkest Night.

Was this game ever completed? Has anyone played it? Is it available anywhere? Is Jeff Kintz alive? If so, does he remember this game?
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I believe, you are desperately need to contact Shadow_Stalker.

On the other hand, he claimed that he uploaded all of that on site. So maybe contacting admins would be faster.
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While Shadow Stalker's post linked above does make allusions to having some sort of access not only to those games but also to Jeff Kintz, it seems he hasn't visited these forums since 2009 and neglected to leave a forwarding contact. I could widen my nets, but if anyone has a more precise implement, it would be appreciable for the community at large.

Speculation arose that "The Darkest Night Part II: The Vendetta" had been retitled as "The Hideous Trigoli", but this is actually the subtitle on "Dark Convergence II: The Hideous Trigoli". This is a separate game.

Update [2015.07.29]:
Forum user Shadow_Stalker has generously been able to provide more insight into the games. According to his correspondence, Mr. Kintz had actually planned some sequels, but development stalled, which would imply The Darkest Night II: The Vendetta may have been a victim of this.

Last edited by GreenBanana; 29-07-2015 at 05:22 PM. Reason: Had to clarify some speculation.
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