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Old 07-02-2013, 12:16 AM   #11
Dead Alien
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When i was in the hospital i wanted to die after my accident. I ruptured my spleen when i was 14. The hospital had a Nintendo and fortunately they had Batman. Then my mom bought me a game i wanted, Eternal Champions! After i got out of the hospital i had a game to keep me occupied even too today

Its not a sick thing but im sure im not the only one that keep thinking of Tetris pieces while falling asleep. hey check out the website http://www.tetris.com/ Kool watches
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Old 14-02-2013, 02:12 PM   #12

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Default Go aRPG!

I'm lucky enough to not have been really ill for a few years now; but I've always found action RPGs to be great for when you're ill. They're fairly gentle (on the lower difficulties, anyway), don't require too much concentration (get stick. Hit rat. Get bigger stick. Hit badger. Repeat), and tend to be easy enough on the eye. The hero's journey always makes a great metaphor for being sick and getting healthy, too - you start off weak, but get stronger and stronger as you go

Anything from Dungeon Siege to Torchlight to Diablo III (although, from what I've seen so far, D3 is very disappointing) would do it. Spiral Knights has a lot of an MMO strapped on top of it, but it's free, easy, and just charming enough to keep you coming back for more.

Hope you get better soon!
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Old 14-02-2013, 03:59 PM   #13
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If it wasn't for the ear (those games have good music), I'd recommend easy turn-based strategy games, like Warlords / Heroes of Might and Magic / Age of Wonders series. They don't require far-reaching strategy planning of real wargames or grand strategies like Europa Universalis, neither reflexes needed for RTS.

However when your condition (say, sprained ankle) leaves you with clear, focused mind, try a thinking game. Floor 13. Simple interface - you just make decisions in turns - yet high difficulty. Amoral, sinister, creepy. In case you thought only suggested you "girls' games"...
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Old 17-02-2013, 06:41 PM   #14
Forum hobbit

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I find that a great adventure title is good for long haul sickness.
Something not too demanding, but that will bring you "elsewhere".
I'm thinking, Amerzone. Quasi-FMV where there isn't much to do but
great places to look at. Or a good cinematic CRPG if you can shake
it. I'm not sure if Betrayal At Krondor is available here, but something
like that. You can move at your rhythm and take pauses. You can
play the same thing for 6 months.

For quick intensive sickness, well.... I'd be more the one
to download a bunch of free casual iOS titles and try
them, if you have such a device. Or you go to a flash
website. I remember being so sick a few days a couple
years ago, that I was just nervously scrolling to anything
easy on iOS that could just make me laugh for a minute,
and there I was playing Rainbow Unicorn Attack, Kitty Jump,
some random tower block thing... The choice is endless really
(but choose platform or puzzle stuff), but that's the thing:
just selecting what to play is part of the fun and makes
you forget you are sick.

Avoid FPS and RTS!!

EDIT: I forgot we are on a mostly DOS website and
that the thread starter asked for DOS. I thought of
deleting this message but I'll leave it as it is. Sorry.

Last edited by Talkie; 17-02-2013 at 06:54 PM.
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Old 11-05-2013, 04:52 PM   #15

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Thank you for all the suggestions you gave me, this really is a lovely community

I am thankfully much better now, I absolutely adored the origami game and played a lot of other games on that website. I had a quick go at the hobbit and the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy text games, they were a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the hitch hikers one, seems very well thought out. Also found a flash game that was text based where you play as a llama, that gave me a giggle!

I played a lot of the discworld game until I gave up and looked at a walk through (something I'm not proud of doing) only to find that it was unbeatable, that was infuriating! I switched over to princess maker 2 and had a few games of that, they were a lot of fun, and although I never managed to give her a kickass job at least she didn't end up as one of the more unsavoury ones.

I also decided to read up on Linux and played around with Xubuntu, I feel like such a nerd I got some mastery of the command line, played a little bit of dwarf fortress and found a great package of puzzle games that kept me amused for hours! I have to say I am very impressed with Bash/Linux/Gnu/Ubuntu whatever it's called, it seems wonderful to have a dos like operating system that can be as powerful as it is!

I'm still quite poorly and have a lot of depression surround this illness (I've had it since I was 12) but I am getting on with life now and getting out of bed. I'm currently fooling about with MAME (see my other thread for how much an obsession THAT took) but am looking to spend some more time with good old dosbox
is still not sure if she plays these old games for the gameplay....or for that awesome demo scene music!
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