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Old 25-11-2006, 01:01 PM   #101

Having a pain in the behind problem that i can't find any mention of here, or using google.

in both dos box AND just running this in native XP my mouse button has no effect.

THe cursor moves, but the LMB doesn't do anything when i click. If I press spacebar, it will have the same effect that a click should, but that is a really awkward way to play. Any idea why?
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Old 27-11-2006, 09:15 AM   #102
The Fifth Horseman
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At least unusual. I don't have any problems like that when running Dune 2.

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Old 27-11-2006, 03:17 PM   #103
Abandonia Homie

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Maybe using the "autolock mouse" option would help?
Without that option I have often had that I could use the mouse but that it had no effect in the game. In that case you also see a difference in the mouse cursor, it is not filled up like usual.
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Old 05-12-2006, 04:08 PM   #104
Paul Muad Dib

Hello boys n girls!

I just played dune2 the last 3 days after some 10 years of pause.
I started with house ordos and played to the end and won finally.
But it was rather tough to play in the 2 last scenarios. In the last one without saving avery 5 minutes it would not be possible.

In my opinion Ordos are very powerful and not so bad as some other may find.

Here some of my strategies:
- First I send my Ordos raiders or quads in the top or bottom corners
- then I build concrete tabs and build my first structures
- follow the dark map (no radar yet !) in order to check the state of those vehicles and steer them around to scout the map
- build 1 rafinery as fast as possible
- send harvester to already scouted spice fields nearby
- stop an return harvester at 30-50% if low on spice so to never run out of it
- spot scouted areas for possible attacks and watch your harvester because of sandworms
- try to scout at least your area (mostly top or bottom third) nearly completey, avoid your enemies yet
- at least a wider stripe of land from total left to total right in front of your area should be no more black now
- build a normal turret
- than a spacecenter as fast as possible
- now build as many (rocket-turrets) as you need, every 4-5 squares one
- then you can build an radar outpost, now you can monitor your scouted areas
- look every 2 minutes into spacecenter and buy anything you can get that is cheaper than building
- prices vary a lot, e.g. trikes for 60c, harvesters and rocket launchers for 240c, caryalls for 540, siege tanks for 400c is quite possible
- try to get an extra harvester first, you only need one rafinery but 2-3 harvesters
- next try to get carryalls (5-6 are needed for later attacking)
- dont buy trikes, ordos raiders have to be build and are much better
- buy as many rocket lauchners as you can get, in early phase they are as good as rocket turrets, later you need them to knock out enemy turrets
- step by step build more (rocket)turrets to lessen the pressure on your troops

I did not know about the factory-building-attack-thingi so I tried at this point to build the repaircenter. In the last level you are now massivly attacked. Build even more rocketturrets and dont forget windpowerstations. In this stage I played for 2 hours with only one rafinery and no silo ! I had to build, repair and buy that fast from spacecenter that there was no need for a silo. Watch out that spice never exceeds 900c, better buy some combat tank or caryall or rocket launchers, you'll need them soon.

In earlier levels ordos raider-triks were very powerful but not in the last level. One is not but 3-5 in a group are very powerful. You even can outrun rocketturrets with some luck and if in outer skirt of their attackzone. So attacking structures with them is very easy. But have in mind they have very low armor but good waponery so attack other quads first dont let them shoot on you or just speed them out.

That was just preparing for our battle.... more to come in my next posting.

Paul Muad Dib
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Old 05-12-2006, 04:53 PM   #105
Paul Muad Dib

This ist my strategy for the last level with house Ordos. PART 2

Ok now we are prepared for the first heavier attackings.

If you just did what I did then you'll masterd at least 30-40 attacks with quads and trikes and a lot of troupers. In the last level you also have 2 deviators (nerve-gas-rocket-launcher). Try to brainwash your enemy and if green immediatly let him attack other attackers. You have 2-3 min a new "friend". Try to make him move to the best spot, where your defense can kill him the easiest. It is also very good to brainwash any tracked enemy and let him drive over troops so to kill them.

Smart as you are have you built your turrets in a V or U-shape so they can work together. So every enemy should be centerd in the middle of this shape

Now your enemies start to produce heavy attack-vehicles like siegetanks and send them to you. It will be very hard to win those battles but there is no way back. As rocket-launchers of the enemy are very dangerous now for your defense try to brainwash with your deviators some tanks or quads and atack any launchers with them. The bigger the armament of your brainwashed new friend the better for you. Try to concentrate on other vehicles that already have some damage.
At this state you should have at least 6 rocket turrets. build some more on the outer sides.

Now harvest as much as you can and buy as hell. Don't forget, you can't build rocket-lauchners, buy them first the combat and siege tanks.
You need 5-6 Carryalls, try to get them under 720c. Sometimes Quads cost only 100c that ist very cheep an good for harvester-attacks.

Now you should have around 10-15 siege tanks 4-6 combat tanks 2 deviators and 4-5 rocket-launchers.
Now we should try to counterattack the first enemy. Attacks should now have slowed down a bit and our defense should be enough to kill any attacker.

Chose the left or the right corner. If possible start with Harkonnen. Maybe you already know where your enemies are settled.

Move your whole army (20-30 vehicles ! not very easy done, use keyboard-shortcut) to the very border then move them forward. Remember to have siege tanks first but not far behind your rocket lauchers.
Now attack turrets from as far as possible here you have to try the best spot with a tank than replace wisth rocketlauncher and attack the turrets. If you finetune you can do this without any damage on your troops. As your enemy has lots of turrets you cannot attack them with siege tanks. That woud be kamikaze. It takes 5-10min to kill a turret. Take your time! Now aim at the other turrets. If there are only one turret left you also can use at least 4 siegetanks together to attack it plus your rocket launchers. Now step by step you move forward. Enemy rocket-launchers are very dangerous now. Try to deviate them and then use them as structure-attackers or your own artillery.
Now structure by structure kill anything but be aware of new build turrets and immediatly attack them with all you have. If you don't watch out your whole army is dead. (Click your unit, use keyboard shortcut "a" for attack then click on target.)

If you kill the Harkonnen palace you dont have to fear "death hand" any more.

Your army will be very much damaged now but as you have 5-6 carryalls they can repaired quickly. I have not tried to surround walls around the repair facility. Someone told us that the carryall will bring back the unit.
I let them repair then move them to a "save corner" out of reach of (rebuild) turrets and moved them back to the main army.
Try to wait for them and watch out for new build turrets. Then proceed to the middle enemy (should be emperor), then to Artreides.

It took me around 4 hours to win the last level.

Now I'm in level 4 with house Harkonnen. But have not so much time anymore. We will see.

Paul Muad Dib
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Old 07-12-2006, 09:04 PM   #106
NOD Commander
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i will say the same to all TOO DETAILED selfcalled strategies, it isnt any strategy, strategy is to chose between an early fast shock attack or a full ranged attack when the spice is over playing to cat and mouse with enemy forces. You posted what you have done to win and from there we can take tips and/or strategies. If interesting but dont call it strategy, in any case is a step-by-step walkthrough.
2nd placed of 1st Ufo2000 Tournament!
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Old 11-12-2006, 09:40 PM   #107

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Titan @ Jun 8 2004, 11:06 AM) [snapback]2927[/snapback]</div>
Well... the emperor gets blasted by a trooper... but realy try again.. use Harkoonan.. easiest clan.. those devastators are usefull for more then shooting.. build a few, send them toward the base.. it requires EXTREAM force to stop one... try 10... place 2-3 close to the contruction yard, and detonate the tanks..
The 3 houses have 3 diferent endings, all occuring in the imperial throne room:
The Atreides' Mentat considers the emperor guilty of treason and arrests him
The Harkonnen's Mentat also considers the emperor guilty and he's vaporized in his throne by a trooper
The Ordos's Mentat finds the emperor guilty and a green, four-legged animal rsembling a mixture of lizzard and dog is unleashed against the emperor
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Old 12-12-2006, 10:54 PM   #108
NOD Commander
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Posts: 814

The ordo´s creature worthed enough to end the game once more.
2nd placed of 1st Ufo2000 Tournament!
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Old 15-12-2006, 05:00 PM   #109

Hey, i played this game 1994-1996 and now found it again.. how to say, Best game ever

i managed to finish the campaign with house ordos.

all i did in last level , was that i used some devastators ( brainwashing rockets) to self destruct harkonnen tank, the nuclear tank. deviator or what was its name

then i used few combat tanks and rocket launcers, sneeked into the big base from North-west and started destructing enemy houses, one by one. i also had the MSV deployed near harkonnen base, so i build my rocket turrets near harkonnen heavy machine factory, all the tanks harkonnen made, experienced heavy fire.

the sardaukar base was pain in the ***** but i just moved step by step, house by house, enemy after enemy, it took about 2 hours and when i got to artreides base.. i didnt meet much resistance - no silos was left and they produced only some quads n sh*t.

so, few minutes before endind, they evaded my base with quads and infantry.. but you all can guess, how much of these survived my base defence, which contained 3 rows of turrets

anyways.. sorry about the bad english, but i just love this game, and had to post here

EDITED: No 1337-speak!!!
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Old 25-12-2006, 04:58 PM   #110

I didn't read the entire thread so maybe this was already mentioned, but a cool trick (bug) I abused in Dune 2 years ago was to make a trooper (or a common soldier) shoot an enemy harvester. A harvester would then run him over, but would stay on the same spot without harvesting or moving. This way AI would think everything's ok, but wouldn't make any money, and wouldn't receive another harvester (unless your troops destroy it).
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