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Old 07-09-2005, 03:59 PM   #31
good idea oh lord

It works fine with Win ME. Can't hear any sound, but that might be due to my crappy on-board sound.
But I can't quit the game. If I do, the screen goes black and a PC restart is necessary.
So instead of pressing the exit button just use alt+tab and close. Not elegant but it works.

High time for a modern remake of the game:

MS ZepSim.
Experience the adventure of a scheduled Zeppelin flight.
Now in 3D.
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Old 11-09-2005, 10:47 AM   #32

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OMG ...this game is too easy ... now 3? year into the game (game time ) I have got 170mio on me bankaccount, brought every stock possible and serves more than 20.000 passengers every week.

I like games I can beat k:

(Do not happen often)
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Old 01-11-2005, 10:55 PM   #33

Originally posted by Sebatianos@Sep 3 2005, 12:58 PM
Well there are quite a few old games that have no real ending (like with Pirates, Railroad Tycoon, Sim City,...). I think this is one of those games, where you can't win. When you think you've achieved enough - that's it!
You can retire with pirates though, and possibly score a king's advisor gig k:
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Old 27-11-2005, 06:00 PM   #34
Abandonia nerd

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Wow the people who made this realy liked those shades of yellow-brown, now didnt they. LOL
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Old 06-01-2006, 02:55 PM   #35

This game is great.
Little guide:
At first, at beginning fly only with cargo, 5 passengers alone won't earn you alot, repair of zeppelin will cost more.
Cargo freight changes bout every 2-3 week, don't need to fly to another city to find one.
The most important thing is to build ships for countries, companies, etc.
It earn most money, without this you will play lot longer.
So when you can get contract, forget everything else.

Start building with workers, use 7*x-1 workers, cos if you got for example 30 workers which creates zeppelin in 64 days, and you pay only 27 workes and work takes 69 days, for the game it's the same period - 10 weeks. Days to create are, 6, 13, 20, 26, 34, 41, 48, 55, 62, 69 .... Most of the game i used to have 104 workers for 48 days, it's good combination of time (with contract on 2-4 airship, that moment we can call it periodical income) and the revenue (price minus cost of production)
Go to the target city, don't care if you loose one week waiting there. When you get there, save the game, if you want to get more ships on contract, or you are affraid of loosing contract. Contract minigame, when you go down with your airship, just be little higher then competitors level, he'll go slower, and when the time (horizontal line filling in red) go low little(1 pixel or so) higher then contractor, if you'll go lower, he will lower his
bid. When you got letter contract, go lowest as you can, and then ad bout 200-300 grand.
With few millions, you can no invest in research (100 scientists) and you'll soon have new airship. Your own airship will be made after there's no contract. 100 scientist cost you alot money per week, so if your out of money, stop them or have only 10 and wait for new contracts, or if you got research in 80% you can lend money (2 mill) for finishing research and building 1 airship.
You don't need to create all airships, it's not necessery. I was using ZR-1, when i got first contracts, i developed zr-3(good for gaining contracts and chasing Rosanna) and this airship, with this airship i played long. Then I had airship ZR-6 i think with 80 passenger (good for earning money) and then i got the last model developed, and that's real earner, you can fly most of destinations in one week with 750 passengers paying >3000$ = >2 000 000. So with one flight you can earn to make new airship, so its good to scrap old(zr-5 and older) models, they are for nothing. Then you can use much more workers cos' till you create new ariship, ZR-7 will earn you bout 10 millions.

Other tips:
1. At first, fly to paris (first day, prices are same 1122$ per helium). But next week, helium in paris is bout 400$. So when you start, fill zeppelin with gas (80-90% needed for flight, so you won't throw away that much in paris), then go to paris and refill, 400$ (basic gas) + 400$(paris helium price) =800, much less then 1100 in other cities. Helium won't explode and i think there's less body damage through flight.
2. distance record =200 000 each, so it's worth for beginning to go from for example london to cairo, then from moscow to madrid, then from cairo to new delphi, from new delphi to vienna and so... its real good money for beginning.
3. when in home city, repairing airship, you can rise number of depot technicians using those creating ships, you'll need them few(10-20 more) and the ship won't stay repairng so long. When reapir ends, go ro repair menu again to lower repair technicians back to 5. So you won't pai them for nothing, when there is no repair.
The reapir menu is not aviable, when there is no airship in home city(bug).
4. When finished work on airship, and not building another 1, decrease the number of
workers to 1 (Don't forget this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or you will pay hundreds of tousands of dollar without any work done) . and get 1 ship creating (so the 1 worker won't sleep), 1 worker does not spend nuch raw material so he only make little part of ship, instead of doing nothing.
5. allways look at freights, take only those that can be done (for example from longon to berlin in 5 days ), when you'll get better airships you can get more duties due to the speed they move.
6. Don't buy maximum of raw material, you don't need that much, allways increase only little (for ex. 1-2 cm on your monitor (hope you got no 21" than it will be 2-3 cm
). Full you raw material storage only when price is good.
7. Don't pay for fuel/gas depots, you don't need it.
8. Trade roots are bullshit, they never earn that much as if you manage by your own, btw it's much better to have contract so the revenue of sold zeppelin will be much more then he could ever make by trade roots. For ex. with the best airship, i did berlin - new mexico with 750 passengers * 3300$ = 2,5 million and the same root
using automated trade roots have revenues bout 200 000$.
9. you can rise starting money with buying stocks but I don't remember which stocks rises at begining. Unless you'll find out, don't risk your money, you'll need them.

You want my help with that girl? Go try your self, you'll have more fun.
Hope you like this guide (i know, it's terrible) , it wil lead you to few dozens of millions in few years.
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Old 22-06-2006, 06:07 PM   #36
Von Ramius

This is one of the best old sims I've had the pleasure to revisit..

Yes it's a steep curve, but you'll get the hang of it k:

Don't even bother with transcontinental flight untill you've done some research..

To start off I get two loans..max them out..you will need the money if you are going to truly succeed !
Only run short hop flights to begin with....it's all your technical ability will allow untill you finish some research.
(there are some VERY lucrative freight contracts out there)

As soon as you can, register to tender for supplying airships to whoever wishes to buy...keep your bid high untill the last moments of the tender (watch the red bar at the top of the screen) then scoop down to match what the highest offer is before time runs out.

(hint: watch your pruduction line while building-you can lower your workforec and cost as the airship nears completion)

As to scheduling a route....yes, you open two offices..then schedule the route..THEN you add an airship to the route from your depot, hagar, stable whatever you want to call it
(there is a set of arrows at the right of the screen for airship addition subtraction)

this means you must have produced one..without moving it out of the depot..naming it and flying it..once you do this you cannot add that airship to any route..

Let a week go buy and check on your new run to be sure the cost isn't outweighing the profit...
(sorry, I know it's a business sim and you probably know how to take care of business)

Have fun, fly the world, chase Rosanne...but remember..she's married to me

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Old 12-10-2006, 09:45 PM   #37

The game is not really hard... Although I apparently used a little different strategy - I first enlisted 100 scientists and sold almost all of my company. Then I got a contract on airships (150 workers) and that was more than enough to cover the research expenses. In almost no time I hade better airships... and then better. And even more... I also produced the Z-3 as fast as possible for myself, because Z-1 really s... doesn't pay well This way, I could get anywhere in a fast and realiable way. And just got another contracts... And - don't forget the advertising... even the 15k can help you a lot in the beginning (it will actually cover all your costs on fuel and repair) And, I got rich revenues on those trade routes, though they are not nearly as efficient as your promo-ships. But a 10-ship fleet could get me around 5M per week (don't remember the type, sorry... I bet with Z-7s it would be three times as big...). The capacity/price thingy on the routes is rather strange as well, you have to keep an eye on the revenues, else you'll one day find out, that all of your routes are not profiting.
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Old 03-12-2006, 01:55 PM   #38

Well, maybe " Zeppelin " isn't that great game, but i liked a lot the humor in the recension!!
Torabel Nacimin k:
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Old 10-08-2008, 08:30 PM   #39
Abandonia nerd
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I've had Zeppelin a long time ago, but I didn't knew how to play with it, so I deleted it from my PC. I've downloaded it from here a year ago. Now that I have it again, I play a lot with it. I even exported its music, which is, in my opinion, well-composed.

By the way, the game really could be harder, but it's still complex. The only flaw is that the scheudled routes bring in too much money.

What I still like in this game is the History option. It's good to see what happened on a particular day, and I also didn't know that the Hungarians were expelled from the Antwerp Olympics, and because I am Hungarian, I frowned a bit on that news. I didn't know that!

However, the game is fun to play, and a good way to wack time. My rate on this game is 5. Could be a bit better, but a lot worse. It's about 95%.
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Old 19-10-2008, 06:04 AM   #40

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Angry Ftw ???

All I wanna know is, where the hell is the save game button ?????
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