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Default Fallout


It's time for my first review..

Fallout is possibly the greatest RPG ever created. It's even better than freaking Final Fantasy! The game actually had reasons to be created. They are:
1. The lack of good CRPG's: Ultima had been rocking the CRPG world until Pagan came out. Gone was the awesome, in-detpth fun that we had known and loved, and came out a bug-infested Mario clone. Diablo was out, but it just made people hungry for more. But, in 1997, those people were satisfied with this game.

2. The overload of Fantasy RPG: Fallout is a sci-fi RPG, so..........

O.K. back on track.

The storyline is kind of strange, but here it goes..: In 2077, The U.S. and China went to war. While it only lasted several hours, it Obliverated all mankind, except a few thousand people, who went to live in underground vaults. Now, Your guy (The Vault-Dweller) has to dwell outside of his vault (Vault 13) because the vault's water-chip malfunctioned, and he has to find a new one.

Gameplay:It's Real time with turn-based combat, played in an isometric view.

Combat is well done, and you ACTUALLY HAVE AMMO FOR YOUR GUNZ!!! (Haha, F.F. 3! Or, 6.) Speaking of GUNZ!!!, there is a variety of weapons, ranging to knives, to pistoles, to shotguns, to plasma rifels... you get it.
You can either barter for them, steal them, pick them up from fallen soilders, and buy them. Speking of soilders, NPCs will help you out and even join you along your quest. NPCs include: Ian, the guard at Shady sands (A small village made up of people who left vault 15), Dogmeat, A dog, and Bob, the guy who sells iguana on a stick. Speking of selling, the currency around the Fallout world is Caps.
There is really nothing bad about it. Which is why you should get fallout 3 when it comes out. Kick........ASS!!!!!!
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