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Default How to install Windows 3.1x in Dosbox from scratch

Hi comrades!

In the video on bottom, i'm showing how to install Windows 3.1x in dosbox from scratch.

What you need? First of all you need a original copy of Windows 3.1x usually come on 8 disketts (don't ask for a copy of Windows 3.1x it's not a freeware neither abandonware) copy the eight diskett in on folder on your pc the we gonna call "winins". You also need 6 important drivers to be able to have the best savior of this windows (S3: Video drivers, Sound Blaster 16: Audio drivers, IBM JOY: Joystick drivers, and the 3 VBRUN dll.). Drivers that you can get legally on Vogons forum: http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=9405 . Put your drivers on 1 folder that we gonna call "drivers" so it gonna be more simple to install later.

Now create a new folder where it gonna simulate a new drive C. So let's call for the video: "dosbase". After copy the two folders (winins and drivers) to the "dosbase" folder!

Now let's go to edit the autostart of dosbox to mount the folder "dosbase" as drive C and folder "winins" as drive a. On bottom of [autoexec] line type
"mount c C:\Users\Napostriouf\Desktop\dosbase (well it where is the path of this folder)
mount a C:\Users\Napostriouf\Desktop\dosbase\winins

Save it! Now open dosbox, once opened type setup. Press Enter to set up Windows for Worksgroups 3.1x. Now do the custom installation by pressing C. Be sure the folder is C:\WINDOWS (it's very important because a lot of program will crash in windows 3.1x if don't use the basic path) then press enter.

Go on the display section (press enter) and then go on Other on bottom of the list (press enter). The type the path C:\DRIVERS\S3 (where your video drivers is) (press enter). Even if you can chose millions of color and high resolution just understand that most program need a resolution of 640x480 256 colors. So i suggest you to choose the first one if you want to feel retro. (press enter) The go to accept this list (press enter).

Now wait that the setup copying files until the screen of purchasing here write your real information. Then click on continue. Click again on continue on the confirmation screen! Now remove the X from the 3 squares!

Now Windows is installing itself! When it's done you have a screen for the network, just click continue! On next screen about config.sys and autoexec.bat just click continue; Windows Setup gonna create the two files (click ok). At the next screen, well if you wanna learn how to use Windows 3.1x you can click on Run Tutorial or if you're not interested to learn Windows 3.1x just click on Skip Tutorial. Now click Restart computer, dosbox gonna close.

Now let's go again edit the autostart of dosbox at the bottom under [autoexec], change de line a: to c:. Then save it and open once again dosboxe. Now type cd windows [press enter] then win [press enter] (it gonna open windows 3.1x). Perfect, now that the Windows as made its first load, now click on file exit windows.

Now we gonna install your sound card. Once back on dos screen type cd.. [press enter] type cd drivers [press enter] type cd SB16W3X [press enter] type install [press enter]. So then you enter a blue screen press enter to continue! Press down (to select Custom Installation) [press enter] press enter again to continue. At the next screen it ask you if you want to load the CTMMSYS.SYS and CTSB16.SYS everytime you start up your system, just press N (you don't need it anyway, dosbox use its own). Now press twice down (to select Microsoft Windows 3.1 path) [press enter]. Be sure it aim C:\WINDOWS and then press enter. Now press enter (to select Proceed using the setting shown). Press down three time (to section interrupt setting) [press enter] select interrupt 7 (because dosbox use 7 by default) [press enter] Now press enter once again (to select Proceed using the setting shown). It gonna install just wait. When it ask you to replace a files you gonna have three choice, choose the third one (Proceed) [press enter] Press enter again to exit the installation! Type cd... [press enter]

Now we gonna install the joystick. So first go back to windows by typing cd windows [press enter] and the type win [press enter]. Now you gonna have a pop-up telling you that the SB16 finished is complete. Click ok and then close the Audio Software windows (remember in Windows 3.1x to close a windows it's by double clicking the - on the left of the window). Now on the main workgroup windows, double click on Control Panel then do the same on Drivers. Now click on add select unlisted or updated driver and then click ok. Click on Browse (under Cancel) now select the folder c:\drivers\ibmjoy and click ok. Click ok again! Now you should see Driver for Joystick then click ok! Chose the first circle and click ok! Click on close! Click on file and select exit windows to back to dos. Type exit

Now we gonna insert the 3 vbrun drivers. So open dosbase folder then drivers folder, select the three vbrun drivers and press ctrl-c (or you can also right click and click on copy after) then alway inside the dosbase folder go to the windows folder then system and now paste the three files (CTRL-V or you can right-click in the background of the folder and click paste).

And this is it! You've succesfully installed Windows 3.1x on Dosbox! Remember to go back to windows open dosbox, type cd windows [press enter] and the win [press enter].

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