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Old 24-04-2006, 12:58 PM   #51
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he was in the most powerfull vessel in the startrek universe when it exploded. so he is probably atoms now. the problem with using brent spiner is his cheeseburger addiction. he is putting on weight on the face which is definatly not cool for an android.
they could have b4 getting control of datas memory engrams and becoming data , which is why i thought they ended it like that so that if they really wanted to they could bring him back. i do remeber brent spiner saying he wouldent be being data again. so
someone else if going to be needed.
or they could use computers to thin him up. that would put a big whack on the budget though. startrek movie budgets are not noted for there generosity unfortunatly.
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Old 24-04-2006, 01:11 PM   #52
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Data always been unmanly precise, and a movie is just that - a movie. They could make up a story about how Data knew how to protect himself from the accident, which turned out fine as he predicted and only his head need to be kept intact for him to be "resurected". All the rest is only robot parts they managed to build and repair fine themselves along the years, only the positronic brain actually is a problem to rebuild. And as said before, all the memories of Data been transfered to B4 just before his last mission. In fact, Data himself was posing as B4, and that's how he infiltrated the alien ship. :P
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Old 24-04-2006, 02:35 PM   #53
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i think it is more likely that if they bring back data it will be through b4 rather than some head put on a new body thang. and as brent spiner has said he wont do it again they will need either a truckload of money to change his mind or a replacement.
i could deal with a next gen movie without data.
the question is how much importance do the suits place on his role.
and as brent was/ is? one of those suits it adds an extra level of complexity.
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