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Default Some infos about the game mechanics

Here's some information which should be in the manual but isn't:

I've attached a screenshot of the Cosmic Forge editor (doesn't work with Abandonia's version) where you can see the class and race differences. You can see about the classes

- the hit points they get at creation (add 4 HP for a fresh W7 character)
- HP gain at level up
- how much the hit chance improves at creation and at the next 19 level ups
- mana regeneration speed (the average mana regeneration in the 6 different spheres during 2 hours)
- the maximum skill points (weapon, physical, academia) they get at creation and level up (minimum is half the maximum rounded down) with average stats (10-11)
- class special features

- Characters with 16-17 vitality gain +1 HP, Characters with 18 vitality gain +2 HP and characters with only 6-7 vitality get a -1 HP penalty at creation and level up
- you get a bonus to maximum skill points at creation/level up depending on the sum of 2 stats: str+spe (weapon), vit+dex (physical), int+pie (academia). With 7-11 you get -2, with 12-17 you get -1, with 24-29 you get +1, with 30-35 you get +2, with 36+ you get +3
- carrying capacity depends on current str+str+vit (extra bonus for 16+ str)
- stamina at creation depends on str+vit+vit (extra bonus for 16+ vit)and the stamina gain at level up on str+vit

- the mana regeneration rate is set at creation, gaining levels, improving stats or switching class afterwards won't change it
- you get +1 to all 6 mana regeneration rates if pie+pie+vit = 42-50 and +2 if pie+pie+vit > 50 at creation

- fighter, ranger, lord, valkyrie, samurai, ninja, monk can get up to 4 * 1-4 swings per round
- priest, thief and bard can get up to 3 * 1-3 swings per round
- alchemist, psionic, bishop and mage can get up to 2 * 1-2 swings per round
- every class starts with 1 swing per attack and 1 attack per round, with 12+ dex they can get the maximum number of swings and with 12+ spe they can get the maximum number of attacks when they reach high enough levels
- you only get the second and fourth attack in the round with a secondary weapon (or unarmed as monk/ninja)
- you get additional attacks/swings faster with 12-17 spe/dex and much faster with 18 spe/dex
- ranged weapons don't get swings

- on the long run the level difference between the fastest and slowest levelling class will be less than 1
- most monsters do double damage versus fighters so don't take one
- monks and ninjas get a -1 AC bonus for every 10 points ninjuitsu skill and additional -1 to AC for every 2 levels (capped at -10), so they can have up to -20 bonus to AC added to their equipment, more than the best armor can offer.
- in order to be able to pick level 2,3,4,5,6,7 spells at level up you need at least 18,36,54,72,90,98 in the corresponding academic skill
- (unconfirmed from another source) For every 20 points in the academic casting skill (alchemy for alchemists, ...) you get +1 extra mana (or maybe 1d(skill/20)) to all 6 mana pools (if they're active) at level up. You also get +1 to all mana pools at level up if int+pie is 26-31 (or maybe 28-33) and +2 if int+pie is 32+
- the mana increase at level up also depends on the number of spells you know in this pool and maybe its mana regeneration rate, it's capped at 15 unless you pick a new spell in this pool, with maxed int, pie and academic skill you'll always get this 15 mana if you know at least 5 spells from this pool
- if you switch classes you only get +1 HP, +1 mana and no to bonus to hit at level up if you reach a level lower than the maximum previous level. For reaching the maximum previous level (not max prev level +1 like in AD&D dualclassing) you'll get the full benefits. So if you keep on switching a fairy between rogue and bard at level 3 often enough you'll have a better hit chance than any pure warrior class. Miss chance starts at 100 and is capped at 0.
- special abilities (like kia or poisoning) from characters or weapons only have a chance to work if the target is relatively low level compared to the attacker, this also applies the other way around
- classes don't get bonuses to their special skills, they are forced to put skill points into them at low levels (example: bards/ninjas/rangers can't put all their physical skill points into skullduggery like thieves, they are forced to put some points into music/ninjitsu/scouting)
- you can raise your artifacts skill if you find unidentified stacks of throwing wands, don't identify them and use them in combat from the inventory instead of throwing them
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