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Default Pokemon Emerald with Latios, conclusion

This gave an overall view on this whole game. I dunno the pacing of its unfnished predexessor-versions, but this one seems to be adjusted to beat Steven exclusively.
As always, I was beating every trainer in the game for exp and cash, with a single pokemon, this time Latios, and it was not a very pleasant experience.
Latios starts with a psychic attack only, and not a good one in that, so you're stuck until lvl 20 to grind up on lvl 2-3 wild pokemons. Kinda good news, that Speed + Special Attack IV-s come at ca. 20% together (SATK is only 4%, in comparison). I still did some HP-training too, just to keep my sanity, and I did not regret it tbh.
Passing that obstacle went back to EV-training, this time on Abras, that's 10% Special Attack training. To not go mad, in the end I again included some HP-training. Again, wasn't the worst idea, maybe.
Now at this point I finaly could do some stuff for a while, until reaching the flute-meister, of course you want those flutes, that'll be like 2,000 steps in the "tall" grass (there is a taller(?) grass, lol, which is actualy tall), so to keep my sanity, I was shotting down pokemons there too.
Anyway, I kept being like 2 times the level compared to anything that cmae across, this includes trainers. It was like the Elite Four that jumped 10 level, but they didn't even come close to my level.
Then Steven jumped 20 more levels, pretty much was the same level as me, and he has 2 very very buff pokemon: the Metagross, and the even worse Cradily. I don't know how they are that massive/spongy, but they are. I had to exchange ALL my moveset to adjust to these, and eat all the Rare Canied I found to beat the buggers. If it was not enough, I was thinking to reload right after the Elite Four, and keep Recover, which is a massive healing with plenty of charges, but fortunately it was not needed. One thing was pretty sure: I wasn't into another grind.
If Gen1 is A-tear (it has so many bugs it can't be A-tear, than this one is C-tear, B-tear going to Platinum. That's a B+ game. Black#White is maybe D+, too easy, but otherwise not many problems, but being bland is not a favourable trait.
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