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Default Installshield 16bit installer in 64bit Windows

Hi all,

I wrote the below on the GOG forum to help someone install Warlords 3 ROC & Warlords 3 DLR in Win 7 64bit but thought I would post it here as the theory can be applied to many games from the win95 or win98 era and I see people saying they cant install these older games all the time.

* Hi,
* I had a quick look at my version and as you are probably aware the problem is that while the game is 32bit the
* installer is 16bit and therefore you cant install the game on any 64bit OS. The file causing the issue is located on
* your cd in the setup folder and is called IS_SETUP
* To get around this issue all you need to do is identify the version of install shield used (in this case version 3) and
* replace the file with a 32bit version of the required release of installshield. You can find one for installshield 3 by going to http://toastytech.com/files/setup.html.
* To install the game copy the contents of the game cd to a folder on your hard drive, delete the original IS_SETUP in
* the setup folder of the copy you just created on your HD, extract the above zip file you downloaded from toastytech
* into the setup folder, and rename the file you extracted to IS_SETUP.EXE.

* You can now run this new exe and have the game proceed with install. This will work with both W3 ROC and DLR
* and any other game that has a 16bit installer that uses version 3 of installshield. I havnt tested any further than
* getting the install to run but as any issues past this point are game related they are another story all together.

* One thing to note is that some modern system process can hang the installer, one example being logitechs
* khalscroll. If this is the case you will see the installer in your task manager but nothing will be happening. Just kill
* the conflicting process and the installer will proceed.

* This procedure will also work with games that use a 16bit installshield version 5 but you will need the other zip file
* from toastytech.

The install file isnt always called IS_SETUP so depending on the game you may need to figure out which exe is the actual installer. You can identify the installshield version by right clicking on IS_SETUP or its equivalent, viewing its properties and selecting the details tab. It should say Installshield Engine under file description which confirms it as the file you are looking for and under version it shows whether its 3 xx xxx x, 5 xx xxx x or something else.

Some games may have trouble if you installed them from a hard disk folder instead of the CD so if this is the case you may be best off burning the fixed game folder from your HD onto a CD or creating a CD image file to mount for the purpose of installation, switching back to your original for actual gameplay. If you do this remember that to install you will need to directly run IS_SETUP from the setup folder on the new CD.

This wont work with everything but I have found the majority of older games can be made to install doing this.

Hope this helps someone out there.
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Wow. I couldn't imagine that there could be such thing as two versions of the same installer! Thank you, Python1980!
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