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Old 22-02-2005, 03:05 PM   #51
Forum hobbit

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uhm can i read a review about dominions somewhere 1 or 2 ? it sounds like a cool game , can we still buy it ?

there are alot of great series made , but i still favour larry , it might be kind of dumb , old , bad graphics and so on , but it was alot of fun to play and very addictive and that's what matters about a game to me !!
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Old 22-02-2005, 04:18 PM   #52

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Shrapnel Games' (publisher) site for DomII:


Illwinter's own site exists, but it is awfully outdated. However, the developers read and sometimes write the Shrapnel Games's forum on
http://www.shrapnelcommunity.com/threads/p...at=&Board=UBB74 .

There is a demo of both games available.
Dominios II demo has 40 turn limit, and you can only play as some of the nations. It has much better-looking maps, but is a bigger download. Research is capped at level 4. You can play any maps you like, and even in multiplayer, but research/turn caps stay. Links to it and some helpful files are available at the end of its description in Shrapnel's pages.
I have been working on a tutorial-like map, but it is still only partly finished. It is meant to be easier-than-normal scenario that comes accompanied with a guide written by someone who knows both the game mechanics and what surprises the map file holds.

About the only reason to play Dominions I's demo would be because it has no turn limit. However, the user interface is very different from DomII, maps are from totally different worlds and the small visible part of the (non-zoomable) map gives it very claustrophobic feeling. You could also try some of the nations DomII demo doesn't let you, like underwater R'lyeh of Cthulhoid horrors, but most nations have either been changed a little with the addition of themes or got other improvements. As an example, the once all-undead empire of Ermor starts as living/undead mix by default, but can become its old population-killing, undead-spawning self with the spending of lots of nation points, and R'lyeh has Void Gate, from which the brave souls who venture in might find... things ... that can be persuaded to join your armies. Of course, the summoner might be killed our become feebleminded, or the creatures might be hostile and kill him. :evil:

Janne Joensuu,
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Old 04-03-2005, 12:57 AM   #53

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Diablo was the best series ever
Warcraft was in second
Streets of rage in at third

Diablo has right now over 600,000 active players
Four YEARS after Diablo LOD was released
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