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I) I get a report every day of my score, with also a balance count. This states that my money should go down due to base maintance and salaries. I am fine with it, but .... it does not happen. My bank account the same, is this because I play currently at easy (as to learn the game) or is this later deducted at an end of the week
This is deducted immediately.

2) I see no income. Now I noticed I should have it according to the UFOpedia, but I only get it from heavily raiding the cult of Sirius and selling the loot the money. Not that I loose money, due to bug 1 but still.
Income enters your account at the end of each week.

I only can get them angry (invading buildings in search for aliens due to 19% infiltration (apparently bad idea)).
Newb error, one which I also made the first time. Raid building = attack the organization. Invesitgate = search for aliens.

I wonder if their isn't a more better/normal friendlier way (besides the tip I read of letting Aliens wrack buildings as you fly low).
IIRC, you could do it by attacking the organization's enemies.

The speed of the game. Now my computer isn't that quick I give in, but I can run games like BG2 without slowing down, but one battle here takes me more than an hour, with alien/enemy turns lasting 2 minutes or so. And civilians when in sight... oh brother.
(Dosbox setting -> cycles:max (auto lowered the speed even more))
That is worth a topic by itself. First, before running the game you need to shut down every program you've got running in the background. EVERY ONE, that includes virus scanners, instant messengers and whatnot.
I go as far as to shutting down Windows Explorer, for that extra percent of boost.

Second, it takes some messing with the DOSBox config to get the max efficiency. I'll name the settings, but they're a little scattered inside DOSBox.conf, so you'll have to find them yourself

For the graphics, we have to make the game run in fullscreen, at its native resolution and without any scalers or aspect correction (neither is neccesary here). Also, Frameskip must be set to at least 1. (2 is faster but the graphics may become a little choppy):

Second, disable all unneccesary sound emulation components. It's a small gain, but one nonetheless

Third, you need to set
Play around with increasing the cycles value during the game to see what's the max your machine can handle, then change cycles=20000 to that value (in my case, about 35000 does the trick). The max setting auto-detects the maximum speed, but is far from perfect - manually adjusting the value got X-Com 3, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D running much faster than on the automatically detected maximum for my machine.

Sound lagging can be fixed by adjusting blocksize and prebuffer settings in the config file. Forgot to mention this part before so I'm editing it in. These values were recommended by Data to someone else a long time ago, but work for me just fine:

5) UFO intrusions score incredibly high and they are gone in a flash, with the current map. I was extremelly lucky to down 2 (well 1 got destroyed). This only works by sending in every air unit of the start of the game (probably heavily laughable) - meaning the interceptor and two hovercars. The rest comes to late. which means my personal carrier joins the fight.
Hoverbikes. Use them. Love them.
They're cheap and expendable, so you can use them to swarm the enemy.
Also, don't forget to arm yourself with some better weaponry whenever possible.

6) At novice for my first 2 days of getting the controls right megapol helped to down UFO's. In easy they just... are never in sight when UFO's are around. Is this correct? Or just coincidence? I ask this as the people say megapol helps to down them, but if they stop already at easy...
This is more or less correct. Megapol may assist you on Novice (and probably higher difficulties too, except less frequently).

7) I do a lot of raids to get points per day as there seems to little to score by otherwise and alien intrusions score quickly down as with forementioned 5 & no help due to 6 they happen a lot without me downing them.
Don't forget that by raiding a corp you'll earn yourself it's hostility.
But - and here's a trick to massive cash, as long as you use real-time combat for this - if you're allied with a corp and your attack is ONLY done using Stun Grapples as weapons, you're going to get plenty of loot without any drop in your relationship with the corp. The three most frequently suggested are Marsec, Megapol and Government. Also, do the same to gangs - Psyclone implants can be sold for major cash.

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