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Old 27-07-2011, 06:25 AM   #1
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Default Project Zomboid

A seriously cool independent game, in pre-alpha right now, but only $5! Though due to some piracy issues they do not want you purchasing at the moment, so Im not, but when I can I shall!


*The following is the tale of an unfortunate soul, told through an old leather bound journal found in the streets by a military clean up crew, next to a burned down building*

Day 1: Kate broke her legs in an incident with a looter. I have her laying on a bed upstairs. I made her some bandages, and barricaded the lower level of the house before going to bed....

Day 2: Searched the neighbors house for food, slew a zombie with a hammer, came and made Kate some soup. The radio turned on, and we turned it up so I could here it while I was in the washroom relieving myself. WhileI was in the washroom, some gun nut came into the house and tried to kill my wife, but I raced out and killed him first, took his bat and shot gun, and put some nails through the bat...

Day 3: I left my wife to go search for more food, and when i came back the house was surrounded by a horde. Try as I might, I couldn't reach her, I was forced to run...

I looted a shop, got osme more food, and then snuck into an apartment building that seems empty of zombies. I've made my home on the top floor, I have a nice supply of food, from here I can make scavenging runs against the zombies.. But first Ill search the other floors for more supplies!

Day 4: Today I searched the rest of the apartment floors, and found allot of shotgun shells and some food, I have a fairly good stock for now...

Day 5: Woke up just before midnight, Figured I'd take a strole outside...Walked about a block south and found the door to a warehouse locked. I broke the door down, and thankfully no zombies were near. It's full of gasoline, batteries, wooden planks...Ill need to travel light if I want to be strong enough to take all this back with me. I only had enough strength to take two fuel containers, tomorrow I'll go back for the wood...

Day 6: I got the rest of my supplies from the warehouse..only ran into one zombie...odd, it seems the hordes have been avoiding this area. Next morning I shall scavenge more buildings for food. I want as much food as possible.....

Day 7: Well that was interesting. The only non-infected human I've seen in a week, and he points a shotgun at me. Had no choice but to due him in with my bad.

Yup, guy was holed up in the grocery store....with all this food I'll probably be able to last a week or 2, wont need to leave my apartment building! Maybe the dead will be...er....dead-er by then? Starve? I don't know, but things are kind of looking up now, Im kinda happy!

Day 8: Woke up before midnight again...time for another strole!

Killed a few zombies and went into a building. To my delight, I have found a fire axe! I could break down buildings for barricades with this handy tool!

Well...one of those things scratched my leg...I think im okay though...I'll lay low in the apartment for a while...

Day...9?: Took sleeping pills and went to sleep....Dont know how long....But my wound is healed and im uninfected! I think ill still lay low, cause I may still be suffering from the drowsy affects of the sleeping pills...

...Feeling a little queasy...maybe I am infected? Ah shit...

I've been poppin lots of pills...maybe thats why....Ah...If this gets worse Ill assume Im infected. Ill Throw my journal out the window for someone to read later, maybe if anyones still alive?

Day 10?: My queasiness hasn't left me yet...ugh....

Thats it, im getting worse...Im infected, I must be..and im in so much pain, Ive gone through so many pain killers, they dont help...I'll leave the oven on and make a molotov just in case, and throw my journal out the window....I'll eat a bunch of anti-depressant pills, cause i've scavenged allot...I've drank like three bottles of whiskey....This is Bob Smith, I wish...Im so scared.....Oh God....

*There's more writing, but it's rather illegible due to the state of intoxication of the writer*

~End of writing in journal


This games legitimately awesome so far haha, and it's only goona get better!

It turns out I survived for 12 days and 10 hours....the funny thing is right before my molotov fire killed me, my character did turn into a zombie, only to be killed seconds later by the fire

I recommend the game!
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Old 05-12-2011, 09:38 AM   #2
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I really recommend it too, the Retro-isometric style that reminds the beloved XCom and the funny but serious gameplay makes it really promising.

It's still under developement but there's a tech version you can try for free:

I had some hours of fun and I can't wait to see the final release
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Old 05-12-2011, 11:24 AM   #3
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I bought this ages ago, am still in love with it. The tech demo doesn't have all the features of the current game though there aren't that many more that have been added. The makers have ran into a few big setbacks that have hurt the game and slowed it down.

I would recommend people keep an eye on this game cause it is looking to be an awesome MP game as well as SP game. The mod community is already cranking out some awesome items and maps and soon map changes will be in game allowing for huge towns to be made.
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