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Old 06-12-2017, 03:19 AM   #1
Default Saccade

Because I'm still banned for calling someone a toss-monkey or something, and it's been like 7 years.

Make that 7 and 3/4 years.

That's definitely longer than 48 hours.

I'm the guy that did this and a bunch of other stuff:


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I remember you, how life going?

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Smile Long time no see!

Hello! Long time no see! Long time no talk!

Well, if you need Admins and Super Mods, unfortunately few are still active. You could contact:

Admins: Emperor Japo(deis), Space God from Holland(e) aka GTX;

Super Mods: Grand Mentat marko river, Grandmaster Spectre-man.

I may be mistaken, but I think your case may be a bug because I’ve already visualized the profile of some banned users (I am not talking about Captien Bible) who can still login to AB Forums.

Good luck!

PS: By the way, Capo is Twinsen of Japo and Paco. Capo and Japo are still active, but Paco is currently in Twinsun.
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Old 08-12-2017, 08:36 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by Unregistered69 View Post
I'm the guy that did this and a bunch of other stuff:

Well, theoretically speaking, I can remove the ban. But it seems permanent in admin panel, and I don't know reason of that.

Can you ask Japo, please? He seems only remaining high authority there.
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Old 11-12-2017, 01:36 PM   #5
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The ban is permanent. The ban notice board isn't complete and that particular 48 hour suspension notice refers to one of several infractions previous to the final ban.

This also means that further posts are not welcome, and if Saccade should post again as guest (or making any new alternative account, itself a bannable offense) it would be understood as an attempt to circumvent the ban.
Life starts every day anew. Prospects not so good...
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Old 01-01-2018, 04:56 PM   #6
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Saccade has admitted to hacking and DOSsing the website:
Originally Posted by Evil Santa View Post
Yeah, I left you a whole bunch of TCP packets and incomplete requests on every socket, under your Christmas tree as a gift for the holidays.

Maybe next time you'll think twice before keep a grudge for nearly a decade.

"Oh help, we need help, it's all over the forums (along with adverts) and someone has asked if they can return to help out, because they loved the place but had a bad time of it several years ago".

"No, go away, you're permanently banned for something you did in 2010".

Happy new year, Japo - you could've been nice at Christmas, but you weren't.
Some people never change - but then again, some do.

I can be uncompromisingly vindictive too, since that's how you decided to play it.

So - from the 23rd until the 27th I slowed the site, esp for those who's ping would be higher than 30ms (it's far more annoying than taking it offline... and I noticed Gx and Mm and a "hidden" user came online to allow me to mitm their login details).

A special Christmas gift for you all. Courtesy of Japo, cabron.
Santa Claus sock puppet was even created and posted from the same IP address as the unwanted guest you threw out like trash..! (At Christmas...)

It could've been very different...

You might've given someone a chance to redeem themselves, working 10 times as hard as before in some act of atonement for the sins of a previous life.

But - denied.

Therefore - denied.

I'll ask again next Christmas.
Maybe you'll be nicer then.
Life starts every day anew. Prospects not so good...
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Old 03-01-2018, 04:48 PM   #7
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Now impersonating another user's (DarthHelmet86) name while posting as guest:

Originally Posted by Darth Helmet View Post
What's really sad is that the guy came back and was transparent about everything, highlighting exactly what the issue was and how simple it was to cause a problem for many people.

With the state of the place, a syn-flood might have taken the whole webserver offline...

I don't believe it was the same guy as last time - what kind of idiot does the same thing twice, after saying they did it?

What is childish is to not be adult enough to not give someone a second chance after several years and for a keyboard warrior to flex their muscles.

But then... what are you going to do..? Vet every user that signs in?
Block every IP/range? (is that your only strategy for defense? Because it stinks and isn't preventative)

I believe it was not revenge - it was a statement that this site is running on http, on an Apache/2.2.14 Ubuntu server since april and is full of holes.

Heaven forbid that someone would do the same thing to / files.abandonia.com using a bot-net. Only 1.9k out of the 3.9k visitors to abandonia.com actually find what they are looking for and get off there... This has plummeted. (Thanks GoG, you legal pirates)

There's even the issue of reloaded.org being on the same server as abandonia... So, effectively - that's a way to get through to abandonia, while (for someone who might not care) using reloaded.org as an entry point.

Abandonia earns the owners roughly 1450 euros per month. Through slave labour.
Reloaded, a little less - the file hosts, less also.

Therefore, in order to protect from such downtime - because if someone wanted to use a bot-net to cripple the site and files - it might be worthwhile looking in at some professional protection.

Or at least learning a little about the world of internet and gaming and tomfoolery that's available to people in 2018, rather than 2008.

It's a shame that Kosta sold out and it's now a business - otherwise it would be free..:

However, any kind of DDoS protection is not going to stop a user taking advantage of such an open system and an old vbulliten forum from which someone decided to steal all the passwords and emails (you guys don't make many friends, huh..? nor upgrade the vbulliten to a more secure version...). Also, obfuscated IP's can be reached without such protection, so...

It was only because it was christmas and I fancied playing some old text-adventures that I returned to the site to discover there was a ban in place from several years ago (there are many others "abandonware" sites now... can play most of these games in browsers or get DRM free from GoG-pirate pirates).

There is very little community here, compared to what there used to be... and it is rather sad to see how the place has crumbled over the years.

Yet, when someone decides to take a few hours out of their time to try and contribute, the only way to bring to light these things is through methods such as this. Then they get smacked down even harder - good job, guys - that's the spirit!

Sorry if I embarassed you Gx, but - why would I need a ban lifted in order to gain an account here and contribute - how do you now I am not a sock puppet working hard on the Abandoned Times..?

Asking about a ban was merely a courtesy.

There may be some lovely people here (ola, privet, ciao und halo), but the guys in green suck harder than a vacuum in a jar.

After this episode - I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to involve themselves with these people or contribute to the place, when there are many more deserving projects..?

Mm excluded.

(incidentally, from South and North America, the connection time is very slow - it even said waiting for socket. Evidently someone has read the post and decided to have a go).

Have a happy new year, all.

It's 40+ degrees here, so I hope it's not as hot as to fry eggs on the computer case where you are.

Life starts every day anew. Prospects not so good...

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Old 11-01-2018, 11:13 PM   #8
Santa's Little Helper
Post You can still play some Skoore games!

Conclusion time.

Thought it fair to include whoever is interested:

Sorry to hoodwink and annoy people - it was necessary in order to discover hidden data regarding a particuliar issue that has been hanging around like a bad smell for 10-15 years.
In good faith - it is presented to you for you to make your own decisions, as transparency is key.

A cross reference with one of these sites has led to multiple entries onto a rather unprotected server containing much data and web-space/access that are soft targets, due to being out-dated, not supporting https and showing that is open on both mail/SMTP port (Postfix smtpd - phising / fake mails) 25/TCP and http port 80 (Apache httpd 2.2.8 ((Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.4-2ubuntu5.17 with Suhosin-Patch). The IP resolves the following domains, hosted on one server, located around Lundbergsgatan and Strandvägen:


(that's not a typo on ww.addressandring.se... it really is ww. Also has nothing to do with long-established www.adressandring.se from Skycom Nordic. It's possibly something known as "typesquatting", where someone might typo a frequently visited website only to land of a site that was either exactly the same and give away their details, or simply display an advert, or perform a malicious action)

What was waited upon - there was a period today where Abandonia was down for, what appeared to be some, "work".

Because of this - Reloaded.org had to be moved in order to keep it going.

Reloaded.org was temporarily moved to:
Does not support https, and also hosts several other sites that might be used by kids to play "D-DOS" games with open ports as well as some suspicious sites linked together.
It is not often that a social site for children is seen under the same domain as that of adult photographs, on the same server as many "personal" photographs hidden behind the same stop-page.

This IP resolves many domains, hosted on the same server - some will be recognised, some not:


*Adult Material under same domain as "children's" networking*


*From looking at the overt "student connection / [job] opportunity" mixed with the "teen" and "baby" sites - it must be asked why there was need to host so many pictures for the time it was open. Perhaps Johan Larsson (Yet to check: http://www.translator-scammers.com/t...-directory.htm), who provided translations for Spana over the years, may be able to help answer. It is interesting.*


This is part of a history of the pies a certain individual has had their fingers in, over the past 10-15 years.
Most are to do with failed business (running back to 2003), music and football, online shopping, adult/kid chat/material, personal spaces - before a turn towards less "dodgy" business (eg, roping students and acquiring websites from students in order to earn passive advertising revenue and promote the student services).

You can check this yourself, here:

https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/w...on-web-server/ (enter the temp IP for reloaded,org while abandonia.com was down -

Some of the URLs there will return 403 (forbidden). A few are for sale (redirect). Most are now "hanging". There, kept in the history of the internet, but no longer active.

This places a solid link historical link for hosting and domain registration between an individual, Studentis, Abovo Media Group (Alingsasvagen 6, Boras, 50438, SE) and certain activites that might appear to not be "entirely legit".

(What kind of person puts a kids' group on the same domain as adult material, and hides "personal" images on such sites as "latinababy"?
The kids.snuttis.se site states: "Ingen fara!" (No danger!)
It was a networking site for Scandenavian youngsters. It ran from 2004 and ceased operation in 2011.
The adult parts of the domain ran from 2005 until 2011.


Abandonia.com appeared, for a short time, alone as it was going through downtime:

But is now back to containing:


This server does not support https and is open to attack.

However - the information revealed during the reconfiguration and isolation of Abandonia.com - in particular the temporary move of Reloaded.org to a server hidden within the Abovo Media Group's past...

It has been most worth it.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Social engineering doesn't make many friends, because it requires that people must be tricked in one way or another. The "perpetrator" may not have caused any of the actions and might even still be lying now.

But it is a necessary part of the process in any eliminative investigation.

Perhaps now that this evidence is presented here to you, you might see why it was necessary to force a particular hand into a certain action (at the thought of a few day's loss of earnings) to highlight that the person in question was hosting - at the same time - adult material on the same domain as a children's communications service. Simultaneously hiding image hosting sites behind a block wall. Coupled with a history of hosting "personal" photographs. Potentially... (no longer my concern)

Check the Wayback Machine - maybe you'll also confirm the connexions, if you can be bothered.

Be warned. You cannot unsee.

There is enough suspicion raised to warrant forward of corrolating information to Brottsförebyggande rådet – Brå (bra.se).

There's something called a "moral code".
Some people have one.
Some people's come back to bite them years later.

The cornerstone of any truth is an illusion of perspective, but suspicion remains.
Forever. (Evidently, considering the reaction at an internet forum after several years! HA! Does no-one grow up or learn to better themselves?)

All of the information above is available through public access.
A matter of timing the glance and thinking where to look, creating an opening if necessary in order to take a peek.

Everything we do on the internet is logged forever.

The internet might forgive, but it never forgets.
Same as some humans might forget, but never forgive.

It's a sad thing when something someone might have done half a lifetime ago haunts them, eh?

Wouldn't lose sleep over it.

You know there are NINE trackers on this website...
3,000 euro for doing nothing but having a website a month seems ok to me, run by volunteers (who ask for donations of "a cup of coffee" that costs 5e??? Where do you get your coffee?

You're being ripped off, big time.

(ps - You can still play some old flash games at skoore: https://web.archive.org/web/20111211...oore.com:80/en - neat).

(pps - It's easier to forgive an enemy, than it is to forgive a friend)

(ppps - a certain DDoS for hire service has recently had to conform to legal guidelines, retiring their level 7 attacks for angry kids vs websites [they would've destroyed this one] and game servers, because Santa's Helper left them a gift on Christmas day and found the "admin" and found the hosting company's abuse email to provide evidence they were complicit in what might be construed as illegal activity - lots of angry script kiddies can't take out scrubby old http sites that - why are no Abovo Media site https? Doesn't even hide the registrant info? [DDoS is illegal, btw, kids - don't do it, or if you do... learn to do it yourself]. https://www.facebook.com/webstresser.org/ - That was their Christmas gift. Shame Abandonia's didn't turn out so well, but - it wasn't for you guys, really - 2/3 ain't bad).

Well, that's it.
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