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On Abandonia, a game is considered abandonware ...

1. If the game is NOT being sold from official sources.
Steam, GOG, Stardock and any other site that directly pays the publisher - NOT second hand sales (eBay, most of Amazon Marketplace, etc.)

2. If no-one will object to us hosting the game.
If any publisher or holder of copyrights to a particular game objects, it will be taken down.

3. If the game is no longer supported.

Note that if the copyright owner has released a formerly commercial game as Freeware, it can be added to Abandonia regardless if it would be otherwise Protected, Sold or whatnot.


1. Games that are still officially being sold.
This includes re-releases and compilations. Modified re-releases (such as Warcraft II: Battle.Net Edition) count as the same game unless they've been subjected to significant changes content- and engine- wise.

2. Games that are still being supported.
This means that the publisher or developer will still support the game. This can be by having patches on their site, by answering questions regarding the game or any other service involving the game.

3. Games that are actively protected by the copyright owners.
We automatically consider some owners to maintain an active interest in protecting their games (ie Cease & Desisting any site that attempts to offer the games for download) for a certain period of time. The ESA section below explains the details.

4. Games that are simply "old".
Age alone IS NOT a defining factor, period.

This can be tricky at times, so here is an outline of the procedure in the order it should be done:

1. Mobygames and Wikipedia
Verify facts like original PC release date, publisher, developer, etc.

2. Wikipedia's list of commercial games released as freeware
Freeware status trumps protected/sold/supported statuses

3. Check the list of companies below.

4. Check online stores to see if any still sell it
Google will be a big help here - make sure to check as many stores as possible and don't forget compilations also count. (our custom Google search should be helpful in that regard)

5. Check the website of the publisher/developer.
If they still offer technical support for the game, it is not abandonware.

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