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Old 19-08-2012, 03:40 PM   #561
Eagle of Fire
Friendly Fire
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My normal tactic is to get excavations relics and get way, way ahead in tech than my opponents. Then I research weapons which outperform my enemies (early game it is the red gun) and gun them down from orbit, leaving the ship in the system to destroy whatever they try to rebuild orbitally. This prevent them from building up defenses and the AI is too stupid to build anything else so it deadlock that particular system up.

I hate shields which suck up energy as you activate them. I always use those which are way less powerful but are always active (simply don't forget to activate them when you build or refit the ship as they are built off by default) and try to stay out of range of harm. If the ship take a beating I get it back to a manufacture playet with a dock and refit the ship to get armor back (and/or better components upgrade at the same time) and rinse and repeat.

Once all the opponents planets in a given system are beaten up, a single ship firing on every planet every turn deadlock them. AI is terrible building ships too so they are not a problem either when I encounter them.

Doing this and securing checkpoints early game guarantee me the win in every single game.
I'm on a hot streak... Literally.
Proud member of The Abandoned since 2005.
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Old 16-12-2012, 02:11 PM   #562
Forum hobbit
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Default Hey Guys out there!!!

Has anyone of you played my Ascendancy the Supremacy and Totally Cracy Mod?

The Download Files, and their including Batch File is 64bit now.
For sure, the Game is old, and Dos-Box, but i would think, there are still some
Gamers out there, who would like to play an advanced Ascendancy.

You have to download the two Files, HERE, and to paste the whole Stuff
into Main Directory Ascendancy and unpack. Then load the Batch
and choose one of the three Scenarios, Supremacy, Cracy, Totally Cracy,
choose one of the six Difficulty Levels, the Batch will automatically load
an Ascend00.COB, and the Resume.GAM, into Main Directory.

Then you can play Ascendancy by using the Supreme.EXE.
And then you have two Things:

-Are there new Names for the Solar Systems? If yes, lets play.
If no, my Mod was not loaded.

-Do NOT build any SciFactories, these Buildings are for stupid AI only.

Thats all.

If the Batch has not loaded automatically, look into a Sub Folder and copy
and paste one of the existing "00.COBs by renaming into Ascend00.COB,
and the Resume.GAM into Main Directory, thats all. You need only one of all
these "00.COBs renamed into Ascend00.COB, and the Resume.GAM in your
Main Directory, and Ascendancy will be whole new and much better.

And i would be happy to hear at least one Guy out there, who played the Game,
and tells me some Words, that would be fine! Have Fun.

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Old 26-02-2013, 06:53 AM   #563
Frank Reif
Smile Better AI for Ascendancy

Hi Nichael !
Can we double or triple the generator-output for more ship-energy ?
Can we mod the ship-shields to permanently active without energy-use only if they are hit ? Can we mod that only one shield-generator is allowed to build in ?
What can we do that the AI use its ship-specials like "carbonizer" or the absolute killer
weapon "disintegrator" etc. ???
Here are my contact address and phone number:
e-mail: [SNIP]
Phone: [SNIP]

Last edited by The Fifth Horseman; 26-02-2013 at 08:44 AM. Reason: Neither of those is something you should be posting in public. :)
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Frank Reif

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Originally Posted by Frank Reif View Post
Hi Nichael !
Can we double or triple the generator-output for more ship-energy ?
Can we mod the ship-shields to permanently active without energy-use only if they are hit ? Can we mod that only one shield-generator is allowed to build in ?
What can we do that the AI use its ship-specials like "carbonizer" or the absolute killer
weapon "disintegrator" etc. ???
Here are my contact address and phone number:
e-mail: [SNIP]
Phone: [SNIP]
Thank you Horseman for correcting my mistakes
Now I am registered and locked in to send a message to Nicheal.
Its easier for me to speak in German by Phone
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Old 10-03-2013, 02:54 PM   #565
Forum hobbit
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For all Guys out there, loving the good old Classic,
but crying,
cause of the damned huge Lack of AI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Guy, Frank Reif, had some damned good Ideas modding Ascendancy,
and we reached finally, that the damned AI Ships shoot with Disintegrator,
Brunswik Dissipator, Myrmidonic Carbonizer, and all the other Stuff.

Now, finally, the AI chooses the very Hard Weapons, too!!!
For all Fans of Ascendancy out there: They damned hit badly, by Disintegrator!!!
That caused me, to modd a new Mod. Coming soon (like Space Rangers HD...)

Ever read the Ascendancy, and Logic Factories Homepage News,
"they are currently working on Ascendancy 2"... i dont believe anything,
these Guys tell. Eighteen Years since their Antag.exe, and nothing else,
but an iOS Version of Ascendancy "including the Antag.exe"...............
whats that? A Poison Cake? IŽll never wait for Ascendancy 2, itŽll never come,
these Guys tell a crispy Nothing, "our current Progress depends on how
good the iOS Version makes"... hahaha!!! IF that depends on that,
after eighteen Years, that damned Hell is frozen, i think.

Dozens of better SciFi Games out there, nobody needs Ascendancy anymore.
A handful Guys working lowbudget on anything, and trying to reach the Train...
tuuut tuuut! Better, to modd the good olŽ Ascendancy, thats more intelligent,
than to wait for Ascendancy 2, which will perhaps never come.

-It would have been better anyway, for the Logic Factory, to ever and ever
release Addons and small Ascendancy Patches, Year by Year, than doing quite nothing.-

-At the Moment i wait for the excellent Space Rangers HD - A War Apart",
and Frank and me, we have finally reached to make possible, the damned
stupid AI Ships shoot with all the Hard Weapons, satisfying very much, Folks!!!

Have nice Days!!!


GOLDEN EDIT, 17.3., one Week later:

Folks... this Crazy Franky had some other most crazy (and working!) Ideas...
and it seems, that we got almost everything working quite Thunder!!!
The Antag.exe, of which i was no Fan EVER, cause it broke the Diplomacy,
and made many damned sad Mistakes in Ship Buildings, seems to rock now.
The Goods and Bads Antag.exe and Ascend.exe are:

+++Planetary Management
+++Ship Movement
---Diplomacy War only versus Human Player
---Ship Building

Ascend.exe (plus my MOD)
---Planetary Management
---Ship Movement
+++Diplomacy super
+++Ship Building

Now the Antag.exe works quite well in every Ways.
It is a real Joy, for a longtime Ascendancy Fan like me,
-having surrendered already, long time ago, playing that good olŽ Classic
quite badass-, and to see right now, that the Antag.exe rocks now,
and that almost EVERYTHING does, like i ever wished to play!!!

One of the most amazing Wonders, and a Kind of Modding,
i have never expected. Folks, that MOD will be Ascendancy,
like we (some true Ascendancy Fans out there) ever wished to play!!!



PLATINUM EDIT, 20.3., 1.3 Release:

Tweaking and tweaking, it was heavy enough.
Now Ascendancy and its Antag.exe work fine. The AI Ships shoot with
Disintegrators and Carbonizers, the Game is heavy to play now.

Did what we can, Crazy Franky and me, to mod that damned Thing.
You will find after unpacking the DELYXE.ZIP a Sub-Folder Delyxe, the two
.exe Antag.exe and Ascend.exe, one small Change in, Ascendancy into !!DELYXE!!,
the 64 bit BATCH FILE and the README Links.

These Things you have to copy into your Main Directory Ascendancy.
Open the BATCH FILE, follow the Options, to load the DELYXE MOD,
or the HEAVY DELYXE MOD. Both have redirected Prerequisites, so that the
Ship-Stuff and Planet-Stuff need another Tecs to enable. Both have the
whole Weapons and Special Weapons, but the HEAVY DELYXE MOD has
deleted unnecessary Specials, to increase the Strength of Energy of AI Ships,
and the Weapon Powers.

The BATCH FILE will automatically load the required MOD 00.COB into the
Main Directory, one of the six Difficulty Levels of both MODs:

Easy, EasyPlus, Middle, MiddlePlus, Heavy, HeavyPlus.

The Plus is increased Factory Output for Human Player.
The Heavy Difficulty is the most heavy one, without Factory Plus.

The Heavy Difficulty of the HEAVY DELYXE MOD is the most heavy one EVER.

So, unpack your DELYXE.ZIP, copy all into Main Directory Ascendancy,
load the BATCH FILE, follow the Options to load automatically one of the two
MODs and one of the six Difficulty Levels, and play:

Do NOT research the AI Steel and Armor Tec, for AI ONLY!
Do NOT build SciFactories, for AI ONLY!

Use the Antag.exe in Peaceful Mode.



And now, all the true Ascendancy Fans out there: Have Fun.


Bad Notice the 22.3.2013:


Get a DOMAIN ERROR SQRT Message, and a <..\race.cpp> Line 5683 Message,
then the Game crashes. Overwrote some Values too much.
Franky told me some good Ideas, after that, i got totally cracy, to mod
all that Stuff quite harder, BUT: You could SLIGHTLY change by Notepad++,
NOT too much! The Problem is:

If you add one single Bit by Notepad++, the Game crashes at the Beginning.

[If you google for Legolas Modding Tools, or Ascendancy Modding Tools, youŽll find


that. You can extract the 00., 01., 02.COBs, but by the Win Command
"HDD:\Folder\COBExtract.exe" ascend0x.cob /raw
and the Win Command
"HDD:\Folder\COBExtract.ext" ascend0x.cobfilelist /create

To unpack the 00.COB by raw Command, youŽll get all the Text Files. There you could edit
nearly every single Text, and by create Command, your 00.COB will work.]

Example: Weapon Power from 5 to 6. Thats ok. Weapon Power from 5 to 15.
Thats ok too, cause you delete one Space, and you write another Number instead,
WITHIN THE DOMAIN of that Chapter. But if you add between the Values too much,
you overstep a Domain Value, into another.
Example: Weapon Power from 5 to 105. Thats too much, cause you overstep
the maximum Domain, Chapter Size, it seems like. You surely could delete
one Bit later in the Line, so the Game opens. But the maximum Domain Size
is broken, so that the Mem is corrupted, sooner or later.

Result: The Game writes into Mem Stuff, it cannot read anymore.
You could CHANGE Bit per Bit, but you could not ADD one single Bit.
And you could add some Numbers WITHIN the Domain by changing a Space
into another Number, but you SHOULDNT overstep a Domain Value.
The Game will open and play, until the Mem is totally deadwritten.

[If youŽll use Notepad++, or Legolas COBExtractor, that will NOT help for the DOMAINS,
and that is my Problem right now: I can easily change the whole 00.COB, but i have
changed Things, i should not have. And so the Game opens, and plays, until the Mem is deadwritten.]

Thats what i did, after Frankys Ideas:
I overdosed all the Values, and the Antag.exe HATES that, by Crash at a Time.
The Ascend.exe plays along, with Tons of Illegal Reads, until it crashes at last.

End of the Song:
Franky and me, we reached to get ALL THE SPECIALS working!

The Antag.exe has now its usual advanced Planetary Management,
its advanced Dog Fighting, the Diplomacy of the Antag can work, if you
choose the Peaceful Mode, were the AI Enemies fight each other too,
and we reached to give the pure Colonizer and Invader Ships WEAPONS,
so that EVERY AI SHIP is fully loaded now.

The Antag.exe works now in every single Piece. ALL THE SPECIALS work now,
in every single Piece. And if i will succeed in re-writing the Domains,
the Game will be perfect. It is a damned old Game, i dont want to argue with that,
dying, but there is a Chance to get that perfect.

So i have removed my DELYXE AND HEAVY DELYXE MOD, caused by Corruption, Dudes,
but i hope, it will work. I prayed, i might have corrupted my whole 00.COB, by hard Work,
i prayed, it should be MY FAULT, rather than a Programmer Fault by changing the SPECIALS!!!
No, it seems, changing the SPECIALS works, and works quite well, thats a good Message!!!

Nice Days, and sorry!


Good Notice the 26.3.2013:

As i told:
YouŽll need, to mod Ascendancy, only the Notepad++ Editor, modding the Ascend00.COB. These Tools


are well done, and with the COBExtractor i could change the Ascend00.COB even better,
but to change the Waves and Bitmaps, or .VOCs and .SHPs out of Ascend01.COB and Ascend02.COB,
by COBExtracting by /raw Order and Fred Chlandas superb Shp Edit, the Results are very sad, cause the
Shapes seem broken after that... i did not reach to get that perfect. Perhaps its the SHP Fix Button.

The Domain Error is NOT, to increase too dramatically the Costs and Values, as i told above!
Some Values you cannot exceed from 50 to 100, yes, but to increase the Costs of, for example,
Orbital Dockyard from x to 9000, is NOT the Problem. But the good Notice is:
Ascend.exe has no Problems with all these Domain Changes, and seems to work.

To use the Ascend.exe is not a Problem, cause my Planetary Management is... for the Ascend.exe,
good enough, the Ship Building is quite aggressive, and the Ships are quite aggressive, too.
Had it often enough in Ascend.exe Games, that AI Ships, which have not enough Energy or Weapon Power,
stand still and numb, and dont even try to hide. Having enough Energy and Weapon Power, they are little Tigers!

And the Diplomacy is better in Ascend.exe Games, cause i increased the Aggression of all Species much!
An Ascend.exe Game seems to work quite good enough, with all my changed Domains, cause it is written
much more simple. The damned File crashing by changed Domains, is perhaps in a .cpp of the more
complicated Antag.exe, sad that. But Franky has NO Crashes............ and i tested every damned Piece.

The Ascend.exe seems to work quite good enough.

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Forum hobbit
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Default Cry, Folks, ASCENDELYXE rocks!


It is very sad, that i got no real Response, to my MODs.

Like me, there ARE many Ascendancy Fans out there, still. It has smooth Gfx,
smooth Sfx, a smooth Atmosphere, and Style, and is a true DOS Classic,
and, if thats an Argument, still played on iOS.
To not getting any Response, is very sad, cause i cannot know, Errors,
Failures, perhaps OS Errors, which OS i dont have. The only Response
was Frankies, and THAT was the most amazing Wonder EVER Ascendancy!!!

The Fact is, that i succeeded finally, modding Ascendancy up, to a heavy
damned Bitch of a Game. Thats most incredible. The Upload is the Version 1.5


As i told:

Had a Domain Error in sqrt, in race.cpp, modding the Specials of Ascendancy up,
to real AI Function. It is very nice, the AI Ships shoot with Disintegrators now,
Brunswik, Carbonizer... but the Antag.exe perhaps includes a changed File
in .exe and in .cpp Module race.cpp, which collapses, and crashes the Game.
Sometimes never, but sometimes, and in my System, earlier and fore sure, sadly.

But the Ascend.exe, Patch from anno 1996, seems to work without Crashes.

So i wrote my ASCENDELYXE MOD for the Ascend.exe ONLY, and i had a
damned broad Grin in my ugly Face, playing that MOD, played the HEAVY DELYXE MOD,
which deletes up to 14 most unnecessary Specials, Difficulty Level 4, HDBrutal,
Galaxy Size Middle. And it IS quite brutal!!!



The DELYXE.zip includes the Ascend.exe Patch, slightly changed, a Batch File,
a README, and the Sub-Folder DELYXE, and all youŽll need playing my MOD.
Use this Ascend.exe Patch ONLY, please. You could use my Batch File,
loading an Ascend00.COB into Main Directory Ascendancy, which youŽll NEED,
out of Sub-Folder DELYXE, one of the eight 00.COBs

DBrutal00.COB, DHeavy00.COB, DMiddle00.COB, DEasy00.COB,
(DELYXE MOD Difficulty Levels!)
HDBrutal00.COB, HDHeavy00.COB, HDMiddle00.COB, HDEasy00.COB,
(HEAVY DELYXE MOD Difficulty Levels!)

copied out of Sub-Folder DELYXE and pasted into your Main Directory Ascendancy,
renamed to Ascend00.COB, and the Resume.GAM copied and pasted.

The Batch File would do that automatically. And if your brandnew Ascendancy,
appears with NEW STAR SYSTEM NAMES, it is the ASCENDELYXE MOD 1.5.

The DELYXE MOD uses new Star System Names, new Ship-Stuff Values, new Planet-Stuff Values,
redirected Prerequisites (Ship-Stuff and Planet-Stuff needs another Tecs to enable).
The Specials work now, the AI uses them now. YouŽll get four Difficulty Levels.
The HEAVY DELYXE MOD deletes up to 14 most unnecessary Specials, to
increase the AI Ship Energy, the pure STRENGTH and AGGRESSION of the AI Ships.

Perhaps all that Stuff is not balanced enough, or i overlooked some Minor Errors.
So any Responses would be welcome!



-Dont research the Advanced AI Warfare Tec
-Dont build the AI War Center

-If you wonder, why Invader or Colonizer Modules, or all these sweet little
Special Weapons, dont appear in Specials List
, THATS the Reason:
Franky had the most glorious Idea, to simply change the Domain 5, all these
Specials have, into a 0, which means, they are used as Weapons now.
Thats the whole Trick. By changing a 5 into a 0, all Special Weapons are
true Weapons now, but still including their Special. So youŽll find the
Invader and Colonizer Modules, and all Special WEAPONS, in the Weapons List.

To change these Domains, caused some Problems:

For Example, the DisIntegrator, and the BackFirer (now called Cruzifier),
include a Special to destroy Ships totally, or to damage Ships.
To change the DisIntegrator Domain from 5 to 0, causes, it is used like a Weapon now.

Problem: The AI builds into its Ships the Weapon with the best Weapon Power...
the DisIntegrator, and the Cruzifier, include no Weapon Powers!
They include Special Effects ONLY. So, the AI will use every Mass Barrage Gun rather,
as first Weapon, than a Special without any Weapon Power.

Problem: If i would have given DisIntegrator, or the Cruzifier, Weapon Power,
they would be able, if i would enable these Functions, to shoot at Bubbles,
Orbital Structures, AND Ships, that would be great! BUT: IF a Special Weapon,
which includes a Ship Damage Special, and now includes a Weapon Power,
DESTROYS a Ship by Weapon Power, the Game crashes.

Example: The DisIntegrator includes a 30 Weapon Power, so it is built by
AI Ships as first Weapon. The Enemy Ship has a 20 Hull Defense.
The DisIntegrator will kill that Enemy Ship not by Special Effect, but by Weapon Power,
Game End.

To give all these Special Weapons Weapon Power, too, and to change their Domain
from 5 Specials into a 0 Weapons, would make possible to enable the Bubbles or
Orbital Structures Target. Only Weapon Power has Effect on these, but the most
Specials would be too special for that, sadly. BUT: Weapons like DisArmer, Brunswik,
Shield Blaster, Carbonizer, ... should i say more? Are true FIRST WEAPONS now.
It is a true Joke, to recognise myself laughing at, while the AI kills my own Ships,
booom booom booom, by heavy Firing. And Difficulty Level 4 HDBrutal... should i say more?
The AI Enemy has MORE Tec, MORE Ships, BIGGER Ships, BETTER Weapons, HEAVY Weapons,
booom booom booom, End of that Battle. It is a true Wonder!

>Every Special Weapon, which includes a Ship Damage Special, cannot include a Weapon Power, sadly.
>Every Special, like Tractor Beam, moving Ships around, cannot shoot at Planets. The next Code Error.
>And the Antag.exe includes some Files, perhaps, crashing by Domain Changes, perhaps.



Changes in my new MOD:

The SciFactory Invention, out of my Supremacy MOD, Laboratories had to be the AI Factory Plus,
is changed into the Cloning Plant, now called AI War Center. So the Game, to build Factory,
or AgriPlot, or Laboratory, is included in my new MOD, the Research will be much more heavy now.
The AI War Center is placed onto a Tec Slot called Advanced AI Warfare. Franky told to me,
that he likes to automatize Planet Building, and that is possible now. To not research this
Advanced AI Warfare, does not allow to ever build AI War Centers, thats all for the stupid AI ONLY.

The Special Weapons work. The Invader and Colonizer Modules include a Special Thanks(!!!).
Thats the Reason why they are listed in Weapons List (!!!).

And the four Difficulty Levels Easy, Middle, Heavy and Brutal are quite better, for both MODs:

But for now:
Have Fun, with that most incredible

ASCENDELYXE 1.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-REMOVED- 1.6, final Version, out now. 8.4.2013.

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Eagle of Fire
Friendly Fire
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The last time someone posted a "mod" for Ascendancy it didn't work.

If you do have a working mod which do work without changing vanilla then I'm all up for it. If your mod change a bunch of other things within the game though then I will consider it just like another mod. And I hate mods.
I'm on a hot streak... Literally.
Proud member of The Abandoned since 2005.
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Forum hobbit
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Well, the last Time a "Mod" for Ascendancy was posted, it was me,
and my Supremacy and Totally Cracy Mod, and actually it did work.

(Perhaps you were the Guy, not reading any Forum Post, or my README,
not knowing the NEED and the MUST HAVE of a working Ascend00.COB in Main Directory.
Had a Response, that "nothing has changed", since the Unpacking of my Mod...
that Guy was excited much, and after that damned Mod very frustrated and disappointed:

YES, if no single File was changed in Original Game, it can only be the Original Game...
the only Way to change the Lack of the Original Game, is to change Files... so you
HAVE TO use one of my Ascend00.COBs out of Sub-Folder pasted in Main Directory as
Ascend00.COB... and if the Solar System Names have changed... ET VOILA!)

What do you mean with "without changing Vanilla"?

If your mod change a bunch of other things within the game though
then I will consider it just like another mod. And I hate mods.
YES, my Mod changes the most Ship-Stuff and Planet-Stuff!!!
The Gfx and Sfx still are quite the same, only the Ascend00.COB was changed, MUCH!!!

But i dont know, what you mean exactly. IF youŽd LOVE to get, finally,
a WORKING and HOT Ascendancy, but without Changes, youŽd get the same old Lack.
And if youŽd love to play Ascendancy like it should have been since 18 Years,
you could play this one. As i told often enough: ALL the Ship-Stuff and Planet-Stuff
is changed, and needs other Tecs to enable. The Weapons are much better now.
Everything is tweaked to a much better Gameplay. Example:

The Lane Endoscope. You get, in Original Ascendancy, the Lane Endoscope pretty late in Game...
this Gimmick allows to watch nearby Solar Systems, without moving in...
but at this Time of Game, you already WERE in. So this Gimmick is totally useless at this Time...
but two thousand Years earlier, it could have been worthy.
ALL the Ship-Stuff and Planet-Stuff is changed, to a much much better Gameplay.
The Special Weapons work now. The Diplomacy is MUCH more aggressive. So what.

If youŽd love to play Ascendancy, finally, WORKING and HOT, you should play this one.
And if youŽd like to cry for that good old Classic, cause of its pitiful Lack,
so do it, but it is not necessary anymore! The Answer is very easy:

Every true Ascendancy Fan out there, waiting since its Release for a working
Ascendancy, with all its Fun-Stuff working and fighting, COULD HAVE HIS JOY NOW!!!

Its your Decision. But i, would be damned happy, to play that finally!

The other Option would be, instead of playing a WORKING and HOT Ascendancy Mod,
with a DisIntegrator SHOOTING, to wait for the Logic Factory and its wonderful
Up to Date Releases, all these Year by Year Patches, which made me sooo happy,
or better: To wait for Ascendancy 2 MultiVerse, announced, 2025.

If any true Ascendancy Fan out there, would love to play a working Game,
he should use my Mod. The only other Option would be, to cry, while the boring Original sucks.

As i told: I cannot understand, your Doubts. That Mod IS Ascendancy, like it should be.
Its a true Wonder and Dream, for every true and sorely afflicted Ascend Fan out there!

Currently play my first real Testgame... and its pure Insanity!!! It is the best Ascendancy Game
i ever played... play HEAVY DELYXE MOD, Difficulty Level 4, HDBrutal... insane, totally insane.

Play as Swaparamans, Galaxy Size Middle, and the Marmosians sent Fleet by Fleet, while i was defending
a "Kings Cross", building up my last 6 Ships versus Fleets about 10, 12 Ships, building up, Step by Step,
Major Ships (Huge Hulls), then XenoArcheology, Gigantum Ships (Great Hulls). After the glorious Defeat
of the Marmosian Invasion Fleets at "Kings Cross" System (the Capelons were their bigger Enemy!),
we decided to push. Right at the Time, were we succeeded finally, on the other Border the Mebes
were extinct, and the Capelons almost conquered my Home System, 7 Gigantum Capelon Ships.

The Defeat of this Capelon Fleet, 2 of my 4 Home System Planets were shot down and conquered,
was a huge Victory. We tried to conquer the next Marmosian System... and four Gigantum Marmosian Ships,
were awaiting our 3 Gigantum Ships, firing at us by HyperSphere Drivers out of Range, and Shield Blasters...
EVERY DAMNED Marmosian Giant, has 1 HyperSphere Driver, and at least 3 Shield Blasters as Main Weaponry,
plus a Shield Blaster Special Weaponry... and, you know, these Weapons are FIRST WEAPONS, with heavy
Weapon Power, and the Disable Shields Special... we HAVE TO move back!!!

The Guy, being a big Ascendancy Fan, but NOT playing this Mod, what a Pity, its the best Ascendancy ever.
You have to face that: Currently, the Turn over 2000, we as Swaparamans have defeated the Marmosians,
but we are the THIRD EMPIRE, after Capelons and Frutmaka, the third out of four, three are gone.
Perhaps the second, cause we have 12 Ships, the Frutmaka only 10, but more Planets. And to have a Look
at Gigantum Frutmaka Ships, is quite a Shock: Up to 5 Brunswiks, three as Main Weaponry, plus.

Absolute Killers! These Guys would shoot my whole Fleets to Hell, without any Efforts... insane!!!

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Delyxe.png
Views:	3162
Size:	116.6 KB
ID:	1741  

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Default need ascendency original to make this work

Now WHERE would i get ascendency to make this mod work? It's now a protected program due to them selling it as a i'app. I have the original CD-ROM but the damn thing is too scratched to be any worth . I used to LOVE this game over MOO

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If it's about the same than your last mod then it wasn't really worth all that cap letters and red stuff all over the place. It did work but I didn't see the difference and since you played with some buildings to make the AI cheat over the player I felt cheated. And all this for a difference so small in difficulty (if there was one) I didn't see it.

If it's the same again I'm not interested.
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