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Old 30-06-2017, 04:27 PM   #51

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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Hi Tseki.

In the past, I would have agreed with you, but now I am tired of Firefox and I never thought I would claim that Firefox sucks. It was once a great browser, but now it is just a coadjutant. FF is following the steps of Internet Explorer in terms of (un)popularity.

I really appreciate the FF and SeaMonkey Add-ons as it is the browsers that give me the Add-ons that I most use and appreciate. The big problem is the eternal “Unresponsive Script Error Message” in FF and SeaMonkey browsers. And not to mention the eternal slowness in loading site pages and switching between tabs. No offense, dear Frodo, but FF now reminds me a lot of your beloved IE and Apple Safari. Luckily, SeaMonkey is still better than its “cousin” FF.

FF also sucks on the Android system as it freezes and crashes frequently, losing all tabs and history. Oh, and the other known and unknown browsers are also not better despite the good rating assigned by users (Mercury, etc.). They do not allow to open many tabs, also crash frequently, etc.

Interestingly, the best browsers on Android are Chrome, Yandex and Opera (and Mini). I really enjoyed Opera (and Mini) and Yandex. You can open many pages of websites, tabs and they rarely crash. Unless you open up too much tabs.

Unfortunately, I will need to use Chrome and Opera more often, despite more limited and simple settings. In addition, Chrome and Opera lack the options and features that only Firefox and SeaMonkey can provide. Not to mention that Chrome and Opera use too much memory of your PC (certainly more than the damn Firefox and SeaMonkey!).

Obviously, someone may disagree with my claims. My claims relate to my needs that only Firefox and SeaMonkey provide me should I need these features and options.
Excuse me! I sense I'm becoming a third wheel again here.
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Where is Captain Bible’s post? That is what happened to me. I posted again and my previous post (with the same content) came up mysteriously. So, I got the double posts.

How mysterious! I think I will call the Ghostbusters to deal with Supernatural! In fact, Slime is very intelligent and reliable, do you agree?

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Old 30-06-2017, 11:02 PM   #53

Join Date: Oct 2016
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Myst(erious) Van.....

Well you don't know that God works in mysterious ways. You see if you were on IE like me you would get errors too but IE is more predictable. Chrome is fully loaded able to play YouTube right out of the box. FF is a hassle because you have to install ad-on to play YouTube. Opera is few features however I agree is nice. It is all up to each person however I am lazy so I just use what Windows come in and that's IE.
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