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Originally Posted by The Fifth Horseman View Post
Also, that thing with the config file shouldn't work. 0.73 stores its config file somewhere under /Documents and Settings/your user profile name/ (forgot the exact location, but it shouldn't be difficult to find from there).
It works. If you put a dosbox.conf in your dosbox-0.73 folder it will use that one.
But there is no real reason to do that.
The default one is stored as

If no dosbox.conf is present in the dosbox-0.73 folder it will use the default one.
If a dosbox.conf file is present in \program files\dosbox-0.73\ it will use that one, not the default one.

Of course you can add all that you want under [autoexec] in the default one.
So there is no real reason to want one in your dosbox-0.73 folder, except if you want to create several game specific config files.

In the \appdata\blahblah\ it's named dosbox-0.73.conf
In the \program files\dosbox-0.73\ folder it must be named dosbox.conf
to be loaded at startup.
Game specific ones loaded in the specific game shortcut can be named whatever.conf

And Simoneer: it's still a screwed idea to put your old 0.72 dosbox.conf file in 0.73.

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