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Old 29-07-2013, 06:44 PM   #1
Master of Orion
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Default Pool of Radiance

Feel free to submit your comments about the game. You can also ask for help here. If you have anything to say about Pool of Radiance - feel free to do it right here.

Review and download (if available)
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Old 29-07-2013, 11:44 PM   #2

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I used to love these games. But they make me sleepy when I go back to play them now.
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Old 30-07-2013, 01:15 AM   #3
Abandonia nerd

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Thanks to all who have made this game possible. It is one of my favorites and I hope those in the community that have not played it before, do so and maybe find a new favorite game. It is only one of a few that I have continued to play throughout the years.

I would highly recommend printing out the journal entries because it is through them that the story is told. As for the code wheel though, there are only about a dozen or so different codes the game uses, so I would write out the ones you come across. Heheh, Anyone who plays the game as much as I have will probably memorizes them within a week or so.

One hint... You can hire up to level 4 fighters and magic-users, and they are susceptible to sleep. Oh, and they are Lawful Evil.
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Old 30-07-2013, 10:56 AM   #4
Game Wizzard
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For some reason I thought this game was already on the site...

A great game, I've spent so many hours playing it. The first RPG game I've finished.
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Old 06-01-2014, 04:37 AM   #5

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Question Game Speed

Hi, there. I love that you have this available! I spent many hours on it with my C64 way back when...

I've been trying it out and the game speed is too fast. Is there some way to slow it down? I know in DOSBox that Ctrl-F11 does the trick but it wasn't working for me with your implementation. Any help would be appreciated - my wife has agreed to try it out with me!!!


- Niilo
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Old 06-01-2014, 10:59 AM   #6
The Fifth Horseman
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This is a late 80's game. The cycle count to run it needs to be fairly low - I'm running games from that era at approximately 300 to 700 cycles .

"God. Can't you people see I'm trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?"
-- Reed Richards
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Old 23-02-2014, 06:59 AM   #7
Unhappy Can't train, please help!

Hey guys, I'm having a strange issue with this game. Anytime I try to train, and I'm prompted with the message "would you like to train yes/no" I hit 'y' for yes and it just takes me back to the main menu. I go back into the game and I'm standing right where I was before I tried to train. Tried it with different characters and different trainers but the same thing always happens. If anyone knows some way to fix this please let me know.
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Old 14-03-2014, 10:07 AM   #8
Games Master

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I'm having problems with the Gamefest version of this game. Every time I try to create a character I get insert disk 3 in c. Here is the way my conf. file is on the computer

I've tried other forums and still couldn't get it to work.
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Old 14-03-2014, 07:39 PM   #9
Autonomous human
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It shoudl be--note the trailing '\'s
Life starts every day anew. Prospects not so good...
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Old 13-05-2014, 11:25 PM   #10

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Default Thanks for Nostalgia

I am so grateful for this game being on Abandonia, along with the code wheel and journal. This came takes me back to the last 80s when I played it on my family's Tandy 1000TX. As a long time D&D/AD&D player, I was thrilled to get one for the computer.

In '91 when I went to Germany as an exchange student the school computer lab had a copy of the Curse of the Azure Bonds game (but had lost the books and codes). I was so thrilled I spend two weeks hacking the code so I could introduce those folks to the SSI/AD&D adventures.

Again, thanks for posting the game.
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