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So far this is the only game I haven't able to play... I'm using D-Fend v2, and here's what FreeFreddy said in the old thread:

(begin quote)

Actually, it's easy (when you know how to do it bleh.gif):
Skip step 1 and 3 if you have that already.
1. Get Daemon Tools from our site. Install the program, restart your PC.
2. Right-click on the Daemon Tools-icon in the left quick-start area in Windows. Mount the Wizardry-file as a drive (no matter what letter, let's say G: in this case).
3. Get DosBox from the same place you got Daemon Tools from. Install it.
4. Now run the following commands in DosBox when you start it:
mount d g:/ -t cdrom
mount c c:/
install.exe d (this will create a folder on the c: drive called WIZ-CD and copy some needed files to it, this drive will be then automatically remounted in DosBox, you NEED to do it the first time only)
cd w7
vinstall.exe (to configure the sound / music, display can be left as VGA, etc.)


NOTE: These steps must be repeated every time you start DosBox, except install.exe d and vinstall.exe. As the needed files will be installed already the next time you want to play the game, run the steps in that row instead:
mount d g:/ -t cdrom
mount c c:/
cd c:/wiz-cd/7
cd w7

As for vinstall.exe, in order for the options to be saved permanently, run it in Windows instead, not DosBox and set to the needed options. Save them, and every time you run DosBox, the options will be already there.

5. In order to save you the work, open the file dosbox.conf and at the last line where following is written:
# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
add the second time steps under it. They will then be run every time you start DosBox automatically. Have fun with the game yet! ok.gif

(end quote)

Well, starting with the Daemon Tools, I don't see it in any area in windows on the left; there is a small icon at the bottom right corner of the screen though. Doesn't allow me to mount a folder or any of the files within the W7 folder.

Then, running the DosBox commands, I'm not sure what the g:/ is supposed to stand for - g:/ as itself is not allowed. I've tried c:/ and d:/, but the end result is the same. I also tried doing the exact lines above but with replacing g:/ with the exact path to the W7 folder, but then it doesn't allow me to mount c:/ as well (I'm guessing this is why I'd need the Daemon Tools thing).

Basically, whenever I get to a point where I try to run the install.exe, it says "illegal command install.exe"; whenever I get to a point where I try to play the game, it says "system error: unable to open something.something".

Any help would be appreciated, especially help explained as simply as possible. I'm getting frustrated because I don't understand the advice given and why these particular commands are used (and which parts of the commands are absolute and which depend on my computer).
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