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Old 21-11-2009, 02:36 PM   #11
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Assassins Creed was released like 4 days ago Saccade im buying that two :3. Ill get it on my PS3 too, infact, ima see tonight if Merves has it!

Also, this is my expert opinion;

All mainstream FPS games (CoD, MoH) have had short campaigns. Call of Duty's campaign was actually descently long, with lots of levels. You guys need to keep in mind that games have gotten huger and huger though, i mean, even with how short CoDMW2 is, its still 15gb with all its fancy schmamsy graphics and all.

My thinking is that the makers got lazy of making levels, cause i mean, every level they have is full of pretty much non stop explosions, helicopters falling out of the sky, machine guns mowing people down, etc. That must take quite a while to code all those, and they probably wanted to stop spending money on it and start making money, so they had a premature eja...i mean release!
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Old 23-11-2009, 08:18 AM   #12
Game Wizzard

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It's decent. Pretty overrated. It's pretty much like COD4 with a crappier story. Co-op is a nice addition and multiplayer is fleshed out more, but multiplayer was never good to begin with in this game. I think it would be better if it emphasized teamwork more. Like maybe had medics. Instead it's always just a free for all with players ramboing or camping.
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Old 23-11-2009, 10:15 AM   #13
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1. Campaign was short but EPIC!!!
2. these coop thingis are better than campaign.
3. havent played multy cos i haz version
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