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Old 03-07-2008, 09:36 AM   #11

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A truly wonderful game. Nice storyline, nice graphics, and a lot of terrain to explore

The game box was truly impressive, with a book describing events prior to the game. Nice illustrations, btw. I still have it original :P
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Old 02-12-2010, 09:17 AM   #12

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This game brings back memories, used to play this a lot around 1989, I was in grade 9 at the time.

When I got my team up to a respective level, I would venture to the grasslands (light green) area. There I would set them for "auto attack" and leave the computer running as I went to school. Come home, and oh wow, my characters levelled up a couple levels. =)

Having said that, back in the day, there was no internet, no walk throughs, and I found the game extremely confusing. It was meant to be a "you figure it out" but some of the castles were near impossible to get into. I had a hard time figuring how to get in some.

I remember one castle I got in the first lobby area, there was a door and four symbols on the wall, each time I activated a symbol, enemies would appear. I got fed up, and after killing them again for the umpteenth time, I used a teleport spell. It actually sent my wizard into the castle. I walked around alone, gathered some neat items etc. But then he couldn't get out. Had to sacrifice him, then use a ressurect spell to bring him back from the dead. I don't think that this was how the programmers intended me to investigate that castle, but it worked for the most part =)
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Old 13-06-2013, 02:59 PM   #13

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Default bloody door :)

Some time has past till i played that game but there is one thing i remember
trying to enter one castle was impossible for me, because that god damn door slammed me into the ground every time leaving only a red spot :P

Nice game!
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Old 23-04-2014, 12:05 PM   #14
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What about VGA?

On Abandonia there are 5 floppy images, this is the EGA version. Note that VGA version was on the 6th floppy and it was 1.2MB one:
Above photo is for US release, but there was also Euro VGA version:

Now, Abandonia ZIP archive seems to have some files for VGA version, but then the game launcher doesn't offer anything better than EGA. Check for yourself and compare with the manual.

Some time ago somebody offered a better archive?
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Old 01-02-2015, 03:39 PM   #15

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Here's a link to the free version of the VGA game (2.08mb)...in case anyone is interested. The free download is very slow (~5k/s) but the game is only a couple of megs...so it doesn't take long...

No doubt about it, the VGA version is the one to have...!


I've spent several days comparing them, and the 256-color VGA version is decidedly superior to the Amiga version of the game (so far)...which is unusual for the period. Highly recommended. The sound tracks are different, but thankfully the VGA DOS version actually uses a soundblaster16 (emulated under Dosbox) instead of the PC speaker beeps so common to the period..! The soundtracks are different as are the sound effects, but it's a toss up as to which is better...

Also, I recommend the Jan-2014 version of DOSbox-SVN-daum as the 2015 version of dosbox_x64.exe doesn't seem as robust as the Jan '14 version (so far.) This is the true gamer's version of dosbox, implementing shader effects and more. Prior to the Jan 2014 versions, there is no 64-bit dosbox.exe (which works splendidly, btw.)


*EDIT: Wanted to come back and add that the Amiga version includes wonderful weapon/fighting sounds that the VGA version lacks--in the Amiga version you can hear the swords clang as they meet, etc. Very nice. Sound in the VGA version looks to be something added to the game after the manuals and documentation were finished because even in "minimum config" there is no sound card of any kind listed...Lol... Too bad they couldn't manage to squeeze in the weapon/fighting sounds..! The VGA music sound track is as good as the Amiga's, imo, even though the two are completely different--but no real sound effects in the VGA version, even though in the game's controls under disc/music, sound & music are separated with separate volume controls--strange, but no matter how I config the dosbox soundblaster I cannot get sounds to work--even assuming they are there.

Also, I found a slightly better installation (than installing the VGA version by itself) to be:

Use 7zip to copy .IMA floppies 1-5 (here) to a folder you've named Drakken. Then decompress the VGA version I link to above and copy all the unzipped files to your Drakkhen Folder, overwriting all. Through dosbox, from your DRAKKHEN folder, run TATOU.com to run the game without sound; run Drakkhen.com to run the game with sound (which so far I've found to just be music tracks.) What's "better" is that before the game begins you can now choose EGA mode just to see how horrible the EGA version of the game looks...--EGA doesn't work at all when installing the VGA version by itself.

Another plus for the VGA version: The VGA version of the game does not use disk-based copy protection, as does the Amiga version--indeed the official VGA/PC manuals state that the preferred way to play the game is with *copies of your game disks*...! They must've had a lot of trouble with the Amiga disk-based copy protection as the VGA version shipped ~1year after the Amiga version, and with no disk-based copy protection.

Even to this day the Amiga version (which I run under WinUAE 3.0 on top of Win8.1x64) has serious problems running copies of the original copy-protected disks! As was common to disk-based copy protection in ~1990, the game can recognize when it has been copied and keep you from continuing to play with the same disk. My original Amiga floppy bit the dust long ago--very common with Amiga floppy games of the period--C='s FAT file system for formatting floppies was horrible--in hindsight, of course. I've been through ~15 Amiga 880k disk images so far and *all* of them thus far are affected by the copy protection. Still hunting for a bit-perfect copy of the original Amiga game disk.

Best play: VGA version, hands down--the *only* exception being the Amiga version's superior rendering of fighting sound effects.

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