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8.4.2013 DONE-DATE
For all the Dudes out there, loving to play Ascendancy, i tried to accomplish
It is hard to get that damned Thing perfect while the Game lacks badly,
but i think its alright now. For all the Dudes out there, getting my MOD to work:

For all the others: .

>You´ll need to download all 7 Packs, and unpack.
These 6 .rars include the ASCEND01.COB and a few GFX Tweaks for better Gaming.

>You´ll find a Folder ´Delyxe´, a BATCH, a README, the ASCEND.EXE
(Patch from 1996) for USE ONLY, (the ANTAG.EXE crashes), and the new ASCEND01.COB.

>Backup your original ASCEND01.COB (but youll never need it anymore).
Then copy and paste the whole Stuff into your Main Directory Ascendancy.

>Load the Batch and choose a Game: DELYXE, with ALL Specials, HEAVY DELYXE,
without 14 deleted Specials, for totally crazy and most heavy AI Ships.

>If the Solar System Names have changed, you play an ASCEND00.COB by me.
If not, please read any Manual to finally succeed in getting that Mod to work. Patience!

>Dont research Advanced AI Warfare, that allows the stupid AI
to build AI War Centers for more Industry, and AI War Engine for more Ship Energy.

>Dont build AI War Centers on your Planets, and AI War Engine
on your Ships, thats for the stupid AI ONLY, to increase the AI Enemies pure Strength.

>Build up Planets with many Shipyards and one Orbital Dock,
to being able to build huge Ships fast enough, to face the AI Industry Plus.

>Look at the Weapons Menu for Colonizer and Invader Moduls.
The most once Super Special Weapons and Colonizer and Invader are Weapons now, firing.

4.8.2013 CHECK-DATE
After a really... hard Game, for Ascendancy, some Minor Tweaks like,
forgot to change 1.5 into 1.6 in the Batch File (), forgot to change
the Shift Info Text for Invader and Colonizer, changed Yr. into Year, o yes,
and made the Super Hard Weapons more expensive in Energy Need,
and made the Ship Building MUCH harder for the Human Player ().

The only Thing missing, is, to perhaps get any Feedback by all those,
succeeded in playing my Mod (), or perhaps all those, NOT succeeded in ().
The Lack of the Game, no Modder could ever beat off, but i think, for a
real Ascendancy Fan, my Mod is WORTH playing. Its a pity, that nobody knows it!
Its better than i hoped before, and a real and really TOUGH BadAss Joy ()!!!

Have Fun!

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