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Old 24-04-2007, 01:41 PM   #1
The Fifth Horseman
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1. You can have no more than one (1) account on the forums.
a) If you are unable to log in to an old account (that has not been banned) and use the password recovery function, it is acceptable to create a new one. After doing so, you must immediately request the administrators to merge both accounts.
b) Administrators might occasionally need "dummy" accounts to test certain things. This is acceptable under condition that those accounts are made known to the other staff members, at the very minimum to other admins.
c) An Administrator may permit a user to use an additional account for specific reasons. Such an account should not be used disruptively and be made known to other staff members, at the very minimum other admins.
d) Non-disruptive use / possession of multiple accounts beyond the situations outlined in points a) through c) will result in a warning and blocking all extra accounts beyond your main one.
e) Disruptive use of multiple accounts or continuing to create multiple accounts after receiving a warning will result in immediate ban of all your accounts - including the main one - regardless of your status or function.
2. If it's posted from your account, you're responsible for it.
3. Accounts created with intention of violating forum rules or circumventing an existing suspension/ban may be banned without prior notice.
a) If the first post done from an account constitutes of an unauthorized advertisement, the account will be banned immediately.

Forum conduct
1. Harassment, slander or verbal abuse of other members is not allowed. This includes:
a) Posting an individual's personal data, e-mail/messenger adresses or pictures of them against their will.
b) Impersonation of an existing user.
c) Discriminating other users or making derogatory comments towards them (whether sexual, racist, religious, political or otherwise)
2. Do not link to, offer or ask for warez, oldwarez or console ROMs. Do not link to sites offering downloads of sold games.
a) If a game is marked on the main site as "Sold" or "ESA Protected", any download link for it is considered oldwarez.
b) Because of their nature, links to torrent files and BitTorrent sites also fall under this rule.
c) Offering or asking people to help in getting warez in return for money will result in an immediate ban.
d) All console ROMs are considered warez by default.
e) We will not offer any help in running pirate copies of recently published games (or cracks, serials, CD-Keys etc for them). Don't even ask for it.
3. Do not post offensive/violent/pornographic content, whether in form of links, images or otherwise.
a) This includes posting links to shock sites and posting images found there.
4. Don't swear. Excessive use of foul language may result in suspension or ban.
a) Swearing at other members qualifies as verbal abuse, as outlined above
5. Do not spam. This includes:
a) Posting questions or information that is completely off-topic in the given thread. Such posts will either be split or removed.
b) Posting multiple copies of the same post or thread, "bumping" topics or spamming to get other's attention. This is not a chatroom, so don't expect an immediate answer to your questions/ideas.
c) Posting messages that consist only of smileys/quotes. These may be removed at the moderators' discretion.
d) Posting advertisements or trade/employment offers without admin permission.

All rules concerning the forums apply in full to Chatbox.

Private Messaging
Do not use the PM feature for spam, harassment or warez talk.

* Signatures cannot contain more than 5 lines of text, and only 2 lines of text if they contain a picture.
* Only one image can be present in a signature. Maximum limit for file size is 30 kb and for dimensions is 450x100 pixels.
* Avatars are limited to 30 kb file size and 100x100 pixels.
* No annoying, inappropriate or offensive content or context
* No advertising of sites similar to or competing with Abandonia
Any signatures or avatars in violation of these rules can be removed without prior notice.

Do not post the following
While not rule violations as such, these are still not allowed and will be removed on sight:
* Posts which contain your e-mail or messenger adresses. You can exchange such information via the Private Messaging feature.
* Posts written in netspeak, 1337-sp33k or similar linguistic atrocities.
* Posts in languages other than English. If you have problems with this language, use online translators like Babelfish or Google Translation.

"God. Can't you people see I'm trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?"
-- Reed Richards

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