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Old 08-02-2010, 02:51 AM   #71

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Darkwind is the way to go nowadays!
Maybe i'll develop something

(Gonna sketch some stuff)

Good thing I already have sketched some rules to play with Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars
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Old 15-03-2010, 02:34 AM   #72

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so, nijineko again, with an update on the autoduel copyright.

it has been confirmed that EA does in fact own the copyright. It took a few years to track down anything about the autoduel copyright, or anyone who knew much about it, but persistance paid off. A representative of EA who has authority relating to said copyright has been put in contact with Mr. Jackson and it is now up to them.

i can only hope that they will be able to work something out. =D
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Old 03-04-2010, 08:16 PM   #73
Default autoduel

Definitely my favorite game of all time. this is back when games were hardcore - i mean, the very game refused to allow you to scum save without actually copying the disk! (scum saving is the practice of using saved games to 'get it right' - see a game like Nethack, where they don't even offer a clone!).

The closest we have nowadays is something like Demon's Souls, though there death isn't gameover by any means. There is no such thing as 'game over' anymore... kind of sad, in a way.

I still remember the day there was a fire down the street and I ran back into the house to grab my save game disk for this game.

Of course, that's in part because I never did any of the tricks mentioned in this thread - I made my fortune the old fashion'd way - I salvaged it. I highly recommend not abusing Atlantic City - the joy you'll feel at earning enough money to buy a new, upgraded car and then take it into battle is unmatched in any video game.

I remember spending an hour in an almost destroyed vehicle that could pretty much only drive in a circle getting it to the next city. It was times like that - where you were inches from losing your character, and you had to hoof it on foot to the next city and hope you didn't get slaughtered that made the game so amazing.

I actually have the game box and toolkit and all that from this game, though i believe my father lost all my gamedisks (I used to keep them separate).

Thanks for the memories!

PS- Roadwar and Roadwar:Europa are nothing like this game, but also worth checking out. They're more text based - build up a huge gang/army of weaponized vehicles and then fight in turn based battles, if I remember correctly. I beat both, loved both, but Autoduel is still king.
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Old 24-08-2010, 02:03 AM   #74
Default The whole game

Originally Posted by MikeJYWood View Post
I played this game A LOT back in high school but now I just don't have the time to invest hours and hours into it.

Please, will someone tell me if the game truly had an "ultimate goal" and if so what was it?
The end game is putting Mr. Big in jail. You can't get the quest until your reputation is high enough and you gather the elements of the password.

You start as an amateur autoduelist. YOu get 50 points to allocate to your stats: Driving, Marksmanship and Mechanic.

All your skills go up with use, your marksmanship goes up fastest and your mechanic goes up slowest BUT you can "buy" more mechanic skill by taking classes at the garage (it takes 5 days). I would recommend putting all your points into driving and marksmanship (30/20 is what I go with, YMMV).

Do amateur night twice, take an mechanic class then do amateur night a couple more times then get a clone and another mechanic class. Keep doing this until they won't let you do amateur night anymore (if you really want to, you can keep doing amateur by spending all your money on mechanic lessons cars and clone updates; trash your reputation by getting courier jobs at the AADA and selling them at Joe's bar. At some point you will be ready to leave amateur night behind for good.

The 5K and 10K arena tournaments are fairly easy, machine guns and spikedroppers should do the trick.

The 15K and 20K are more dangerous, some of the cars have lasers which will eat through your armor like cheese so get used to using your spikedroppers when your front armor starts running low.

The unlimited battles are tougher and have more opponents.

City Champioships are the toughest and have more opponents than any of the regular battles but you should have the skill you need by the time the chamionship rolls around.

The arena will train up your marksmanship very very quickly and it will likely approach 90 by the time you get to the NYC championship (*I think you get one point for every 2 kills).

At this point you will start to get clues to some quests that provide serious reputation boosts. This will catapult you to max reputation and the end quest.

I did a few courier missions to push up my driving skill (you get about 1 point for every 100 miles driven (or so)). My road vehicle has a laser and a bunch of oil jets and I drive right past everyone and leave an oil slick in my wake.

If you cheat don't cheat and do things the hard way, you spend a lot of time making ends meet and every achievement is very satisfying.

If you use the gambling cheat so that money is never a problem, the game gets pretty short (two evenings and I am done) but you still can enjoy the game.

BTW this image verification software is really difficult to read.
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Old 02-09-2011, 05:53 PM   #75
The Bloodhawk

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I just downloaded, and I like. I didn't know this was by Lord British himself either! The only problem I'm having so far is that you have to be specific with the controls to get in the doors.
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