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Old 25-09-2011, 11:17 PM   #21
Forum hobbit
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should do that

map timing isn't modifiable per map. it's a general setting as far as i know
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Old 13-10-2011, 11:29 PM   #22
"I" in the Team
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A big new update just arrived. With lots of new features and hats.

Also, people are getting Manniversary packages with free stuff in it, so check your backpacks folks! I've heard someone say that they're in limited quantity, so dont be disappointed if you cant seem to get it.

But hey, at least I got one! It had a special kind of hat inside.
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Old 14-10-2011, 07:59 PM   #23
Abandonia nerd
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Every Manniversary package has the Paper Hat inside, and a 10% chance of getting another, nicer hat

I've been infected with Backloggery-itis
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Old 31-08-2012, 12:09 AM   #24
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Default The Most Epic TF2 Battle

I'm not sure how to begin this properly, but...
Tomekk [HUN]: "Hour after hour the party fought, but the metallic legions had no end..."
TheChosen: Until the savior in an ancient Samurai Helmet arrived
Tomekk [HUN]: "And, as if a light appeared at the end of their tunnel, two heroes, no, angels strode down onto the battlefield to push back the infernal legion."
LordTracker: "With their swords of flames, they cut apart steel..."
Tomekk [HUN]: "..and their names will forever be remembered. They became legends."

Cythe Gaeta and Xennified.

It was another boring day. Tomekk asked if I wanted to play some TF2. I sure hell did wanted to blast robots... But this much? Well, since TC was late, I decided to see the outside world, while TK played some League of Legends.
About an hour later, we gathered in a Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine group with The Chosen (Scout), Tomekk (Mechanic), and TotalAnarchy (Demolition Man).
The initial matchmaking failed, Steam could not find a proper server because it didn't let me join. We tried again. After chatting, or rather mocking each other for a few minutes, we were on a server curious to murder.
There were four of us, The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, the T-Team (TC, TK, TA, TR), and two unrelated dudes. We managed to reach wave 3 without much of problems, but then somehow a scout must have got the bomb into the base while we were focusing on heavier units, and the strangers ragequitted.
So there were four determined gamers looking forward to play a few maps of MvM. It seemed that the game is very difficult if there are only four players. Steam didn't bother letting two players join us unfortunately. We crawled failed wave after wave to the final one, with always having some little nuisance standing in our way - Sentry Busters, Elites, Spies, you name them. We even had a lot of fights over who caused the defeat, but we've overcome these problems, and united we stood right until wave six.
Things were becoming rough even despite everyone must have had a thousand bucks so far and all major upgrades. Three Giant Heavies with Medics, three Giant Rapid Demolitionmen, two Giant Damn Pyros, one Battle Tank, infinite amount of Scouts, Pyros, Heavies, Demomen, Spies, everything this game features.
First we tried whether we could heal my Heavy by asking Tomekk to put a dispenser near a corner right in front of the entrance - I was seriously lacking ammo and health at this point. It was of no use, as soon as the giants entered I was blasted to pieces. We then moved to the top of a nearby building, having Tomekk build a sentry, a dispenser, and a teleport exit there. I couldn't really tell what happened in which wave, but as we failed wave after wave even the unexperienced TA managed to learn about TF2, not to mention me, who discovered the use of canteens only halfway through the match.
The idea was that I used Uber power ups because we had no Medic, but it seemed it was of no use, so began to use Crits instead. TA placed sticky bombs at the entrance, and TC hid close to the battle so he could run in and grab the cash. I was on the roof with TK taking cover, and using my Crits canteen to deliver as much damage as possible to the Giants. I could only carry three at a time, but I went back to the base to get more, or died and respawned. The dispenser healed me, along with a useful power up that gave me up to +8 HP pers seconds. I had nothing to do but hide on the roof, activate Crits, and blast as many robots to pieces as I could before they blew us up. Sentry Busters made our life difficult, but I could usually get back from the bar in time. We had to learn it's no use to focus on the tank until we destroyed every other unit. It was quite a chore, Heavies had a half dozen or rather more Medics, who we had to destroy in order to be able to harm the robots they healed.
We then ran back to the shop to purchase more crits to be more effective during continously shooting the tank, but we either didn't have enough cash, time, or ammo.
No matter what we tried we didn't have enough luck, the tank always survived our attacks, and delivered it's lethal package.
We totally lost it along with TA, who found a maniac laughter taunt, and seemed to have it's hotkey stuck until the game ended. I shot TC's legs to make him dance, TK begged for us to kill the Sentries before he was blown up, TC tried to calm down TK. We could have been in this hell until dawn if it wasn't for Ms. Fortuna to finally smile upon our bloodshed.
Two strangers decided they would like to play some TF2 that night. We saw they were trying to connect, so we didn't press F4 to signal ready and begin countdown until they spawned. I put in Impaled Nazarene - Armageddon Death Track into my music player, cranked up the volume to 11, and while TK gave his tribute to Nickelback, they chose to be a Soldier and a Medic. We nearly cried. From then on it was a piece of cake, with scrap metal dressing. Unfortunately I was shot in the beginning along with the Medic, but respawned, and literally murdered, mutilated, and lynched the raging mobs of robots. After the last pyro was disintegrated, we shot the tank as long as we could. It was getting close to the hatch, began to lower it's pneumatic arm to drop the bomb, and I've no idea what would have happened, but we managed to tear it to screws, literally torturing it.
Blessing our saviours, we bid farewell to these unsuspecting people, who were our heroes, only by logging in Two Minutes to Midnight.

For those who can't believe what I've just told above, I've made screenshots of the victory, and you can ask anyone mentioned above for making sure I'm in no way lying about this.

I couldn't lie... it was the best game of TF2 I ever played... Thank you folks.

Reverend Preacherbot: Wretched sinner unit! The path to Robot Heaven lies here, in the Good Book 3.0.
Bender: Hey. Do I preach at you when you're lying stoned in the gutter? No!
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Old 31-08-2012, 01:17 AM   #25
"I" in the Team
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It was definitely one of the best and most frustrating games of TF2 I've ever had. We stuck together through waves of robots, tried different tactics and ideas but we always got overrun by them, especially at final round.

The thing is, its actually a piece of cake in my opinion...when played on a full team of 6 players who know what they're doing. There were only 4 of us and despite we pretty balanced team there were too many of them.

When those two players arrived, it was really a godsend. Both identified themselfs as new to this gamemode (although the soldier one had a nice painted hat which is a sign of some experience, no offense to all free players out there), but they still turned out to be big help.

So next time when we'll play, I want a full 6 person team.

Also, for those who have no idea what are we gushing about, Team Fortress 2 has just had a new big update recently where they added a totally new co-op mode. In case you still havent played Team Fortress 2, go do it now! Its still free!

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Old 31-08-2012, 04:06 PM   #26
Unconventional member
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I have tryed the co-op and completed a couple of levels, nice

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