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Default Fubbs Fallout 3 review thing

Well, i dont know, i should have stuck more into it, but here it goes:

Fubbles Fallout 3 review.
WARNING: The following review will probably not tell you allot about the game. Ah haha. Take that society.

A review, by Fubb.
So lets begin. I Ive only played Fallout, and Fallout 3. Eagerly awaiting for Gog.com to have one of its “2 for $9.99! deals again, cause I’d really like to get both FO1 and 2. Okee dokee then, lets begin.
Fallout 3 places you, the hero, in vault 101, the only Vault left in Washington DC not destroyed, broken, irradiated, or with crazy people/Super mutants in it. In short, this vault still has PEOPLE. You start being born, and you get to choose your sex, name, and how your characters going to look when he grows up, then WAM! YO MOMMA dies, from cardiac arrest of sumfin confusing like that. Whaa wah, so you grow up as a babe with “Narry a tit ta suck” . Alternativly, you can grow up as a dude without…yea, continueing on, you then become 1. Not “The 1, The Chosen” all that, but the age. This is where you get to choose your skill presets (Strength, Luck, Charisma so on) and also learn some basic controls. The first thing I notice, is the graphics. I was impressed, now I don’t usually care about graphics, but these were neat. I know, theres tons of games that have better then this, but there nice nonetheless.

Anyways, you then turn 10. Your at your birthday party, and your friend Amata will give you Grognak the barbarian, issue 14, you can get a strudel from old lady palmer(?) and so on, so forth. Butch, the vault bully who is the same age as you, will cause trouble. Personally, I think they should have enabled you to fight here, that woulda put butch in his place. Stupid Prick, trying to steal your strudel. You then go with your dad and meet some scientist guy, lets call him Chung, because I forgot his name. Chung gives you a Red Rider BB gun and you get your first kill, and a look at V.A.T.S which makes killing as easy as making jackrabbits have more then 100 kids. Next, you turn 16, and take the G.O.A.T and yea, get your basic skill sets (such as small guns, big guns, so on)

Once you leave the Vault, for security reasons, Vault Tech has not issued a complete statement regarding why the member(s) left, and why Chung died, your shown the harsh world of post-apocalyptic WashingTRON (as I like to say) DC. The one thing I like, it’s a big ole’ world map, bigger then Oblivions at least, with lots of locations. Still havn’t gound nearly all of them  So the first place you can go is Megaton. Its named after the undetonated atom bomb in its center. Idiots. Really the only super world-changing act you can perform, is listening to a shady guy and place a bombs detonater in the bomb, then go to Ten Penny tower and detonate it. What fun! Or you could just kill him, which is funner. Specially if you kill him before he kills the Police guy, cause you get a feel good moment.

Gameplay wise, the game is good, open world, pretty cool combat, gory, and full of swears. The initial game is full of swears, even the kids swear. That stupid little lamplighter. Thank goodness for Child At Heart perk. Yea, theres a crap load of perks you can get do, if I wasn’t lazy and went and grabbed my manual, I could tell you. Another good thing, is the amount of quests ,theres quiet a bit, and they all seem to have one little twist that just makes you CRAZY in it. Stupid “Family”. Grrr. My number one negative, about the game however, is the story. IT. Is. Far. To. SHORT, Honestly, If I can beat a game in only 24 hours of gameplay, that’s pretty sad. Bethesda should release another expansion pack, not like Operation Anchorage, but like, the shivering isles of oblivion, which adds more things. I’d love that so much. One good thing about the story though, that I found atleast, is the ability to do things differently, or completely skip certain chapters of the story. An example, would be the fact that I never even went to Galixy News Radio like I was supposed to. I got tired of being in WashingTRON DC, which is literally a war zone, so I went to Rivet City instead, stole a bunch of drugs, and found some lady who knew my Dad, Doctor Li, and carried on from there.

Misses: The game has allot of misses, the main being very dangourous in todays world: No Multiplayer. No, that’s a bad idea Bethesda. Get off your lazy asses and MAKE US A MULTIPLAYER GAME FOR ONCE. Another thing, mentioned above, was the short story. Its kind of made up by the fact that theres quite afew side quests to take though.

Locations: TONS! Like, over 100, though not very many are inhabited. Good news is that, unlike cities in Obliivion that had like 20 people, ones in Fallout 3 seems to have more, like, holy crap, 30! Ohwell, its post apocalyptia right?

Everything Else: Replayibility wise, you can always do different things, but the endings are like, no very big. Theres like, what….only 4 different possible endings? Yea. But inbetween start and ending, you can do allot. Be a villain or a hero, or a neutral. Being evil is so easy. Just get a sawed off shotgun and go up to peoples heads, and BAM, that’s that. Its almost too easy.

IMO: In my opinion, its good, but could have been way better. If you do get it, get it for PC, that way, you can get mods and stuff, don’t waste your time getting it on PS3 and 360 and shiz. K THX BYE
Kugarfang: o hai guiz im trying to find this techno song from the radio and it goes like this:

DUN duuuunnnn dudududududun SPLOOSH duuunnnnn

We ate the horse.
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