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Old 14-04-2006, 11:54 PM   #51
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@Tiki: I remember that you did a couple of favours for me at AR (since I suck at graphics stuff), and I thanked you every time. As a matter of fact, I always liked you and had a tremendous amount of respect for the work you did for AR (and AB), and I still do. But I resent being called rotten, and I'm not too thrilled about hearing the other AR crew members being called rotten either. I know you have some issues with certain people at AR, and I prefer to stay out of that, but they're not the only crew members at AR.

Anyway, I wish you'd just let this go. It's getting very unpleasant.
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Old 15-04-2006, 12:03 AM   #52

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I respected and still do respect certain members of the crew, but definitely not all. If you don't know what happened, chances are it's not you who I'm talking 'bout

As far as letting it go goes, I've dropped it, but if people ask my opinion 'bout it, I'll tell them openly. If those that ruined it for me there come here and tell me what to do, I'll get angry because of that, and if they start denying what's happened, it does aggravate me, and I'll defend the facts. Keep it all away from me and I won't bring it up.
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Old 17-04-2006, 11:53 PM   #53
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Alright, I think this topic needed to be resurrected just so that I can make my statement regarding the current situation and what the future holds.

The things that happened at AR were ugly, but that still doesn't give anyone the right to publicly insult or initiate bad emotions between two crews that work on two different versions of the same site. People work hard on both sides and deserve respect, not bashing from members that hold personal grudges against certain individuals. This will be the last time anyone ever tried to stir up hate between the two sites and instances of this will not be tolerated even slightly. I hope members of this forum will not get falsely manipulated and influenced by false and hateful statements against groups of people that hold absolutely no ground.

During the summer I plan on investing several months into reworking and reorganizing several aspects of Abandonia and AR and certain parts of the sites will completely merge, such as the search engine. You can read more about it in the important announcements. This means that both AB and AR crews will have to learn how to work in teams and reach agreements in a civilized and professional manner. I know for a fact that 99% of the current crewmembers will be capable of this as they are grown up and intelligent individuals. The stubborn and hard headed crewmembers that can't reach agreements will simply be removed since communities like this one are all about team work and cooperation. Those that can't do that aren't fit to be a part of the community, and that's pretty much how it works in real life too. But don't worry, we don't use gallows

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