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Old 08-04-2005, 11:44 PM   #11
Game freak

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Here's the three first paragraphs from a short story I've written, "Martyr". A sci-fi/horror-ish piece.

This is a suicidal mission. No matter how much we twist it around, turn it upside down and inside out, it is a suicidal mission a long way into the deep desperation that created it. Hell. Weíre in a hell; a hell that is not a hell by the boiling lava and the searing heat, but by the demons stalking its twisted fields. Itís terrible.

What, you say? Everything is. Our cities have collapsed in rubble and dust. Our technology has decayed away over time. Our people are scattered and afraid. Our armies are all but obliterated. Only a few pockets of survivalists remain. We are mankindís last. We are alone in a galaxy we could not begin to comprehend, fighting an enemy we donít understand.

The enemy. What they are, we donít know. What they look like, no one knows. None have survived an encounter with them. How they fight, no one knows. There are no traces but the stench of death in their wake. How are we to destroy them? We are outnumbered by the millions. We donít know what leads them, or how to communicate with them. Itís hopeless. And this is a suicidal mission.


Any comments (:? It's very long in total, about 4200 words. I can't post the whole thing, as I'm looking for a publisher to publish it. Can't have something that's previously published then, can I ? So, any comments?
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Old 04-05-2005, 01:24 AM   #12
Home Sweet Abandonia
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Fawful pushes his way through some shrubs. Past these shrubs is the kingdom of hyrule, where theres sure to be treasure. As he passes through kokiri forest, Fawful is aware of much giggling and wierd clanging sounds. He walks around the corner of some bushes and comes to a clearing. He sights some strange wooden kids with strange round mouths with which they r spitting some strange hard nuts at a large round golden gong hanging from a tall spire in the forest. Fawful approaches cautiously and grabs some nuts from the ground, then sneaks away as quickly as possible before the strange creatures notice their missing nuts. Fawful stumbles blindly for many more hours and finally comes to what looks like a village in the forest inhabited by what appear to be either very small kids or leprechauns. He sees many huts and treehouses made of grass and wood around a giant tree which seems to be alive. Fawful walks up to the tree and says in a sarcastic voice,"Hey, woody woodpecker!!! Where am I??? And what in the heck are you. Don't tell me those storys I read about ents were true." The great Deku Tree turns around and eyes the little beanbean cautiously, then replies," Hello, little one. I am the great Deku Tree, and the protector of this forest. What business have thee here." "I'm looking for treasure and quest," replies Fawful,"You wouldn't happen to know where I could find such things would you?" "Ah," exclaims the Deku Tree,"You are just the creature I was looking for. Come with me and I will tell you the tale of the Ocarina of Time, a young hero that I met when I was first a little sprout, when he had relieved the evils of this forest, and a great journey which you, if you r capable, must undertake." As the screen fades out, Fawful says," Um, could you plz not describe it as 'undertaking'.
"Well," started Fawful,"that was a good story and all, but what does this have to do with the services of this genius of evi...I mean, the mankinds goodness??" The Deku Tree pondered a moment on the stupidity of his chosen subject, then began to relate the purpose of his quest. "A new army has arisen outside the forest and has taken over the land of Hyrule. This army is an army of thieves and cutthroats, murderers, a race of people known as Gerudos. They seek to find the resting place of their legendary Evil King, and hope to use the power of the stone on his hand, a stone of great power, to rule over the entire land. No one knows where the man from the desert rests now, but two of his most evil servents, Koume and Kotake, when he was defeated by the Hero of Time, laid out clues to his resting place. The Gerudos have already found the first clue, you must beat them to the burial ground, and destroy it. " "Ah," said Fawful,"I enjoy destroying things, but how am I to get the clue in the place of the first?? I need it of course, you fink-ra..I mean, wise nice tree thing, to make it to the next clue, and I know that these clues must be protected by many bad things, I will also need something with which to protect myself. I am not strong enough to wierd a sword like this Time Hero, I need something strong, a helmet of some sort. Where am I to find such a thing. I lost my last helmet in a pillow factory." The Deku Tree said, "To find the first clue, you must find your way into the ranks of the Gerudo thieves and gain their trust and the trust of their leader, Hamotake. Only she knows the clue and where it resides. Such a thing should not be hard for someone with your unique talents you seem to keep trying to hide." Fawful laughed nervously, then said,"Um, how do you know shes the only one who knows of this clue?" The Deku Tree said, "I have had contacts inside the fortress before, but none have returned. The last bore a striking resemblence to the Hero of Time, if you do seee him, free him, as I am certain that he is still alive in the fortress dungeons. As far as a helmet, see the scarecrow bothers who resides at the top pf my branches about that. They own a fabulous weapons store there which you should check out."
The Deku Tree hands Fawful some rupees with which to pay for the helmet. A strange sound effect, er..sounds. Dun da dun dun!!! You gain 400 rupees. Fawful heads through the mouth of the Deku tree and makes his way to the top of the tree. At the top, he finds that the scarecrow bros. are being accosted by two little korkiri children. The children steal the bros. newest waepon, the wooden deku helmet, and hop off the tree, landing far down on the ground, then they run into a nearby alcove. "Quick!! Don't just stand there. Get back our weapon!!, shouted the Scarecrow Bros. at Fawful. "How in the world am I to get all the way to the down there, you fink-rats!!!"shouted Fawful. "Easy." say the bros. Two seconds later Fawful falls screaming off the ledge where the scarecrow bros. pushes him from. He hits the ground hard and rolls right into the alcove. New area: Alcove of Light. Fawful wakes up to see a beautiful shimmering poond spanning out for many yards straight out. At the bottom of the pool, he can make out a strange door that appears to be breathing in and out. "No way I'm going in there for a dirty..AHH!!!," Fawful slips and falls right into the pool and falls straight through the door. Strangely enough, the watrer was only a hologram. Strange.

TO BE CONTINUED................ LOL
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Old 17-06-2005, 09:31 PM   #13
Mahar Vairo
Forum hobbit

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Here's a short story I wrote awhile back when I was a teenager(maybe about 15 - that makes about 7 years ago). I actually wrote the poem first (can't remember why though) and decided it would make a nice story.
Looking at it now I see it is in poor quality.


The Big Fat Fly.

Once upon time on a farm, much like any farm, lived a big fat fly. Now this fly used to boast a lot about how he could get the most food and how he avoided getting killed by the farmer and his family. The more he boasted, the more he felt that he could never die and started thinking he was better then everyone. Soon he started buzzing around the people and mocking them. The farm people, who are normally used to flies, became irritated with this ‘fat’ one and decided to get rid of it. They put some honey with a drug in it on the table for the fly. When the fly came and ate the honey it got dizzy and couldn’t fly properly. The farmer was then able to easily kill it with one swat. The other flies just said he was stupid and forgot about him.

The morale of the story is that you should not boast a lot and not to think you are better then other people. For it could lead to a very uncaring end. Another thing one should not be greedy, there is plenty to go around for everyone. Let us not be big fat flies.

To remember this story just remember this poem:

Why, why, the big fat fly
That said it couldn’t die
But it did
When it got hit
With a fly swatter
Does it really matter?
And there it stops
Without teardrops.

(Please feel free to comment, it might encourage me to improve.)

I have another poem which I wrote and could make a good story, if I get round to writing it.


The Ring That Could Sing.

Once upon time there was a ring that could sing
This ring could sing something
That no other being or thing could sing
So the king put the ring in a museum
Then one day the devil had it stolen by a nightingale
Who drop it into the open mouth of a whale
And so my friends
The peace ends.


Writing this stuff on computer made write another which I'll be using as my signature from now on. I believe I could also make a story about it.

BTW The ideas for the stories are in my head, its writing them thats the problem.
The first one I could write because it is very short(not even half a page).
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Old 06-08-2005, 03:21 AM   #14
Abandonia Homie

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A Poem for the masses: Type, battle

I am the guardian
I wonder when I'll shatter
I hear the pounding of weapons, the flowing of blood
I see tools of pain; maces, hammers, swords and arrows
I want freedom
I am the shield

I pretend I have no pain
I feel millions of arrows, bolts and dents in my body
I touch the flames and knives
I worry of my undoing, my skeleton broken
I cry on the battle as I am a slave
I am the guardian

I understand my worth
I say "When going down, do it well"
I dream of peace
I try to hide but I shine brightly
I hope of life
I am the shield
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