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Default Blown Away

I actually just found this game! A game in a list of FMV games caught my eye: Blown Away...couldn't it be more obvious?

"You are James Dove, a member of the Boston Bomb Squad who specializes in fighting terrorism. This time you are going up against a brilliant psychopath who somehow knows the intimate details of your life. He not only knows secrets of your past but threatens your daughter Lizzy and your girlfriend Robin.

You must thwart his diabolical plans and save your family and the city!"

Sounds quite cheesy, I'm not sure, if it stood the test of time

When did you play the game?
About mid to late 90s.

What computer did it run on?
I was kind of young, possibly an old Pentium model.

What operating system did the computer run?
Windows 95 or Windows 98.

What were the graphics like?
Full motion video in cutscenes, otherwise still images with the posibility to interact. The compression was bad.

What was the music like?
It was no crutial part of the game and just set some accents. Midi Tracks, maybe CD-Audio.

Were there speech?
Yes. I remember voice overs and all cutscences included speech.

What was the gameplay like?
It was a typical Point And Click Adventure. The story revolves around a mad bomb planter. I can't recall if he was only terrorizing you or the whole town and if your only task was to defuse his constructions. I remember coming home and hearing a ticking noise. After examining the shelf or the grandfathers clock (not sure here), there was a hidden bomb, which I had to defuse. The colors of the living room were kind of dark. I remember a photo to examine - I think it was showing my daughter. She possibly is taken hostage by the madman, which is the overall motivation, but I might be wrong about that. There was also some kind of weight riddle to defuse one bomb - similar to the one in Die Hard 3. Nevertheless all bombs were defused via solving riddles and puzzles. I remember the guy talking to you in a cutscene, if you failed to defuse the bomb or if the timer had only a few seconds left, half of the time left etc.

Which perspective were you given there?
First Person.

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