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King's Quest 1 - Quest For The Crown

Some of you gamers out there might look at the release date and think “Nah, King’s Quest was made in 1983 and NOT the year after!” … True, but by IBM and not by Sierra, who took over in 1984 and released the version available for download here. And thus began the greatest adventure saga of all time. Police Quest, Space Quest, and even Leisure Suit Larry are all children of this very first game.

King’s Quest: Quest for The Crown takes place in the land of Daventry, where you (Sir Graham) are called before the good King Edward. You are sent on a daring adventure to claim three magical artefacts and give them to King Edward, to prove yourself worthy to become the next king. Along the way you must complete myriad side-quests in order to progress through the game. The story might seem simple enough, but do not be fooled. King’s Quest is a very difficult game to play, but as soon as you pick up the basics you are on your way to completing the grandfather of many adventure games.

No one could guess the impact this little game would have on the gaming population of the world, but soon it was evident that a sequel had to be made … and so the epic tales of Sir Graham of Daventry had begun!

by Tom Henrik
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