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Old 13-04-2011, 07:39 PM   #1
Ohne Mitleid
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Lightbulb Look Alike (game idea)

One of the things I noticed about playing the Daily Quiz game is that it makes me look over a lot of games I ordinarily would have just passed on by. In doing so, I find myself reading the reviews and getting a new view on what I had been missing out on... either good or bad. It's kind of like having my girlfriend drag me to a chick flick and then later having to admit to her that it was actually a really good movie.

Along the same line of thought (attracting overlooked game exposure), I was wondering if anyone else would feel this might be a good idea for a game. The "look alike" game. It might be a different venue to satisfy my hunger for more. No, I don't mean that I have suddenly developed an insatiable appetite for chick flicks. I mean the desire for more of the Daily Quiz. Sure, I am awarded additional PoE for answering correctly (most of the time, can anyone say "7th Legion, The"?), but sometimes the answer is too easy ("Boomtown" comes to mind).

The rules should be simple, but that is one of the reasons for this post. I don't know if what I am about to propose is too simple. Would this cover everything that should be a considered rule?

How to play:
Two ways:
- SHARE: Find an Abandonia game screenshot and then post an image of a look alike.
- CHALLENGE: Find an Abandonia game screenshot and then post a challenge image. The challenger would post an image of the look alike. It is up to the player to find the Abandonia game screenshot it matches.

Simple rule set:
- RULE: This is important! Emphasis should be that you are comparing another image you found to a screenshot of a game ON ABANDONIA'S SITE, not comparing your own pics from games to other images you found, not two things you find that you think look alike. Those have other sites you can find and post to if you feel the need to show off. If you don't quite understand this rule, you should by the end of this post since it is repeated ad nauseam.

- Find an Abandonia game screenshot and then find some thing, person, place... whatever, that it looks similar to (in your opinion). More than one entry could be submitted for the same look alike subject, but restraint should be shown when posting something that is the same. I posted links to the actual Abandonia game screenshots, while in keeping with what I stated at the beginning of the post, the Abandonia game screenshot references should actually be links to the game itself.
Supremacy - Your Will Be Done... Looks like the model they used for Duke Nuke 'Em.

The guy with his arms folded in this Abandonia game screenshot looks a lot like the musical performer Sting to me.

I should actually find images or links to images of Duke N. or Sting, but I think you get the general idea. The restraint factor should be applied if you felt the urge to post a different pic of Duke Nuke 'Em or Sting that you think looked more like the Abandonia game screenshot. If, however, you found an image of a cucumber, dog, relative, or something / someone else that looked more like the Abandonia game screenshot than the first comparison, now THAT would be interesting to see!

This is an example of a comparison I think could be improved on.
King of Chicago -http://www.abandonia.com/files/games...0Chicago_5.gif
The dude looks like Lawrence Tierney to me. - http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...FOGz2dBxczogjQ
Although this may be a vaild first assessment (I think they look similar), there is probably someone else out there who looks a lot more like the guy from the King of Chicago.

- Avoid the obvious.
Vincent Price from the game Call of Cthulhu - Shadow of the Comet. Um, yeah. You could post an image of Vincent Price and claim it looks a lot like the Abandonia game screenshot of Vincent Price from the game, but give me a break. I don't know if this would be disqualified, though, if you posted an image comparison to the Abandonia game screenshot of someone who was impersonating Vincent Price.

More examples of the obvious: Images of Spiderman, the Hulk (the green guy and Hulk Hogan), George Carlin, the Blues Brothers, Elvira, Indiana Jones, etc. are some other examples of obviousness. My, that was a well rounded "the student is now the Master" redundancy sentence.

- The Challenger vs. the World players challenge. Find an Abandonia game screenshot then post an invitation to find the look alike.
Example based on an Abandonia game screenshot:
CHALLENGE: There is an Abandonia game screenshot that I think looks a lot like Dan Hedaya (see attachment image). What is the Abandonia game screenshot?

This wouldn't just have to apply to just people either. If you saw a location or object that you could provide the look alike for, that would be fun too! This should be limited to Abandonia game screenshot comparisons though, not some text game snippet or a quote from a review.

That's all I have for now. Just an idea I was kicking around that I thought might be fun. It is far from definitive.
Attached Images
File Type: png Dan Hedaya.png (17.0 KB, 8 views)
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Old 27-04-2011, 08:37 PM   #2
Ohne Mitleid
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I guess I am either a plague carrier or people don't like to read.

Anyway, Dan Hedaya looks a lot like Leonard Worden, deputy chief of the exploration program from Frederick Pohl's Gateway.
The dude:http://www.abandonia.com/vbullet/att...9&d=1302722263
The game:http://www.abandonia.com/files/games...0Gateway_8.png

NOTE TO SELF: (Hidden from view since it is, after all, a note to myself).
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