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Old 21-05-2006, 12:26 AM   #1

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We all remember Atari products being great back in the day..
(If not click here and here for some nostalgia)

Maybe it can happen again.. Please sign the petition and let's see if we can get Atari back in the game!
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Old 21-05-2006, 01:00 AM   #2
Game freak

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You are, of course, aware that the Atari of 2600 fame and the Atari of today are related only in name, correct? The modern Atari is a rebranded Infogrames who happened to have purchased the brand from Hasbro which happened to have picked up the IP during the original Atari's bankruptcy proceedings.

Nolan Bushnell and his staff -- the people which made Atari famous -- are long gone from Atari. Hell, two years ago it would have made at least a bit of sense to petition Midway to release a new console developed by their Midway Games West division (a.k.a. Atari Games) which, while a subsidary of Midway, could trace it's history back to it's roots as a spinoff of the original Atari.
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Old 21-05-2006, 01:07 AM   #3
Hero Gamer
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besides you can just petition a company to make a genetical console, that would be an enormous shift in buisness strategy, if they thaught it was a good idea they would have done it by now. ergo they don't.
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Old 21-05-2006, 01:46 AM   #4
Bobbin Threadbare
Not quite dead.
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This would be cool because it would be so random if it came out with no publicity. Like new Atari 30000000 best graphics... ever. No controller required. Wireless install. Rumble features. It would be so random.
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Old 21-05-2006, 01:56 AM   #5
Abandonia Homie
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No, absolutely not. Do you know how much money companies lose on producing consoles? Nevermind R&D and development. Ever wonder why Sega is making Nintendo games now? Cause the money, what little of it there is, is in software not hardware. I still don't understand why they keep chugging new consoles out. It's psycotic. Actually more like it's sadistic. And I like Atari (or Infograms). They've been doing some good stuff lately. I'd hate to see them go under over something like this. It'd be funny comming out of nowhere and surprising if it did well, but the deck is stacked against them.
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